Redo Prince – Chapter 37

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Chapter 37 – Magical metal ore refining!

After defeating the golems in the central mine, we started mining out the mythril right away.

We had the golems mine the ores, which then the mouse people and the slimes gathered in one place.

According to Yuuri, we were able to get enough mythril to make a few swords in a single day. In addition to that, we got a significant amount of iron ore, copper ore, and run-of-the-mill coal as well.

On the other hand, we spent the next few days developing Alus Island on the surface.

First was the removal of the ruins.

That being said, we left those that were in good condition and had the golems take apart the ones that have already collapsed.

If you ask why it is that we felt the need to remove those buildings, it’s to prevent Arrow Crows and other monsters from making nests inside them.

Also, I plan on reusing the building stones we got from the demolitions.

The next was the cleaning up of the streets and existing facilities.

Even the governmental building we live in was cleaned of the accumulated dust by the slimes, so it looks almost brand new and sparkly.

They also cleaned the storehouses and such.

The armor group and the mouse people spent their time guarding the golems and slimes, and also taking down the Arrow Crows incoming from the continent.

Also, the mouse people brought over the remaining mice that were living on the island.

I made the last twenty of the newly arrived mice into my Servants and let out a sigh.

“…..I guess this makes it approximately five hundred.”

“Chuu! Alec-sama, thank you very much-ssu! We will do our utmost to serve you!”

After Tia, who brought the mice over, said that, the mice people that were newly made into my Servant raised their voices with a loud ‘Chuu!’.

With this the number of mouse people who became my Servants have exceeded fifteen hundred.

“So there were still this many…..”

“Weell, there might be even more than this-ssu!”

“Even more…..”

Elysia and I looked at each other in silence. She also looked like she also thought that was somewhat ominous.

Well, the mouse people all do some work here and there, and the island will be lively at least.

And since the cost of a meal for the mouse people is about tenth of what a human’s would be, it’s not that big of a problem now that we have a good amount of ores coming in.

Even so, I would like to reach a point where we can be self-sufficient with food as well if possible….

In the end the Arrow Crows indeed ended up avoiding the island. Because of that, we have no way of getting meat anymore.

……I guess we should bring over some livestock. However, since we don’t have enough grazing fields for cows, sheep, goats or pigs, the most we can house are chickens that lay eggs.

That leaves fish.
Let’s think about ways that we could get some fish.

“Anyhow, let’s return to Lobrion for now….. I want to check on Yuuri.”

“I understand. I will go get Serena as well!”

Elysia went to get Serena from the governmental building in a hurry.

So I used 《Teleport》 to move Elysia, Serena, and myself to a room on the fourth floor of our headquarters in Lobrion.

Serena was unable to hide her surprise from seeing the streets of Lobrion through the window.

“A few days worth of journey on foot…..that’s really amazing.”

“I can take you to the capital as well if time permits. However, the capital right now is a bit…..”

I can’t really appear publicly right now.
Getting seen by the Order of the Most Holy Church would be problematic.
It’s possible some people could see through my 《Conceal》 as well.

“It would be a lie to say I don’t want to visit, but there is no need to bother with it. It’s not like my family or friends would still be alive. What’s most important for me right now is to serve Alec-sama!”

Serena replied with that.

I’m happy about that, but it’s also kind of embarrassing that she said it’s all for me…..and she said it with a straight face as well.

“T-thank you, Serena…..Let’s go and check on Yuuri and the others then.”

As we descended the stairs, the sounds of metal hitting metal could be heard.

When we reached the workshop on the first floor, a bunch of blue hair guys were smithing and crafting there.

“Uhhm, Yuuri is…..oh, there she is.”

Yuuri was sweating buckets in front of the smelting furnace.

She was just tucking a tuft of her bluish black hair behind her ear.

Her white shirt was more or less see-through with all that sweat, so it was kind of hard to decide where to look. It must be quite hot there.

While keeping my gaze entirely on the smelting furnace, I walked next to Yuuri.

“Are you smelting mythril there?”

“A-Alec-sama! Yeah, but it takes a lot of time…..Though, it would be faster if we could pour in mana.”

Smelting and refining magical metals like mythril frequently needs the assistance of magic capable people.
If you pour mana into them, magical metals become easier to shape.

“Magical metals were like that, yeah…..Right, then it’s a good time to teach you some magic, Yuuri.”

“Eh, will that be fine? But, honestly, I’m not too good with things like that.”

