Redo Prince – Chapter 30 – Commentated version

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Non-commentated version of this chapter here for those that don’t want to interrupt their reading of the story with my rambling.

Chapter 30 – Pursuers

After we managed to make the waterworks usable, Elysia and I used 《Teleport》 to get to the capital.

Then we pulled our robes off and used another 《Teleport》 to get to the orphanage directly, where we bought food and other miscellaneous items.

“Should you be buying this much at once?”

Said a brunette girl, Leena, after seeing a wagon full of food.

Though most of it was various kinds of plant stuff, horse and pig feed and such.

However, Tia and the other mice like those very much. At that place where barely any vegetation survived seeds were considered a lavish meal.
(TN: Is it just me or this is the first time something like this was mentioned? There was no indication that vegetation would be scarce on the island so far. If this was brought up before, then it would’ve been understandable for him to plan on buying food for the place. I guess the author forgot to establish this fact?)

Thanks to that, which is kind of weird to say, we were able to get this for a lot cheaper than if we wanted normal food.

Even so, for Leena and the rest, this will be a significant windfall it seems.

“It’s fine. We don’t need to eat it all at once after all.”

“Is that so…… Thank you then. With the money you paid this time we should be able to repair the roof! Also, we should be able to buy some underwear!”
(TN: Not a fan of subtlety, huh?)

The houses and clothes of the people here are both quite deteriorated. Their habits are most likely hand-me-downs as well.
On the other hand the people from the temple are all wearing clean and high-quality clothes with golden accessories.
(TN: I guess the author was unsatisfied with how beaten down he depicted the demons and people with Dark Crests last time.)

For the people from the temple, the management of this monastery is most likely something that’s done in their free time.

I nodded.

“That’s good….. We’ll come to buy things in the future as well.”

“Thank you, everyone will be happy! Come anytime you wish.”

Leena smiled at me.

“I’m happy to hear that…. Come to think of it, is your sword training progressing well?”

“Yeah! Though I don’t really know how strong I am now, since I was the strongest here to begin with! Ah, come to think of it….”

Leena’s expression said that she just remembered something.

“What is it?”

“Well, it was about two days ago, I think…. the people from the temple were talking about you, Alec.”

“About me?”

“Yeah. They said something about being unable to find you. It seemed like they were looking for you somewhere.”

“For me….?”

What could the church people want with me…..?

Well, the Order of the Most Holy Church might be targeting my life now that I’ve left the capital.

Though even if they sent some people to follow us, they wouldn’t be able to catch up with us since we kept moving via my 《Teleport》…..

That being said, it’s possible that our pursuers might come into Lobrion in the coming days.

Count Lobria will most likely blab about me without reservation. About the blue hair brigade in Lobrion as well.

They are in their human forms now, so there is no need to worry from that side, but our pursuers will most likely try to question them as well.
We need to get our stories straight before that.

Though if the blue hair brigade were to tell them that I’ve already headed back to the capital, then they might even turn around as well.

“I see…..Could you keep silent about the fact that I was here, just to be sure?”

“If that’s something you want, then of course, Alec. The others won’t say anything either. But…..just be careful, okay? Those people are not our favorites either, so…..”
(TN: It’s funny that the actual child is the one who shows the most maturity among all the supposed grown ups so far.)

Since she has a Dark Crest like me, Leena might’ve been harassed by the people from the Order of the Most Holy Church as well.

“…..yeah, I will be careful. If something happens, then please say something to Elysia or me. We will be coming around to buy more food.”

“Okay! Then bye for now!”

Leena said, then walked away from us.

After seeing her disappear in the distance, I spoke to Elysia.

“I don’t think they would be able to follow us to Alus Island, but….”

“We need to be vigilant in Lobrion.”

I nodded and stored the food stuff and miscellaneous tools in my 《Pandora’s Box》.

“Hey, Elysia. It’s just something that came to mind right now, but….”

“What is it?”

“If we can make Tialus a safer place, then maybe we can invite Leena and others there as well. Though Tialus doesn’t have any fields and it’s quite dangerous still, so I don’t really know how long that would take.”

“Alec-sama…..I think that’s a wonderful idea! I also fully support this plan.”

Elysia said with a serious expression.

I don’t think living here is all rainbows and sunshine for them.

I’m someone with the same Dark Crests as them, so I wouldn’t allow them to be discriminated against in my own territory. The same goes for demons as well.

After I finished storing the food and miscellaneous stuff I spoke up.

“Now that’s decided, we need to work even harder….. Well then, let’s leave the food at Alus, then head back to Lobrion. I want to check how many weapons are finished for the mouse people.”


So Elysia and I moved to Alus from the monastery via 《Teleport》.
(TN: Honestly, I think this chapter was the best in a long while, despite it being shorter than usual. I didn’t even have that many things to comment on.)

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