Redo Prince – Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 – Talking mouse

“… spoke!?”

Yuuri raised her voice after hearing the mouse speak.

The mouse noticed us right away.

“Chuu!! Please forgive me-ssu! It wasn’t my intention to shift its attention to you like that…..”

The mouse trailed off after getting pinned by the gaze of Elysia and Yuuri.
It seems it really did want to dump the Arrow Crow on us.

I spoke to the trembling mouse.

“We won’t hurt you or anything. I just want to ask you about the current state of this island.”

“T-then I will tell you anything you want, but…..why did I become this large-ssu?”

“It’s because you became my Servant. It’s something like a subordinate.”

“I-I see. Well…. you all seem pretty strong, so I’m fine with it-ssu. In exchange….”

It must be thinking that by keeping close to us, it will be able to get its paws on food.

I took out a fruit from my 《Pandora’s Box》 and handed it over.

“Ooh, you really know the deal-ssu!”

I speak again to the mouse currently munching on a fruit.

“You can listen while you eat. First of all, do you have a name?”

“……..what’s that-ssu?”

“If I called you Tia for example, then would you be fine with that?”

“Yeah, I’m fine with anything-ssu.”

“I’m looking for the biggest building on this island. Do you know where it is?”

“In that case, you need to go straight first, then turn right and go straight again-ssu! There should be a wide open area there. Ah, but….maybe it would be for the best for you to avoid that place-ssu.”

Tia said the last part as if it just remembered it.


“There are a lot of fire balls there-ssu. Those like me or the crows all die from a single touch from them-ssu.”

“So it’s a gathering place of Wisps.”

I turn to Elysia.

“Please, leave the exorcism to me.”

“I could absorb the Dark mana as well. I think we’ll be fine if we go.”

Yuuri spoke up to ask a question despite her clear trepidation.

“U-uhm, by exorcism, you mean….”


Elysia said with a grin, making Yuuri shake in her boots.

“If you’re scared, then you can wait in Lobrion if you want.”

“I-I’m fine! For Alec-sama’s sake, I can go on!”

Yuuri spoke out loud, mainly trying to convince herself.

“Then, let’s go I guess……Tia, what about you? I can release you from being my Servant if you want.”

“No no! I will go with you-ssu! I rarely get to eat something this delicious! Let me lead the way-ssu!”

After saying that, Tia started walking in front of me in a cheerful manner.

“Maybe it’s because my body got bigger, it’s a strange feeling-ssu, but….I can walk faster now-ssu!”

So it became able to speak and walk on two legs…..

It’s closer to being human now after becoming my Servant.

Then, the fact that Elyc the slime didn’t change at all is somewhat concerning.

Perhaps there are individual differences on a case by case basis.
There were some among the blue hair brigade that didn’t end up with any hair as well…..

Maybe it would be a good idea to have Tia bring another of its kind and recruit them to be my Servant too.

As we were traveling on the road, slowly a wide open area came into view. That must be the central public square of Alus Island. I could see a bunch of governmental office looking structures standing next to each other.

I could also see a bunch of fire balls, or Wisps in other words, floating around the place.

“Let’s take care of this quickly.”

“Yes! Then, allow me!”

Elysia’s hands immediately lit up, she then spread the light to the whole area.

As expected, she is used to doing this. The Wisps disappeared one by one.

I feel like this fits Elysia much more than simple fighting…..

“Elysia, amazing! So fighting wasn’t all you could do!”

Elysia had a proud expression on her face after hearing what Yuuri said.

“I could do something like this in a jiffy. Anything else I can help with?”

Elysia said while looking at the square where the Wisps disappeared from.

“Nothing for now. Thank you, Elysia.”

“Alec-sama…..such words are wasted on someone like me…..”

“T-that’s an over exaggeration.”

I moved my gaze from the rapidly reddening Elysia to a temple-like building with a number of characteristic white pillars.

“This must be the main office. Good, let’s get inside.”

We opened the large double door and peeked inside.

Sure enough, it’s dark inside.

“…..hmm? Two?”

There were two balls of light rising into the air.

Before I came back, one of those was my limit.
That now doubled.

“Is there a problem, Alec-sama? Ah, how rude of me….I will make some light right away.”

Elysia used the same 《Holy Light》 to light up our surroundings. She ended up creating ten in total.

Clearly, for someone with a Holy Crest, this isn’t a difficult spell to use.

However, for me who’s subpar with everything beside Dark Magic, this is a pretty surprising result.

It seems that perhaps with my Servants growing in numbers, my mana have increased.

However, it doubled with only around thirty people.

If I were to develop this Tialus and bring a lot more Servants under my wing, then….

I can’t even imagine what will be the outcome of that.

I was mulling over those things, but then I noticed some mana ahead of us.

There was something covered in Dark mana…..

Then, when it was illuminated by the balls of light…..

“A suit of armor?”

In the great hall of the government building, a single suit of armor appeared.

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