Redo Prince – Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 – ☆Ruivel①

■Ruivel POV (The night after Alec left the capital)

“Hahah! I did it! That aggravating Alec will finally disappear from my sight!!”

Ruivel let out a loud laugh in the bath.

One of his hands was on the breast of the maid that was currently washing him. The maid was one of the servants that used to serve Alec.

“Ru-ruivel-sama, that’s…”

“Alec did the same, right? Hahah….I stole her from Alec.”

Ruivel had a wide grin on his face.

He managed to steal Alec’s cohort, position, and everything he had. His father and the nobles all showered their attention on him instead of Alec now.

The misfortunate Ruivel obtained everything just because he received a 【Sage】 Crest.

His life became incomparably brighter….

However, that wasn’t nearly enough for Ruivel.

He was always compared to Alec.
Now, he wanted to rub it in his face, but couldn’t.

And somehow he even got a pretty maid to accompany him everywhere. Even that minor thing, Ruivel did not like at all.

This fact burned itself into Ruivel’s mind.

Then, he might as well-

The butler’s voice interrupted his thoughts.

“Ruivel-sama…..the gentlemen from the church have arrived.”

“I see. Let them in.”

Ruivel received the guest while still in the bath.

The ones who entered the bath-room were clothed in white priest garbs.

Among them, one with a splendid white beard started speaking as their representative.

“Your Highness, we came as you ordered.”

“So you’ve arrived. It seems the ‘Devil Child’ left the capital today.”

The priest replied to Ruivel’s words with a neutral expression on his face.

“Someone with a Dark Crest strutting around the empire as he pleases…..what a lamentable state of affairs.”

“Hnn, I very much agree. This country would be better off without something like that thing around….I wish it would just disappear.”

The priest nodded in agreement.

“We need to nip the possible emergence of a devil, an enemy of the gods, in the bud before it’s too late. However, it’s unclear how that person would react to this.”

“…..Father will be on my side no matter what happens, since I have the 【Sage】 Crest. Even Father wants that thing dead.”

“In that case….we will dispatch our best Exorcists. In the name of our Most Holy Church.”

“Fufuh….I eagerly await your report.”

Ruivel had a wide grin on his face as the priests left the room.

With this, Alec will die….

While he was thinking about that, another maid came in.

It was the maid that he sent to deliver a present for Yulis.

Yulis was another thing that Ruivel wanted to possess. It was of course partly because Yulis was cute.

However, what was more important is that Ruivel wanted to steal Yulis from Alec.

He sent a top quality ring as a present and since he also had the 【Sage】 Crest, Ruivel was confident that Yulis would turn her attention towards him.

“Did Yulis like the present?”

Though the maid only seemed to panic a bit when Ruivel asked this question.

“Hmm? What is it?”

“Th-that’s….it appears that Yulis-sama has disappeared!”

“Y-Yulis did what!? ….my Yulis!?”

The same day Alec left, his betrothed also disappeared from the capital.

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