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Non-commentated version of this chapter here for those that don’t want to interrupt their reading of the story with my rambling.

Chapter 38 – Customer

I pointed both my hands at the cup on top of the table.

It was a mythril cup made by Yuuri. I was currently pouring mana into it.

“You need to keep sending mana into the magical metal and keep in mind the spell you want the whole time……by doing that the magical metal will remember your spell. This is called Enchant Magic……Elysia, try holding it up.”

I handed the enchanted mythril cup to Elysia.

“I enchanted it with 《Water Ball》. Now it’s a magic tool called a water cup.”

Magic tools are tools that allow you to use spells at will.
In the case of weapons or armor, it’s called a magic armament.

“Yes! ….ah, it’s filled with water.”

The formerly empty cup filled up with water.

“So that’s how it becomes a magic tool! I’ve made a lot of things without doing the Enchant Magic part.”

Yuuri mumbled.

Magic tools can be made by using Enchant Magic on metals refined from magical metal ores.

Even those that can’t use magic, or just can’t use it well, are able to use magic tools just by willing it. There are also many that use magic tools for attributes they don’t have a blessing for.

That’s why they are highly priced, same as the magical metal ores.
(TN: What the hell, magic tools are apparently all made from magical metals, so why would the author write that magical tools are just as pricey as the run of the mill magical metal ores? They should be even more expensive if you calculate in all the work that goes into making a magical tool out of it.)

“Yeah. However, it takes a while for a spell to sink in with Enchant Magic. Even that cup took about ten minutes.”
(TN: Wow, such a hassle for an unlimited water cup, truly.)

Though I heard that it takes at least an hour for even those that have a blessing for Water Magic….
Perhaps it’s simply because my mana capacity has increased with the number of my Servants growing, so I can pour in more mana now.

“It also depends on how much mana the magical metal is able to gather, so even though you can enchant higher level spells into it like 《Waterfall》, you just won’t be able to use it due to insufficient mana.”

Basically, the larger the magic tool is, the more powerful spell it can take as an enchant.

Then, Serena spoke up like she just remembered something.

“Then, we should enchant something with Alec-sama’s 《Teleport》!”

“Yeah. Even without me being there, everyone will be able to 《Teleport》 between Alus and Lobrion. I thought the same so I tried to put it on another cup, but…..the mana turned out to be far insufficient. It may take a pillar sized mythril object for it to work.”

“I see…..So it won’t be that easy.”

Yuuri suddenly asked a question from Serena.

“Come to think of it, your armor and weapon are both magic tools, right Serena?”

“My armor has a recovery effect from 《Holy Cure》 and it also decreases the effect of magic from every attribute cast on it thanks to 《Light Wall》. The armor group only has 《Light Wall》 it seems. As for my sword….it was of course enchanted by me personally with 《Flame Sword》!”

“Flame on top of flame, huh……sounds sweltering. Ah, I may have thought of something good.”

“Something good?”

I asked Yuuri, who seemed to have had a Eureka moment just now.

“Alec-sama, you were thinking about how to get some fish, right? Then with this….”

Yuuri started melting a magical metal ingot.
She then gripped it with a tong and started stretching it out like a thread.

After cooling down she cut the created string into smaller parts, then braided them into ropes.

Serena spoke up, sounding impressed.

“Hoh. A rope made of mythril.”
(TN: I….don’t think it’s that easy to make rope out of metal like that.)

“Indeed. If I then enchant it with Lightning Magic…..”

It just clicked for me.

“If you make it into a fishing net or fishing line instead, then you can take out the fishes with it.”
(TN: I thought that they couldn’t sink to a deeper abyss of stupidity, but they managed. The hard part is not killing the fishes you catch, but actually catching them, which lightning infused nets don’t help with at all. Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, people.)

It’s known that using Lightning Magic in water spreads the effect.

Serena let out an ‘oooh’ sound.

“Lightning Magic doesn’t work on golems. If you equip them with those, then they should be able to harvest a lot of fish.”

“Right? With those large bodies the fishes might swim away from them, but with this they should be able to trap and kill them.”
(TN: Can golems even use magic tools? Do they count as sapient enough for their will to activate a magic tool? And again, a simple fishing net would’ve perfectly sufficed for this task, there is no need to use one basically made of solid gold in terms of price. And the Lightning Magic is entirely unneeded since apparently they only plan to use it after they caught the fishes, by which time it’s utterly superfluous.)

Elysia whispered to Yuuri after her proud declaration.

