Redo Prince – Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 – Preparing for adventure!

“Did you see that person?”

As we were walking through the commerce district, every passerby turned their head towards us.

It was not to show their rejection towards a cursed child like me, instead everyone was staring at Elysia.

“Elysia….are you fine with this appearance of yours as my Servant?”

A tall and beautiful girl with her long blond hair fluttering in the wind….no wonder she stands out.

“Of course! I can walk faster like this and I feel like I’ve gotten stronger as well.”

“That’s fine then…..”

“Also, this golden hair….it reminds me of my mother.”

“Your mother? Now that you mention it, your mother is…”

“She is a human. I’ve been living at the monastery since I was five years old, so I don’t really remember her that much….”

So Elysia’s mother was a human and her father the orc.

“Even her name?”

Elysia nodded silently.

“Yes. Not even where we lived, but…..I remember that I was living happily with both my mother and father.”

Saying that, Elysia gently stroked her golden hair.

If she likes it that much, then I guess she can stay as my Servant if she wants.

That being said, I need to be careful in the future….It is all well and good in this case, since turning someone into a Servant doesn’t have any real disadvantage, but I should avoid giving the devil a chance to use unknown magic like that.

Come to think of it, the devil is strangely silent lately.

Hey, are you still alive?

<….there! Go go go! Yaaay, first place!>

What the hell. Is it holding a horse race inside my head or what?

I don’t know how it was able to do it, but apparently it was influenced by my actions somewhat.

Perhaps it recognized that it would be impossible to get out for a while at least.

For the time being, I took the time to acquire a horse.
It was a mixed blood between a bicorn and a normal horse, just like Holy Shadow. Although it was quite cheap, I know that its endurance and speed is greater than a normal horse.

“Well then, Elysia. Did you get everything you need?”

“Yes. I prepared the clothes and sleeping bag! I don’t have any of it on me, but I had them delivered to the palace.”

“I see. Hmm? But, what about your things, Elysia?”

The clothes were all for me.

“I can’t just use Alec-sama’s money on me. I will buy some things using my salary at a later time.”

“That’s no good, Elysia. You should buy what you need without reservation. This will be a trip that would take thirty days on foot. You need quality goods.”


“Elysia, I can only depend on you if something goes wrong. Do it for my sake as well.”

“I understand! In that case, uhm, Your Highness should advise me on what kind of underwear to buy.”

“Uhm, well….Elysia, you don’t have much experience shopping I’m guessing? Sorry, but I don’t really know anything about female underwear you see.”

Elysia replied with a blank face.

“….I didn’t think I would receive a serious answer like that.”

After mumbling about something or another, Elysia made a face like she just remembered something.

“Come to think of it, you’ve said that there is a place that you wanted to stop by after shopping, didn’t you, Your Highness?”

“Right right. I thought it would be best if you registered as an adventurer, Elysia.”

“An adventurer? The people that specialize in hunting down monsters?”

“Right. However, they also do jobs of delivering small parcels that the merchant guild refuses to. I was thinking of accepting such jobs as we travel between towns.”

“I see. We will be able to make money that way.”

“That’s right. We will also have access to all kinds of information about the surrounding places. On the way we could even buy up some things that we would be able to sell somewhere else and such.”

Hearing that, Elysia could barely contain her excitement.

“Somehow, when you talk about money, you look so…..amazing, Alec-sama!”

“Fufuh….but of course. Money will never betray you.”

One of my favorite phrases from before coming back in time slipped out accidentally.

Anyway, money is always useful. Let’s make as much as I can in order to have a safe and lavish life.

“However, will I be able to get an adventurer permit?”

“Ordinarily, you would need to take a test for it. Still, with your Crest it should be fine.”

“My Crest?”

“Right. Depending on what kind of Crest you have, they may exempt you from taking the test. On the other hand, people with Dark Crests can’t get a permit at all….”

That’s true not just for the empire, but for other countries as well. It’s because it’s commonly believed that contact with monsters could turn people into devils.

“How can they discriminate based on Crest like that! I’ll go and protest this-”

“Hey hey, let’s not be hasty now!”

I tried to calm the angry Elysia.

She seems quite gentle in general, but it seems she gets angered easily.
Maybe she got it from her orc side….

“Elysia. You can’t become an adventurer until you are at least twelve years old anyway. Let’s just take care of your registration for now.”

“If that’s the case, then…..”

After that, we bought clothes and other equipment for Elysia, then went to the guild.

The solid looking stone building we entered was filled with armed adventurers.

“This atmosphere feels just like a tavern.”

“This is the first time I’ve been in here as well. I think we need to apply at a reception desk….hmm?”

When I turned my head towards the line of reception desks, there were a few people moving towards the exit from there.

There was a knight-looking lady in a solid armor, a mage lady in impressive robes….and a young girl in a priestess outfit that looked to be around my age.

All of them were wearing masks, so I couldn’t see their faces.

However, my gaze kept drawn towards the glossy silver hair of the girl.


“Eh, ah, sorry.”

Yulis….? Nah, there is no way.

My betrothed, Yulis, also had silver hair. However, the girl that walked past us just now wore her hair short. Her hands were covered by a pair of white gloves, so I couldn’t see her Crest either.

“I see….Alec-sama prefers a person like that.”

“That’s not it at all….I just thought that it’s strange to see a child here.”

“Indeed. Not like they can become adventurers.”

“Perhaps she just hired some adventurers….Anyway, let’s take care of registration.”


So we walked closer to a reception desk.

The receptionist girl called out to us in a clear voice.

“Are you a noble perhaps?”

“Uuhm….yes. We came here to register my attendant as an adventurer today.”

“What a coincidence.”

“Hm? Perhaps the last group was the same?”

“Ah, I’m sorry. We can’t give out information on people who aren’t adventurers….”

So they can’t tell us.

“I’m really sorry for that…..well then, please put your hand on this crystal.”


The receptionist girl was startled when Elysia’s hand touched the crystal.

“【Holy Knight】!? Amazing…..The qualification test will not be needed in that case.”

Perhaps they heard her say 【Holy Knight】, a murmur spread through our surroundings.

“A lot of amazing newbies today.”

“Won’t the jobs around the capital disappear like this?”

Judging from the conversations going on around us, that last group must’ve been a noble and her attendants.

“Khm…..I’m sorry, I was too loud again. Well then, here is your guild card.”

It was the guild card that proves one’s adventurer status.

“With this you will be able to take jobs at any guilds within the empire. Also, we buy up the remains of defeated monsters as well, so please make use of us for that whenever you like!”

“I understand. Thank you.”

Elysia received her guild card.

We took a quick look at the quest board and there was a job to deliver something to a town on our way to Tialus.

Let’s take that one and go on a trip.

Then, we decided to return to the palace after leaving the guild.

“With this we can set out tomorrow. It’s goodbye to the capital for a while.”

“I’m both sad and excited about it I guess…. I-I’m sorry, talking like that, even though I’m just a maid!”

“No worries, I feel the same.”

Before I came back, I had never left the capital either.

“We might as well buy something sweet today before going back. We won’t be able to get anything extravagant to eat for a while.”

“In that case, I know a tasty candy store that Leena shopped at from time to time. Their ice cream is delicious.”

“Then, let’s go there.”

So we prepared ourselves for our departure from the capital the next day.

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