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Non-commentated version of this chapter here for those that don’t want to interrupt their reading of the story with my rambling.

Chapter 26 – A person from the far past

I felt like half my remaining lifespan was stolen by the screaming armor.

Doubly so because even Yuuri and Tia behind me let out their own shrieks.

Elysia just muttered in a composed manner in the meantime.

“The armor spoke? Even mice can apparently speak, so it’s not that surprising in my opinion….”

“Tia and the others could speak to begin with! We are not objects! But a suit of armor is just an object! It’s really weird for it to speak! ──hiiiih!”

Tia and Yuuri twitched again from fright.

The suit of armor started to move with a clattering sound.

“Move! Why don’t you move! Is there someone here!?”

“U-uhm…..can you hear my voice?”

I asked the struggling and yelling armor.

“I can hear you! But I can’t see anything!”

“It was probably the helmet that allowed it to see.”

“Please bring it here, Elysia.”

She nodded, picked up the helmet, then put it on top of the suit of armor.

“──huh! T-this is !? …..the Governmental Palace?”

The armor said while moving its helmet side to side.

“And you are?”

“I-I’m….My subordinates and I received an order from the capital to head to Tialus to provide assistance, but then…. we were killed by that woman…. so I’m supposed to be dead right now.”

“That woman?”

“A black clothed woman who attacked the entire territory of Tialus…..Both my subordinates and I were slain without being able to put up any kind of fight.”

“I…I see.”

In that case, this suit of armor must be someone from the days of the ancient empire.

The armor turned its helmet towards me.

“By the way, you are?”

“I’m…. the Sixth Prince, Alec.”

“Prince…… Prince!? I-I’m sorry for my impertinence!”

The suit of armor tried to move once again with a clatter, but it wasn’t able to stand since it didn’t have any limbs currently.

Yuuri and Tia were still shaking as they watched its actions.

Anyhow, she must be trying to stand on ceremony because I’m a Prince of the ‘empire’. Well, it’s not exactly a lie and I really am one of their descendents.

So I try to reassure the armor.

“You can be at ease like that.”

“I-I’m terribly sorry…..! My name is Serena Telecia Fraps! Sixth Division Commander!”
(TN: The chapter/’new prospective harem member’ ratio really skyrocketed in these last few chapters.)

The army of the current empire is made up of mercenaries and the private armies belonging to the nobles and the emperor. However, a long time ago, all soldiers were under the control of the emperor. A group of soldiers of a certain size was called a division at that time.

“Serena, huh. I’ve come to this island as the Lord of Tialus territory.”

“How surprising….. to send someone so adorable…..I-I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it….. First of all, how did you end up like that?”

“My memories are somewhat fuzzy, but it must be the fault of that black clothed woman. Both my subordinates and I fell in a single moment to the black mist that woman released. After that, I’ve become one with my armor, turning into a being that only killed anyone who visited this place, and then…… my body suddenly became unable to move.”

“That must’ve been when the slime took over.”

By releasing my magic, the armor may have started to recharge itself somehow. I could feel a writhing mass of mana within the armor.

Since it’s moving with the help of mana, I guess it really is a kind of Living Armor. She must’ve been turned into an undead somehow.
(TN: Didn’t he say that a golem-like Guardian is the one that used mana to move? Now it’s the undead that needs to recharge somehow? Something does not add up here.)

Also, it seems the black clothed woman must’ve been the one that did something that caused the empire to abandon Tialus.

“Let’s get your arms and legs back to you for now…..”

“T-thank you very much.”

So Elysia and I gave back its right arm first.

“M-my hand came back….. uwah!”

Once the right arm was connected again, it suddenly started to attack Elysia and I.

However, without legs it couldn’t reach us.

“M-my body is not listening to me!? H-how could I!”
(TN: It was just established that she spent a long time fighting anyone who came to the place against her will. Why would the fact that she wasn’t able to control her movements come as a surprise to her?)

Serena said in a panic.

“It must’ve been commanded to attack the living after being made into an undead.”

I used a 《Dark Cutter》 to sever the arm off the armor again.

When she was reduced to a helmet and torso armor again, Serena spoke with a trembling voice.

“I-I’m terribly sorry….. It seems I’m nothing but a tool now…. please, just let me….”

“Don’t jump ahead like that. If you become my Servant, then the situation might change.”
(TN: Oh so terribly convenient once again.)


“Indeed. It means becoming my subordinate. Though it means entrusting your life to me.”