“Wouldn’t it be better to just give them a staff enchanted with Lightning Magic then, and have them throw that into a school of fishes? You can do the rest with an ordinary net as well.”
(TN: Thank You! I’m honestly surprised that wasn’t a Big Brain Moment from the author and it was indeed supposed to be a stupid idea. This somewhat kindles back the embers of my faith in this story.)


Yuuri couldn’t find anything to contradict that conclusion.

“Muh…..and I thought it was a good idea too.”

“There there. You might as well make one of them as a test.”
(TN: Heck you MC! Heck you! Why would you order one made? It’s utterly useless for everyone but golems and only slightly less useless for its intended purpose and because it’s a net, not because of what it’s made of or what it can do.)

“Ah, Alec-sama! … nice.”

Yuuri looked at me and tears welled up in her eyes for some exaggerated reason.

“…, it’s just we are getting a lot of mythril at this point, so I want to try making all kinds of magic tools.”

I want to make things that would enrich the lives of my Servants and things that would sell well. We might as well go through a lot of trial and error for that.

Serena spoke up.

“Then I would like a magic tool with which the mouse people could make fire easily!”

“That might be useful as well. I was thinking that a magic tool that could cool things down might be nice.”

“I see. We should try to think of what we can and discuss it later….hmm?”

Elysia was looking outside.

By listening carefully, I could hear some kind of commotion outside.

“What could that be?”

“A festival or something?”

Like Elysia said, it was a happy sounding commotion, as if it was some kind of festival or parade.

We opened the first floor window and looked outside.

Everyone on the main street was looking at the sky. They were pointing upwards while cheering.

“What….is that?”

With a gentle breeze, a trio of winged white horses landed on the main street.

Those horses are called pegassi….and they have white wings like an angel’s. They were categorized as Sacred Beasts.

“Those pretty people came back! They said at the Guild that they were going to take down a dragon that showed up recently.”

“Does that mean that they defeated the evil dragon!?”

“That horn hanging from their stirrups must be from it then…..I heard that they took down another evil dragon near a different city as well.”

Evil dragons are not easy prey to take down.
It seems some really powerful adventurers were riding those pegasi.

“They must be some burly people…, that’s…..”
(TN: Was tempted to translate this as: They must be swole as heck.)

Elysia’s eyes also widened.

“Those people…..we saw them at the capital’s Guild.”

Riding on the pegassi were three people I remembered well.

It was the three people we passed by in the capital’s Guild building…..

A girl with short silver hair, a woman in heavy armor, and a mage looking woman.


What came out of my mouth was the name of my former betrothed.

A few days after I left the capital, there was a commotion about Yulis going missing.

Yulis’s hair used to be long.
However, the luster of that hair, it was unmistakingly that of Yulis…..that’s why I thought that that girl must’ve been her.

“Someone you know?”

Yuuri asked.

“N-no….I only saw them once in the capital.”

“You seem to be quite shaken by their sight despite that though, Your Highness.”

Serena said with a tilt of her head.

Am I…. shaken right now?

Though if that girl is indeed Yulis, then first of all I’m happy that she’s safe.

But, why is she working as a monster exterminator──!?

The girl got down from her pegasus and started walking towards our headquarters with only the armored woman in tow for some reason.
(TN: Why is a seven years old girl riding a pegasus alone, and how is she able to ride a pegasus alone, or even get down from it properly?)

I hid from their line of sight right away.

Serena asked me with a confused tone.

“A-Alec-sama? Why are you panicking like that?”

“It’s possible it’s someone I know…..”

“Aren’t they here to visit you then? It’s apparently well known already that this shop belongs to Your Highness as well.”
(TN: How does Serena know that it’s well known that the shop belongs to the MC? She hasn’t even left the building yet as far as we know.)

Like Serena said, it’s possible Yulis is coming here because she thinks I’m here. Well, I don’t really think it’s because Yulis is interested in my circumstances, but….

“T-that may be so, but…..anyway, Yuuri. If they ask, then tell them I’m not here right now.”


Yuuri answered as she corrected her posture standing behind the shop counter.
(TN: When did they get to the shop part? Weren’t they just on the first floor with the window?)

I used 《Conceal》 to hide Elysia, Serena, and me.

When the girl entered, Yuuri greeted her with a smile.

“Welcome~. How can I help you today?”

“I would like something made. I’ve heard that a number of capable craftsmen have gathered here. Can you make something with this as the base material?”

When the girl said that, the armored woman put two huge horns on top of the counter.

Yuuri broke out in sweat at the sight of those.

“T-those are…..”

“Horns of an evil dragon. I would like one to be made into a sword. The other into two staves if possible. Could you make one big and one small?”

“O-Of course.”

“Please do so then. Will this suffice as payment?”

The armored woman put a large pouch on top of the counter this time.