“No, you have a Crest with a blessing to Dark and Lightning mana. Even if using Dark Magic is impossible, you should be able to start using Lightning Magic in short order.”


“Well, let’s try it out right now.”

So we went to the courtyard right away.

On the way, Serena spoke up while scrutinizing the back of Yuuri’s hand all the while.

“…..a Dark Crest. I can’t tell anything about it at all. Can you, Alec-sama?”

“It’s called 【Dark Craft】. It gives a boost to Dark and Lightning Magic, and also smithing related skills.”

“Hoh… you can read it, Alec-sama.”

“Judging from how you said that, there weren’t any people that could decipher Dark Crest in ancient times either.”

“That’s indeed right. Though apparently, there were some that were told by a Devil they came across.”

In other words, Devils can identify Dark Crests.

“Smithing is one thing, but the magic part I can’t really believe.”

Yuuri spoke with an anxious tone.

Elysia nodded.

“Yuuri is indeed quite uncouth.”

“An axe seems to better fit Elysia instead of magic as well…..anyway, please be gentle, Alec-sama.”

“Okay. But it’s really not that hard. Let’s aim for the center of that target first.”

I said while pointing at the target in the courtyard.

It was the target that the blue hair group used to test the bows and crossbows.

“Mana is something that’s freely floating in the air. You need to first imagine gathering it in your hand…..”


Yuuri squeezed her eyes shut and pointed both of her hands toward the target.

“Mumumuh…..Alec-sama. I can’t feel a single thing.”

“No, Yuuri…..I can tell. You are gathering quite a bit of mana there.”

A vast amount of mana was gathering in Yuuri’s hands. If she were to convert it all into electricity and shoot it, then our whole headquarters might be fried into charcoal.

“Alec-sama…’s very nice of you to say, even though I’m bad at this!”

Yuuri herself appears to have mistaken my words as just being nice.

However, Elysia and Serena both noticed the flow of mana, so they spoke up as well.

“Be careful with that, Yuuri.”

“She can be quite scatterbrained, that Yuuri.”

“I don’t want to hear that from you, Serena…..anyhow, so the mana is really gathering here.”

I nodded in affirmation.

“Yeah. But Lightning Magic has a lot of powerful spells, so let’s start with another type you have no blessing in, like Water Magic. You need to imagine water in your mind, then shoot it at the target.”

“Y-yes! Eyyyy!!”

A head sized globe of water shot out from Yuuri’s hands and impacted the center of the target.

Yuuri let out an ‘oooh’ of amazement.

“A-amazing! So magic can do something like this!”

“You can do much more amazing things with Lightning. Anyhow, with this you should be able to pour mana into things now, Yuuri.”

“Yes! Then I will go and start refining more mythril with this right away!”

“Very well.”

Yuuri quickly returned to the smelting furnace and put her hand over the rock container with the mythril ore.

In a few moments, the solid mythril slowly started to melt as we watched.

“Oooh, that’s fast!”

“It’s kind of expected from how much mana Yuuri is using.”

Yuuri took out the rock container with the mythril in it with the help of tongs, then poured the mythril into an ingot shaped mold.

When that cools down….

“This may be the first time I’ve seen a mythril ingot this large…..”

Seeing the approximately foot sized ingot, Yuuri spoke up.

“It’s because something like this rarely appears on the market…’s sometimes traded for the same amount of gold as the metal itself.”

“To think we should be able to get this much every day after this…..”

Yuuri’s eyes were sparkling from the sight of the shining ingot of mythril.

“I will just keep smelting it now! Did you decide what to make from it?”

“I guess so…..I thought we should make some weapons and armor from it first…”

I noticed the blue hair group gathering around us.

“Is there something?”

“T-that’s…..Alec-sama. Some priests have inquired about your current whereabouts in the shop, Alec-sama.”

Yuuri told me.

“We decided that you would tell them that I returned to the capital, right?”

“Indeed, that’s what we said then. However, they told us that’s not what Count Lobria said. Some of them may be heading for Alus at this point. W-we are terribly sorry.”

Seeing the blue hair guy bowing his head, I just shook my head.

“Don’t worry about it. You told them what we agreed on. Also….even if they try to go towards Alus….”

Elysia and Yuuri let out a bitter laugh at my words.

“They’ll have problems for sure……with that many monsters on the way.”

“Rather, they may not even reach it alive…..”

I nodded to their words.

“Well, we’ll be on our guard over at Alus, just to be sure, but anyway, the mythril is more important right now.”

Putting the church people mostly out of mind, I kept thinking of ways to make use of the mythril.

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