Redo Prince – Chapter 39

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Chapter 39 – Training

A week has gone by since Yulis visited our base in Lobrion.

Alus Island was developing steadily.

The creepy ruin filled island was already in the past. It had become a lively town, with a lot of mouse people and slimes using the repaired roads.

It was mainly the various kinds of fish that the golems managed to catch that were being transported on those roads right now.

Their intended destination is a freezer set up in the governor’s building. We’ve set up a magic tool made out of mythril that I enchanted to release cold air with Water Magic.

That took up quite a bit of mythril, so we still don’t have a magic tool that could be used to 《Teleport》.

That’s why we are currently waiting for more mythril to be available, but…..that’s a bit of a waste of time. Also, I couldn’t help but be very curious about Yulis’s situation, so I couldn’t really stay still.

So I decided to practice with my Dark Magic.

I finally had some free time with the wide open ocean and sky available before me. I could try out my Dark Magic here without holding anything back.

Standing on the sandy beach on the southern side of Alus, I started with a huge wispy black sphere aimed at the sky. It’s fun to be able to use Dark Magic without having to worry about other people seeing it. I very much couldn’t do this in the capital or in Lobrion.

“How sinister…..”

Serena said while looking at the sphere.

“It’s so black that I feel like I’ll be sucked inside if I let my guard down.”

Elysia murmured as well.

“Well, it feels kind of calming for me……anyway, let’s test some things about this black mist. First off, Serena. Could you hit the black sphere with some Flame Magic? ….not the 《Flame Prison》, but something weaker if possible.”

“Leave it to me── In that case, let me cut apart that black sphere with the 《Flame Edge》 of my trusty sword!”

Serena pulled out her sword, imbued flame into its cutting edge, then swung it down.

“Haaah! ──Burn, 《Flame Edge》!! Cut it apart, 《Flame Edge》!!”

With a mighty battlecry, a giant flame edge shot out from the sword. Burning violently, the slash flew towards the black sphere.

“So pompous…..hmm?”

Elysia whispered in reaction to Serena’s battlecry.

The black sphere was split in two── or so it seemed.

The flame slash submerged into the black sphere, but it never came out on the other side.

“Wha-……my 《Flame Edge》 was…..”

“Dark Magic is superior to other attributes, aside from Holy Magic. If the amount of mana used is the same, then Dark Magic will win out. I made use of that by entrapping the 《Flame Edge》 within the sphere.”

“Hoh. Does that mean that the flame is still inside that?”


I opened up a part of the sphere, which let the blazing fire erupt outside for a moment.

“Ooh, amazing! Maybe you can make use of enemy spells this way.”

I nod to Serena’s words.

“Indeed. It’s an application of 《Pandora’s Box》, so I think I’ll call this 《Dark Cage》. However, it’s not like it can swallow everything……Elysia. 《Holy Light》 should be fine. Could you shoot it at the black sphere?”


Different from Serena, Elysia just dispassionately shot the sphere of light at the sphere from one hand.

When the sphere of light impacted the black sphere, it just kept going, leaving a hole in it just like that. The black sphere dispersed moments after that.

“I see. Holy Magic could deal with it that easily.”

Serena said with an impressed expression.

“Yeah. It’s said that you only need half the mana for Holy Magic to cancel out Dark Magic, but…..judging from what happened just now, you apparently don’t even need that much.”

“However, monsters can’t use Holy Magic at all. So in reality, nothing can…..ah, no….”

I slowly nod to Serena.

“The Order of the Most Holy Church might be coming to kill me. They are all users of Holy Magic, so I could easily be defeated by them.”

When I said that, Elysia spoke up with a serious face without a moment’s delay.

“I won’t let something like that happen.”

“Neither will I! It’s outrageous that someone would try to harm Alec-sama who’s so cute-….I mean, so kind like that! I will turn those scoundrels to ash myself!”

Serena said while breathing heavily.

“T-thank you. However, the Order of the Most Holy Church has a lot of powerful Holy Magic users. I would like to be able to protect myself as much as possible…… Well then, the next is….”

I once agains made a floating wispy black sphere.

However, I then compressed it all into a smaller size, in the shape of a plank.

“That’s a wall made of Dark mana…..a 《Dark Wall》, maybe? It’s the same principle as 《Flame Wall》. Elysia, could you try shooting that this time?”


Elysia shot an orb of light into the 《Dark Wall》 I just made.

However, this time it didn’t pierce through the 《Dark Wall》, but bounced off of it instead.

“Ooh, you managed to defend against it this time.”

“I guess that means by compressing a large amount of mana, I can put up a resistance against Holy Magic to some degree. Well, it will still most likely be broken after another few hits. Elysia, please keep shooting.”

After I said that, Elysia started firing 《Holy Light》 one after the other.

In the end, the 《Dark Wall》 was broken through in three more hits.

“It can’t really hold out too much after all….Let’s test it against other Holy Spells as well. I will try to make a larger wall this time too.”

After saying that, I raised both my hands high up in the air. I focused on gathering as much mana as possible with all my might and tried to create a 《Dark Wall》.

“《Dark Wall》──eh?”

I was doubting my eyes at that point.
The sky has turned dark in an instant.

Serena and Elysia were also shocked by the sudden development.

“Wha-!? The sky is suddenly….!”

Due to the darkness that seemed to cover the entire island, we could hear the sounds of frantic ‘chuu’ coming from every direction.

“T-this is bad.”

I immediately dispersed the black mist.

Seeing the sky return to its original blue, Serena’s mouth stayed open in surprise.

“W-what was that just now….”

“N-no matter how you look at it, it must’ve been Alec-sama’s magic…..Alec-sama, your ability to use Dark Magic seems to have advanced well compared to before.”

Elysia said that with a smile, but this can’t be just chalked up to simple advancement.

“I-It’s most likely because the number of Servants I have has increased so much…..Anyhow, I need to be more careful.”

It’s a good thing I tried that on the sky. If I tried that on the surface, it might have caused some harm to the others.

“I need to be able to control mana better than this….”

Last time around, I always focused on using as much mana as possible every time. If I didn’t do that, then I couldn’t really use any effective spells after all.

However, now my mana is more than enough. I need to be able to use it to its best effect.

“Okay…..I’ll keep practicing with Dark Magic. I would like it if you two kept helping me with it as well. Let’s invite Yuuri later too.”

“If it’s for Alec-sama’s sake, then I would help out all night long!”

“Alec-sama, do your best!!”

Elysia and Serena replied like that. It’s like they are mothers looking after their children.

After that, we spent all day practicing with my Dark Magic.

…..however, it was not just us that saw me blotting out the sun like that.

There were people who saw it from further up north.

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