When she opened the mouth of the pouch, Yuuri was frozen in shock.

“T-this much is…..uhm….”

“It should be exactly a hundred gold. You should count them.”

After the girl said that, the armored woman took out the gold from the pouch and started placing them out on the counter.

It seems the pouch was filled with a large amount of gold.

Yuuri couldn’t hold out and spoke up.

“P-Please wait a moment! You are the ones providing the material! We can’t take this much! It should be a single gold coin at most!”
(TN: Wow, the author really doesn’t appreciate the work of craftsmen, does he? One gold should be chump change for something like making high quality weapons from high quality mats.)

“It’s fine. We didn’t think we would be able to find outstanding craftsmen in this city. Thanks to that, we will be able to start our plan sooner…..Being able to have weapons and armor made here easily worth those hundred gold.”

Yuuri had an expression on her face like she had no idea what Yulis was talking about.

However, she at least understood that they were in a hurry, so she answered with this right away.

“Understood! We will then make the requested items! However, a single gold will be enough as payment! Please wait a moment here!”

Yuuri picked up the horn and the black tree branch and brought them to the workshop.
(TN: What black tree branch!? This was the first and last time it came up in this chapter, but apparently it’s for the staff. Da hell?)

“Even though they are asking for a rush job, paying a hundred gold for something that should only cost one…..just who are they?”

Serena whispered.

“Perhaps they are going around taking down strong monsters. If they don’t hurry, maybe those monsters get away or something.”

Like Elysia said, there are monsters that tend to move all around the continent.

Especially evil dragons fly all around the continent, attacking human settlements along the way. Judging from the damage they cause and the number of cities they attack, it would be logical to assume that there are a lot of them, but in reality it’s said that there are only a handful.

And they took down two of them…..Maybe they just happened to come across them somehow?

While I was thinking about that, Yuuri brought out some tea for the girl sitting on a bench and the armored woman standing guard.

“The items are being made right now. They should be done in an hour. Here is some tea, if you please.”
(TN: An hour…..yeah….I’m speechless here.)

“Thank you. Can I browse your other wares after drinking this?”

“Of course, by all means. We also do repair and maintenance on weapons and armor, so you can ask for those as well if you wish.”

After bowing her head once, Yuuri started walking back behind the counter.

However, the girl called out to her again.


“Yes, what can I do for you?”

“The owner of this shop… Prince Alec here?”

“Uuhm….He returned to the capital just a few days ago.”

“I see. When did His Highness open a shop here? When did you all come into his employ?”


“I’ve heard from the people of this city. His Highness saw through the ploy of the monster king’s army and saved the city. Without His Highness, this city would be no more…..Was it really Prince Alec who did all that?”

Yuuri did not know how to answer.

The girl might be someone related to the church.
No matter how she answers here, it could be problematic.

I guess I should send out Serena to replace her.

Before I received my Crest, I had a lot of followers around me.
Therefore, having a shop and subordinates is not that big of a deal.

I was just thinking that, but then the girl spoke.

“I’m sorry…..That was terribly rude of me, asking so many questions in a shop owned by a member of the imperial family. Please take the gold as a sign of apology.”

“Eh? B-but…”

“It’s fine. Prince Alec will… any rate, please accept it and overlook my rudeness.”

Yuuri could only silently nod to the heartrending plea of the girl.

After that, the girl bought a bunch of things the blue hair group made, like knives and such.

As expected, Yuuri refused to accept payment for those and she only accepted the hundred gold.

“Thank you very much…..uhm, can I ask your name?”

“Are you planning on reporting on me?”

“I-I have no such intentions. But after receiving such a big payment, I need to say something.”

“Let’s see….you can call me Lily. I was born in the western region. A child of merchants.”

Yulis was born in the northern part of the continent, in Iluria.

That means it’s not Yulis…, she’s obviously lying here.

Her parents weren’t merchants and her name isn’t Lily either.

She is Yulis.

…..but, how did Yulis end up at a place like this? And after hunting monsters as well.

Since I’ve acted in a different manner than last time around, Yulis ended up acting differently as well…..

Was it because I laughed when I received my 【Abyss】 Crest?
Or was it because I avoided Ruivel?

At any rate, I never would’ve imagined Yulis going out to hunt down monsters.
(TN: Going to ignore that she is currently seven years old and should not be able to do something like this at all? Okay. I’m still of the opinion that the whole story would make a whole lot more sense if only they got their crests at thirteen at least or something. Seven is far too young for everything.)

The girl──no, Yulis, left the shop, got up on her pegasus, and turned her masked face in our direction.

However, she flew up in the sky and started heading northward right away.

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