Redo Prince – Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 – A new Servant!

Elysia and I spent the night in Lucion.

We accepted another hauling mission at the Guild and set out towards Tialus once more.

With the capital getting further away, the number of people around went down quite a bit, so I was able to use 《Teleport》 a lot more.

As we kept traveling on a sea adjacent highway, we passed near a fishing village called Veron.

“Veron…. it would take five days to get here on foot from the capital.”

“Yet it’s just the morning of our second day. We are going at quite a fast pace.”

“Yeah. It’s a bit faster than traveling by air, I think. Anyhow, let’s keep going.”

And then, the result of my hubris….

“S-sorry, Elysia.”

It was already completely dark and we were still far away from a town with an inn.

We were too far to just turn back as well.

Even if I were to use 《Teleport》 to get there even faster, the receptionist desk at the inn would most likely be already closed.

“No, if I didn’t take so much time to defeat those Arrow Crows near that farming village, then….”

“No no, I only managed to take down three that time as well.”

We got bogged down clearing out a murder of Arrow Crows near a farming village that kept raiding their crops and livestock.

An Arrow Crow was a large bird with crow-like appearance and sharp as a blade talons and beak. Individually they are not that strong, but there were a lot of them.

It seems I’m still quite inexperienced with fighting after all….
I just couldn’t hit the Arrow Crows flying in the air with my Dark Magic with any kind of precision.

On the other hand, Elysia was amazing. She was fighting while protecting me and she was still fast as the wind. She did not only use Holy Magic, but she also threw spears and axes── taking down one Arrow Crow after the other.

Despite that, Elysia looked frustrated for some reason.

“If only I knew how to use a bow.”

“You don’t need something like that, Elysia…. Though you would be amazing with it for sure if you did. Anyway, we managed to get a lot of feathers and meat from that.”

We managed to hunt down around fifteen Arrow Crows in total in the end.

“Arrow Crow feathers are one of the highest quality feathers for making arrows. Its talons and beak could be used to make high quality arrowheads as well….and its meat is good too.”

The feathers and beaks were cleaned with water. The blood was drained from the meat by Elysia, then the meat itself was frozen.
Then, all of that was put into my 《Pandora’s Box》.

We received some fruits, wheat, and even some beans from the peasants we helped out.

“Then let’s eat some of that today! Why don’t we camp out right here?”

“Are you fine with that?”

“Yes! I was prepared for that eventuality from the start!”

We indeed have cooking utensils and sleeping bags in my 《Pandora’s Box》.
All that was brought in preparations for more remote regions, but I guess it would be fine to experience camping in a relatively safe territory.

So then, we decided to camp out at a slightly elevated area near the highway.
It was an area surrounded by large boulders and a small grove, but we still had an uninterrupted view of the sea from there.

As she was setting up the camp and the campfire, Elysia started murmuring.

“We can’t see anything anymore. Even though the moon is especially bright tonight.”

“Indeed. We came a long way away already.”

We managed to travel in two days what would’ve taken eight days on foot otherwise.

At this current pace, we should reach near Tialus in three more days.

Even fewer towns and people would be present there.

Elysia finished preparing the campfire, then she put a pot and some meat skewers above it.

Soon after, delicious scents started wafting over.

“Ooh, those look tasty…..”

“I’ve put the tough parts of the Arrow Crow into a soup with fruits, vegetables, and beans. The fatty and tender legs I’ve roasted with some salt…..mhm. The soup is almost done.”

After taste-testing it, Elysia poured a bowl of soup and gave it to me.

“Here you go.”

“Thanks for the food…..hmm”

I can all but taste the meat and vegetables via its scent. I can also feel the sweetness of the fruits as well. It tastes very tender overall. Camping can be quite cold, so the soup was at a temperature that let its warmth spread through our bodies.

The tougher meat was roasted perfectly as well, making it melt in our mouths.

“So delicious….”

“Thank you for the praise. Then, try some of this as well.”

“Hmm, roasted Arrow Crow. It was sometimes served in the palace as well, but…..ooh!”

The outside of it was crispy, while the inside was very moist. Only salt was used to make it, but the meat didn’t smell at all and it was perfectly done. It doesn’t have that jumbled taste the one in the palace used to have, so it’s easy to eat.

And I could eat however much I want of this….

“Elysia….this is really delicious.”

I said that, then kept shoveling the food into my mouth in silence.

Elysia smiled widely.

“Thank you very much!”

“I would feel bad eating alone like this, so how about you join me?”


