Redo Prince – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 – Reward!

“Big….and it’s even processed properly!”

Said the Guild receptionist girl after seeing the Death Snake skin on the table.

She then hurried back to her desk.

“That’s amazing, really. A Death Snake as a first subjugation.”

“Oh it wasn’t me, it was Ale….c-kun who helped me so I could take it down.”

Elysia replied like that after I pulled her sleeves in warning. I don’t want to get found out as a member of the imperial family.

“Oh my, that’s amazing for a child like him. The hauling mission from the capital was very quick as well….”

All Elysia said to that was that ‘we have an excellent horse’.

“A horse, huh. Ah….I got it. I won’t try to dig further than this.”

She must be thinking that I was a noble going incognito. Well, it’s somewhat true.

The receptionist girl then handed over our gold in a burlap sack to Elysia.

“Five gold for the mission and five gold for the Death Snake. Please, take it.”

“Thank you very much.”

“We thank you as well. Please make use of our Guild anytime you wish.”

Then we bid goodbye to the receptionist girl and left the Guild building.

Five gold for a hauling mission between Guild outposts and five gold for the Death Snake’s skin, so ten gold in total.

That’s enough to live for about half a year in the capital.
If you consider that it took only a single day to earn it, then it’s a considerable sum.

“That was quite a bit of reward money. However, we need to be careful.”

“We arrived simply too fast for our hauling mission, right?”

I nodded to Elysia’s observation.

“If we say that we have a pegasus or wyvern, then it wouldn’t be that strange though. Air transport is fast like that. Well then….I was hoping for a lavish meal today.”

Lucia is close to the capital, so it’s a fairly prosperous town. It’s surrounded by proper walls and has stone paved roads as well. A lot of farmers congregate here from the area, so there are a lot of shops and stalls around.

We have a lot of money, so we should be able to find a good place to eat.

“It would be best if we ate the fruit we received instead.”

“Yeah. It would feel bad to let them rot after how we got them…..but perhaps there is something I can do?”

“Something you can do?”

“Well….I tried to put ice into my 《Pandora’s Box》 once. Even after ten hours, it didn’t show any signs of melting.”

It can even store mana, so….
I’ve put a lot of our luggage in it, but there is no indication that it would be getting full.

Elysia tilted her head to the side in confusion.

“Does that mean that it’s cold inside it?”

“No….nothing else froze in there and nothing got noticeably colder either….”

“Though it would be a shame for one to go bad, it might be for the best to leave a fruit in for a longer time and see what happens.”

“I’ll do that then.”

Let’s leave a single apple inside.
Other than that, I would like to try storing some sand as well. Then maybe get everything out and put a torch in perhaps.

The fastest way would be to ask the devil, but….heeey.

<Dammit! This is blatant cheating!>

It’s too caught up in something and doesn’t have time to pay attention to me.

Hmm, perhaps this is its strategy… get me to try talking to it from my own volition.

It’s not that easy to create new spells for Dark Magic, so I would like to get my hands on some documents about it.

From that point of view, documents from the Luxia Empire days where anything to do with the God of Darkness wasn’t considered heretical would be priceless.

My territory, Tialus, was abandoned during that era, so there might be some documents left there.

“Let’s find an inn to stay at first.”

“Yes! It would be nice to find a place with an open kitchen.”

“Yes, of course. Also, one that’s decently guarded as well.”

In the end we decided to stay at an inn on the main road of Lucion.

Using the fruits we got from those peasants, Elysia made all kinds of food in the kitchen she borrowed, but….

“This juice…’s pretty good!”

“It’s mixed juice. I added a few types of juice to an apple base.”

It had some traces of fruit left in it and it was sweet and easy to drink. It was a perfect way to end the day.

Well, I mostly just spent the day on horseback and used 《Teleport》 from time to time.

“This is better than the one they gave us at the temple. I didn’t think baked apples would be this good either.”

It seems Elysia can cook as well. She can also fight and dismantle things. There is really nothing to complain about her.

“It’s good to have you with me Elysia….ah, sorry. I keep leaving a lot of things to you.”

“There is no need to worry about that! You are a Prince, Alec-sama! Also, I would do anything you ask of me, Alec-sama! Please make more use of me as you see fit!”


Before coming back, I already got used to doing everything by myself.

However, ordinarily high nobles and the imperial family have servants to even put on or take off their shoes.

Well, it’s easier to do such things myself in my opinion though….

“Then I will help you wash your body today, Alec-sama!”

“The bath here is gender segregated.”

“At your age, it would still be fine if you go in with a parent, right?”

Elysia had a strange expression on her face.

I’m still seven, so it would indeed not be strange.
However, inside I’m already undeniably an adult.

“It’s fine….”

“Alec-sama….acting all grown up like that. Even that side of you, fuhih.”

While Elysia was giggling to herself, I said ‘thanks for the food’ and went to take a bath by myself.

After getting out I just lay on the bed, preparing myself for the next day.

The bed was harder than my old one at the palace, but this one was fine as well.

This was the first time I left the capital because I wanted to.

The only times I’ve left last time around was for field training for the magic academy.

Now that I think about it…..could I still 《Teleport》 to the capital from this far away?

I guess I’ll just test it.

While still laying on the bed, I willed myself to 《Teleport》 to a garden near the palace in the capital.

It’s pretty late already, so there shouldn’t be anyone there at this point. Anyhow, I don’t think I will be able to── huh?

The scenery instantly changed before my eyes. I could see the familiar palace garden around me.

“No way…. From so far away.”

It seems if I can keep a clear image of my destination in mind, then I can 《Teleport》 even this far.

I guess I’ll check again how far I can 《Teleport》 every time we stop for the night.

But….why is it so bright here?

I could see moving lights dotting the garden everywhere.

It looks like guards with torches and lamps are looking for something.

“Did you find something!?”

“No, nothing here!”

“Yulis-sama! Are you here, Yulis-sama!?”

Has she gone missing?

It seems they can’t find Yulis, my betrothed.

Was she kidnapped by someone perhaps…. no.

The trio we came across yesterday at the Guild came to mind.
There was a very pretty silver haired girl there.

Could that have been Yulis….? No, there is no mistaking that silver hair anymore.

But, why did she move on to become an adventurer?
Last time around, Yulis was an exemplary student who spent most of her time learning magic at the magic academy.

Anyway, they will find me at this rate if I’m not careful. I could hide myself away with 《Conceal》, but let’s just go back for now.

I willed myself to 《Teleport》 back to the inn right away. Nothing happened on the way back either.

“Buhihih….Alec-sama, so cute…..Alec-sama, so so cute. Buhih.”

When I got back to the inn, I’ve found Elysia squirming and mumbling in her sleep in the bed next to mine.

However I paid no attention to the weird sound emanating from her.

“Yulis….went missing.”

Should I abandon this trip and go and look for Yulis?

No, she must have some kind of plan in mind.
She might’ve left the capital because she didn’t want to associate with a Dark Crest holder like me to begin with.


I just can’t help but think about it. Not because I like her or something, but because I feel responsible for dragging her into this betrothal.

That being said, Yulis has the 【Saintess】 Crest.
Her two guards looked formidable as well.

I guess I don’t need to worry about her too much.

“Let’s just keep going like this.”


When I turned towards the voice, I could see a pretty blond girl sleeping in the shape of a 大 character on the bed next to mine… was Elysia.
Her abdominal muscles were plain to see.

She really keeps tossing and turning….

Overall, Elysia looked like she had a good time today. Seeing what’s outside the capital must’ve been fun for her.

After covering Elysia with a blanket, I also went to sleep.

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