“I serve the Empire! That means I’m a subordinate of your highness to begin with. Please, make me your Servant!”

“I understand. Let’s turn you into my Servant then.”
(TN: Let’s also neglect to mention that it’s not exactly even the same empire anymore.)

Then, the armor was enveloped in a bright light.

What appeared was a beautiful human woman with long brunette hair. She had all her limbs as well. She looked dignified and gave off an air of reliability.
(TN: I’m actually surprised she didn’t turn into some kind of fetish armor monster girl.)

“Ah, uh…..”

Serena kept touching her face and looking at her reflection in the polished surface of the granite floor.
(TN: Shouldn’t there be a heavy dust layer at least if the place was abandoned for a long while?)

“I-I’m back to my old self!?”

Apparently, she looks like how she did when she was still alive.
Since she was a human to begin with, it’s understandable that she would return to looking like one.
(TN: And let’s completely ignore the fact that she was apparently just resurrected fully without any kind of drawback or difficulty.)

“T-thank you very much! …..really, thank you!”

Serena was crying at my feet.
She must’ve suffered for a long time, so it’s a very good thing that it ended.

Perhaps because she became my Servant, she doesn’t look like she’s about to attack us.

“This is good news for me as well…. I don’t know about this territory at all, so I was looking to get information about it from somewhere.”

“I see! I would be happy to be of assistance! Though I can’t even remember the name of this island!”

Yuuri made a face of disappointment after Serena confidently answered like that.

“Ah, well, it was a sudden dispatch, so…..”

“I see. You were indeed just suddenly deployed here…..”

Anyhow, I told Serena about the present era and the current empire.

She doesn’t seem to have understood even half of what I’ve said, but she said she would serve me for the time being.
(TN: So a division commander of a clearly superior empire is just another dumbass again. It’s interesting that a half-orc that worked in a graveyard for most of her life is the most put together person around the MC and she’s still a creep sometimes.)

Also, perhaps due to the long time she spent in this place, some of her memories seem to be missing.

After that I decided to investigate the building, but….

“The documents seem to be missing entirely…..”

Not just that, but all the furniture in every room appears to have been destroyed.

There was nothing in the governor’s office either.

Did some bandits raid the place?
(TN: Yeah bandits are famous for targeting official documents of governmental buildings.)
However, this island was home to a lot of monsters for a long time now and even Serena was present. They should’ve had no easy ways of getting in to steal anything.

Perhaps the black clothed woman Serena was talking about destroyed everything.

“I still plan to check the other governmental places as well, but there might not be anything left if it’s like this…..”

I don’t think I will find anything about Dark Magic either.

“Sorry for not being able to help you with this…..”

Serena said in an apologetic manner.

“No, don’t worry about that….. Anyway, I would like to make this Alus Island liveable again as a start.”

The Arrow Crows are still at a number that we would be able to chase them away. Let’s do our best for a while to make a proper base here.

“Would you help me from now on as well?”

“But of course! You saved my life, Your Highness! This Serena will put her very soul into serving you!”

“Thank you. In that case, Serena, I would like you to be the local governor for Alus.”
(TN: Holy shit, man. You just met the woman, like five minutes ago. She is not even a government official but a soldier. Why the hell would you put all that responsibility on her head right now, just after escaping a brutally traumatic experience? Holy hell.)

“A-are you really okay with me in that position?”

“Yeah. I want you to coordinate the people of the territory. I’m having them gather in the public square right now. I would like you to use your experience as a division commander here.”
(TN: That’s all fine and dandy, but that could’ve been done without putting all that governor business on her head for now.)

She had a lot of people under her command, so she should have some leadership skills.

I had Elyc and Eleanor gather the slimes and Tia the mice at the square. I’ll have Serena organize them on this island.

“Leave it to me! I will go ahead and meet the representative for the people living here!”

“Ah, wait……”
(TN: Ah wait…. don’t go….. Let me just stand here and not prevent you from walking into a place full of monsters when I can avoid it with a few words and explain what’s happening, which I already should’ve done by now.)

Serena eagerly opened the door and stepped out to the public square.

“Everyone, I was just appointed as your governor and my name is Serena. I look forward to working with…..huh?”

The ground of the public square was filled with mice and slimes.

“…..w-what the hell is with these!?”

Serena let out yet another scream and passed out right there.
(TN: I think this was supposed to be funny, but all I can think of is that this was yet another blow for the currently fragile equilibrium of a deeply traumatized person, which was fully avoidable if the MC wasn’t such a dipshit.)

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