Redo Prince – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 – Disinheritance (Good riddance!)

After entering the throne room, I walked towards the throne with a purple carpet beneath my feet. The nobles and imperial family members within were all looking at me with suspicion.

I immediately noticed the emperor sitting on his throne, being surrounded by his attendants.

There were also a number of children of similar age to me kneeling in front of the throne. It was Ruivel and his cohort.

Ruivel being here doesn’t bode very well….

For the time being I also knelt in front of the emperor.

“I have arrived as ordered.”

“Raise your head, Alec.”

When I looked up, a large man with an extravagant white beard was sitting on the throne.

This man was Emperor Fratius, my father and the leader of the Holy Luxia Empire.

He really doted on me before I received my Crest, but now he’s looking at me like I was a pile of garbage.

In contrast, Ruivel became the emperor’s favorite.

Since Ruivel couldn’t manage to find me in recent days thanks to my Dark Magic, he wasn’t able to vent his anger about his past before we got our Crests. Therefore he must’ve asked the emperor to call me like this.

The emperor’s voice sounded angry as well.

“Alec, I’ve heard from Ruivel….You’ve been bullying him until recently, right?”

Ruivel cut in right away.

“Your Majesty! Please, do not blame elder brother! He just recently received that Cursed Crest!”

“Ruivel….you really are a kind child. There must’ve been times you’ve been driven to tears thanks to that kindness of yours in the past. On the other hand, Alec. Due to your sinful behavior, you received that Cursed Crest.”

In reality, I did nothing to Ruivel.

Though he did have an inferiority complex regarding me before we received our Crests….

Anyway, trying to refute it here would just be a waste of time.

The emperor and Ruivel is dead set on making me into a villain. I don’t think they plan on ending this with only a simple apology from me either.

The emperor then continued talking.

“Alec. You are hereby disinherited and appointed as the Margrave of Tialus territory.”

In other words, I’m no longer in the line of succession. That means I won’t ever be an emperor.

Ruivel was looking at me with a huge grin on his face.
He’s all but saying ‘Take that, ha!’.

Everyone must be thinking that this is a bad thing for me.

However, to me this is a welcome development.

Last time around the empire splintered due to a war of succession between my brothers. Then, we were even invaded by other countries, leaving the empire in ruins in short order. That revolt in the capital was caused by the commoners starving.

Now I can escape the capital before that could happen.
After the split happens, I can bide my time, bolster my forces, and side with the one that’s about to win.

Though last time around I had nothing to do with all that.

But….where was that Tialus again?
Since it’s headed by a margrave, that must mean it’s on the border somewhere.

Just that I don’t remember hearing about it before this.

Anyway, I have no way of refusing here.

This feels like a harsh punishment, but Ruivel must’ve had something to do with this as well. If he can’t do anything to me, then he makes our father do it instead.

And perhaps the fact I tried to put on a strong facade and chuckled when I received my Crest might have something to do with it as well….eh, it worked out in my favor in the end, so it’s all good I guess.

At that moment, a high-pitched voice spoke up.

“Excuse me, Your Majesty.”

“Hmm? ….you are the daughter of Margrave Iluria.”

The emperor turned towards the owner of the voice, a girl with long silver hair.

Yulis Iluria. My betrothed.

“My name is Yulis. I’m sorry Your Majesty, but Prince Alec is not the type of person who would do something like that. He was always kind and acted amiably toward Prince Ruivel.”

That was the truth.

That was the truth, but….

Why would Yulis speak up at this point?

No one aside from me….no, not even me wanted her to bring that up.

Last time around, Yulis disappeared right after I started my shut-in life at fifteen years old.

Everyone gossiped that it must’ve been because she was betrothed to a cursed person.

However, I think the more likely reason was that Margrave Iluria and the emperor broke our betrothal and tried to force her to marry Ruivel instead.

Then, a voice spoke up from behind me.

“Yulis! How could you be so disrespectful! Your Majesty, Prince Ruivel, I’m terribly sorry!”

Kneeling there was Margrave Iluria himself.

However, the emperor did not yell at Yulis.
As for Ruivel, he had an absolutely shocked expression on his face.

Those that possess the 【Saintess】 Crest are believed to have irreproachable morals. The church tries to assura everyone of that.

Therefore, a 【Saintess】 could never tell a lie.

….not that I believe that myself.

Since those with the 【Sage】 Crest are said to be virtuous people as well.

Yet, Ruivel lied.
He is far from being virtuous as well. As soon as he became an adult, he went on to brutally torture and kill a number of prisoners and monsters, enjoying it all the while.

Well, it’s not like I believe in what the church is teaching to begin with.

Leaving that aside, a 【Saintess】 and a 【Sage】 having clashing opinions like that is less than ideal for the church.

The emperor must’ve felt that this may turn into a problem, so he continued like this.

“W-well, those were just words spoken by a child…..Then, Alec. What do you say?”

“I respectfully accept that punishment.”

“R-right. Do your best then. Well then, this matter is closed.”

That’s how I became the Margrave of the Tialis territory.

As I was leaving, I noticed the sad gaze of Yulis on me.

I did not notice this last time around, but Yulis must’ve felt bad for me.

Feeling a bit better from that, I thanked Yulis in my heart and left the throne room.

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