So we kept eating just the two of us, with a nice view of the sea illuminated by the moon.

Although the food was made from high quality ingredients, it lacks the pretentiousness it had at the palace. All-in-all, it tasted many times more delicious than the palace food ever did.

Is it perhaps because we worked for the ingredients ourselves? Or perhaps the salty sea wind helped somewhat.

Elysia started eating with impeccable manners at first, but then gradually moved on to a more wild way of eating. The food was just that good.

“Waah, that was good! We still have a lot of Arrow Crow meat, but I guess we’ll have to sell those in the next town.”

“It depends on how long the freezing lasts.”

“I guess so. Right, what do you think about joining me for a little after meal exercise?”

“Is it….an experiment?”

“Indeed. Yesterday I managed to 《Teleport》 to the capital. I was hoping to test if I can still 《Teleport》 this distance, with an additional person to boot.”

“Let’s try it!”

“T-thank you.”

Elysia grabbed my hand right away.

I willed ourselves to 《Teleport》 to the same palace garden as yesterday.

When I did that, we indeed arrived at the garden in a single moment. It seems there were no problems with two people either.

Elysia just blinked in surprise.

“It’s really….the capital, Alec-sama.”

“Y-yeah. Despite the huge distance it worked.”

It seems there were no guards looking for Yulis today. No, there is someone around.

“It went this way! …damn it, how could something like that wander into here just like that!”

“It’s just a slime. Can’t we just ignore it?”

“The higher ups are in a tizzy because of that slime.”

“Damn, this will be an all-nighter then.”

The guards were desperately searching for it by illuminating the flower beds with their torches.

A slime?

It must’ve wandered into the palace as well. A lot of weak monsters called slimes live in the underground waterways and they tend to pop up sometimes within the sizable palace grounds.


The slime was already at my feet.

There are all kinds of slimes, but this one was just a normal one. It’s quite resistant against slashing damage, but the only things it can do is throw itself at someone or use some weak Water Magic.

I thought it was going to attack me, but all it did was tremble at my feet without any signs of any ill intent.

At this rate it will be found and caught by the guards.

Elysia also took a peek at the slime.

“It seems quite docile.”

“Perhaps it’s used to people somehow. Let’s 《Teleport》 out and let it escape there.”

After saying that I picked up the slime and willed us to 《Teleport》 back to our campsite.

We arrived at a place with a clear view of the sea. I was able to teleport both Elysia and the slime with me no problem.

“This is really amazing! I can tell even without being knowledgeable about magic.”

“I can also barely believe it…..there. Now don’t go to such dangerous places anymore.”

I’ve put the slime down right there.

However, the slime went in the direction of the soup instead.

“Maybe it wants some soup.”

“We might as well give it some. It’s mostly just liquid by now.”

“I guess I’m fine with it.”

“Then, right away.”

Elysia put some soup into a bowl and placed it in front of the slime.

Then, a kind of tentacle reached out from the slime.
With it it grabbed the bowl and started pouring its contents into a mouth-like hole.

“Ooh, it’s drinking it. Also….it looks like it enjoyed it.”

The slime spread out in place.

“Alec-sama. How about you try and make it your Servant?”

“I might as well. It’s not hostile at all, so I might be able to make it my Servant without much fuss. I guess I’ll do just that.”

I clearly said my intention out loud, but I can’t hear the voice of the devil within me.

Is it trying to compete on who can hold out the longest….? Meh, it doesn’t really matter.

“Will you be my Servant?”

After hearing that, the slime stilled in place.

That must be a sign of agreement from it.

I willed the slime to become my Servant.

Then, the slime started shining.

“Come to think of it, it should get closer to the master in shape….huh?”

After the light was gone, what remained was the same slime as before.

“I guess it won’t become more humanoid like me?”

“It’s not because it didn’t manage to become my Servant either.”

Its mana absorption rate has gone up. It’s proof of it becoming my Servant.

I just don’t know why….and it would be a pain to ask the devil too.

Well, if it really didn’t end up as my Servant, then it will surely wander off somewhere.

I direct my next words at the slime.

“Well, let’s get along in the future then.”

“Shouldn’t you give it a name?”

“Yeah. Do you have any good ideas?”

“How about, Mini-Alec!”

“From my name, right? …..then how about Elyc?”

“That…. could that be?”

“Y-yeah. It’s from both our names.”

“It’s an honor! Let’s name it Elyc!”

So we named the slime Elyc.

I thought it would disappear by morning, but when I woke up in the morning, Elyc was still close by.

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