Redo Prince – Chapter 31

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Chapter 31 – Hunt

It was the day after we arrived at Alus Island.

The mouse people and the slimes all gathered on the public square in front of the government building.

In the hands of the mouse people standing in the front line, there were a number of small crossbows. Around a hundred in total.

“I didn’t really think they would be able to make them….”

As I was admiring them, Yuuri replied with a proud tone.

“I’ve not been so exemplary in terms of battle, but if it’s a smithing job, then leave that to us!”

Yuuri pounded her sizable chest.

Next to her, Serena who was closely inspecting a crossbow in her hand spoke up.

“I see, so you used snakeskin for the bow parts.”

“Yes. We also used the feathers of Arrow Crows for the bolt, so even though they are small, they will fly far.”

“We’ve already confirmed it during our test just now. We can count on them having the same power as normal crossbows.”

Serena taught the mouse people how to use crossbows a short time ago.

I also took a peek during practice and the crossbows had the power to destroy the wooden targets in one hit. In addition to that, the mouse people apparently were able to aim at their target with ease.

Yuuri kept speaking.

“We could only make a hundred for today, but we will have another two hundred for tomorrow. More knives and armor as well.”

The smithing skills of the blue hair brigade is really something.
They were able to make so many things in one day despite the fact that there are only around thirty of them.

“They sound quite reliable. But….will all that fit into Alec-sama’s 《Pandora’s Box》?”

“Well, I managed to store a hundred of them….”

The crossbows and armor made in Lobrion were of course transported in my 《Pandora’s Box》.

The food we bought from the monastery yesterday took up more space. Even then, my 《Pandora’s Box》 did not fill up.

Serena said like she just remembered it.

“Yuuri and the rest of the blue hair brigade is indeed amazing, but your magic is also incredible, Your Highness….”

“There is quite a distance between Lobrion and Alus to begin with.”

Yuuri was also looking at me reverently.

Elysia shook her head at the two.

“You shouldn’t be surprised by something on this level. His Highness is still young. By the time he grows up to be an adult, he will be able to use even more terrifying magic!”

“Well, I’m planning on mastering Dark Magic, but…..”

But what’s this uneasy feeling…..?
Is it because last time around I was never praised like this after receiving my Crest?

Elysia and the others kept watching over me with a smile while I felt somewhat dazed. They must’ve thought that I was embarrassed.

“A-anyhow, we have some crossbows at the ready. Let’s get the mouse people to chase away the Arrow Crows right away.”

“Understood! I’ve already told them the strategy! ── Everyone, are you all prepared!?”

In response to Serena’s question Tia brandished her crossbow.

“Yeeah! We will take revenge for our fallen brethren!”

The other mouse people cheered loudly.

They are really pumped up….. Could this be the effect of Serena’s Crest, 【Hot-blooded】?

After that, we decided to leave the government area.

Elysia, Yuuri, Serena, and I just kept proceeding forward on the main road. With my 《Conceal》 on everyone of course.

“He’s using this like it’s nothing, but that’s quite a high level spell….”

Serena muttered under her breath.

“Come to think of it, did people use Dark Magic in ancient times?”

Serena shook her head in response to Elysia’s question.

“No way. Those who used it all became devils. There was no-one who could use Dark Magic in my time either.”

In that case, perhaps I’m really the first one…..

That makes me somewhat uneasy. It makes me wonder if I really won’t turn into a devil in time.

The fact that the devil is so silent lately also spurs on my anxiety…..ah.

I noticed something ahead.
An Arrow Crow was watching its surroundings on the road ahead.

Perhaps it’s looking for mice to pray upon. However, those mice have already turned into mouse people.

On the other hand, the mouse people quietly hid inside the houses to avoid discovery by the Arrow Crow.

“I see. So the plan is to shoot from within the houses.”

“Yes. They will attack from every direction. Even if they all miss somehow, I will deal with it.”

That’s what Serena said, but she looks relaxed.

I guess she believes in the mouse people’s ability to accomplish this task.

As we were watching the situation, a bunch of bolts were shot towards the Arrow Crow.

The Arrow Crow tried to leave the place by extending its wings, but….

After a short, cut-off cry, the Arrow Crow fell over. There were about five bolts sticking out from its body.

The slimes approached the corpse of the Arrow Crow and brought it with them to a nearby house.

I see. The retrieval is the slime’s role.

Then Serena let out a loud shout of ‘Good’.

“Everyone, you’ve all performed well!”

“Se-Serena, wasn’t that a bit too loud?”

Yuuri spoke up anxiously, but Serena had a whoops expression on her face.

“Nah, 《Conceal》 can cancel sound as well. It’s fine.”

“I-is that so! Uhm, well, everyone, good job!”

Serena praised the mouse people with a loud voice.

“Ah, well, I don’t actually know if it really does cancel all sound or not, but….. anyway, you guys did well defeating that one. It seems like the mouse people and the slimes can handle it by themselves after this.”

They should be able to fight Arrow Crows even without my or Serena’s help.

Serena replied.

“If they are up against a single one, then they are unlikely to lose. Therefore, they will try to aim for opportunities when one is alone.”

“So the plan is to overwhelm them with numbers.”

“Yes. Safety first! ….so then, let’s have them keep hunting Arrow Crows just like this!”

After that, the mouse people kept hunting Arrow Crows one after the other.

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