Redo Prince – Chapter 41

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Chapter 41 – Uninvited guests

“Show yourself, Devil!!”

The grinning girl in a nun’s habit declared in a grandiose voice.

The brusque looking girl brandished the brightly shining stone high in her hand.

“So bright! ….?”

I sensed mana from that light, so I prepared to deploy a 《Dark Wall》 with my eyes closed.
However, by the time I opened my eyes again, the light had already disappeared.

The atmosphere was silent.

The grinning girl’s expression devolved into one of shock.

“Uh, uhm…..he-hey, Nat!”

“That’s strange, Tika. Nothing is happening.”

The brusque looking girl knocked on the stone with a frowning expression.

So the normal grinning one was Tika and the brusque looking one was Nat.

Both of them looked to be around fifteen years old.
Tika had a few knives hanging from her belt. On the other hand, Nat had a large box looking thing on her back.

“M-make it light up again! ──agh, it’s bright…..why so suddenly….”

“It’s no good, Tika. Nothing’s happening.”

Nat had the stone light up again and again.
We had to close our eyes each time it lit up.

Elysia then called out to the disbelieving Tika with a cold voice.

“….aren’t you being quite rude right now? This person is the Sixth Prince, Alec-sama.”

Tika hurried to reply.

“Ah, eh, ah….n-no, it’s just they told us that there was a Devil on this island or something, so…. ahahah….”

“That doesn’t explain anything. Why do you keep shining that stone without even introducing yourself to His Highness? …..and you there, stop flashing that light from that stone already.”

Hearing Elysia’s voice, Nat let out an ‘ah’ sound as if she just realized it and finally stopped lighting up the stone again and again.

“…..even demons who didn’t go to school know to introduce themselves.”

“W-we’re sorry….We used to live in a monastery,so….”

“That’s not an excuse either. I’m the same after all.”

Elysia said with a rare angry expression.

Tika bowed her head right away.

“I-I’m sorry…..hey, Nat, you apologize as well!”

“I’m sorry for flashing that stone again and again.”

Nat quickly bowed her head as well.
Even Tika was surprised that that’s what she apologized for.

Then, Elysia spoke while letting out a deep breath.

“You should be apologizing to Prince Alec and not me…..Also, are you not going to say a single word of thanks for saving your lives?”

“T-that’s……t-thank you very much for that.”

Tika turned towards me and bowed deeply.

It was apparent that she was panicking quite a bit right now.
This must be an unexpected situation for them.

Furthermore, Tika’s gaze was kept on the back of my hand for a while now. On my 【Abyss】 Crest.

The light from that stone hitting my Crest must be how I was supposed to turn into a Devil.

A stone that causes people with Dark Crest to turn into a Devil…..What a distasteful thing.

“…..I don’t like talking around the subject. Were you sent by the Order of the Most Holy Church? You came here to kill me, right?”

“T-that’s not true at all!”

After Tika spoke with a panicked expression, Nat spoke up with a serious tone.

“We don’t kill children. We only kill Devils and……sometimes adults. As Exorcists, that’s-”

“──Shut up, Nat!!”

So they are really just simple Exorcists.
The Exorcists are the people in the church that first and foremost specialize in fighting Devils. There are even Exorcist schools established by the church. Many belong to the Order of the Most Holy Church, but not all by any means.

“W-we came here to fight a Devil, but…..”

“But I didn’t turn into a Devil.”

Disregarding the atmosphere, Nat just kept answering me with a matter-of-fact tone.

“This Temptation Stone might be just broken. This is the first time we used it so perhaps we’re just using it wrong.”

“──Idiot! Why are you blurting out the truth like that!?”

Not only Elysia, but even Serena looked at the shouting Tika in askanse.

The way they are acting……Tika and Nat might be Exorcists, but they are unlikely to be assassins.

They also said that this was their first time using a Temptation Stone. It’s very likely that they are just normal Exorcists that usually get dispatched to dealing with Devils that pop up sometimes.

“…..fine then. At any rate, this island is part of my territory. Since you set foot on it without permission, I have no intention of letting you leave before you tell me what you know.”

Tika paled at my words.

“I will ask once again. Did you come here on the orders of the Order of the Most Holy Church?”

“…..w-we don’t know anything about that. We only…..”

“You simply came to this place to exorcize a Devil?”

“T-that’s right.”

“Then I will ask you this…..If you go back without taking down anything here, what will happen to you two?”


Tika was unable to answer.
They must’ve not expected not being able to kill me as a Devil.

“You said you used to live in a monastery……Are you being threatened by the Order of the Most Holy Church somehow?”

When I asked that, Tika’s mouth clamped shut.

There are also some people that oppose the Order of the Most Holy Church.
However, the Order of the Most Holy Church tends to suppress those people by either financial or forceful means.

This time the Order of the Most Holy Church must not have wanted to act directly themselves.

I’m a prince, even if in name only.
Regardless of the outcome of the assassination attempt, getting found out that they were behind it could be a large problem for them.

That’s why they sent two normal Exorcists.
So even if they happen to fail, it won’t be traced back to the Order of the Most Holy Church.

Tika wasn’t able to answer my question. She seemed like she really wanted to say something, but….she just barely managed to keep silent.

Nat kept staring at Tika while she was like that.

“I believe in you, Tika…..”


Tika squeezed her eyes shut.

Then, her eyes popped open, and spoke like she wanted to convince herself.

“Prince Alec……we have no quarrel with you. Just the opposite, really, but… continue living, we have no choice but to do this!”

Tika clenched a bracelet decorated with wings and started to speak, as if reciting a prayer.

“…..angel in the highest heavens, please lend me your strength──《Holy Summon》!”

Elysia and Serena prepared to cut Tika down right away.

“Both of you, wait!”

However, I stopped them from doing that for now.

Even I thought that this might be a naive thing to do.

However, there is no need to cut them down. Why? Because-

“….Angels only attack Devils.”

I said while watching a pillar of light descend from the heavens.

《Holy Summon》 summons a lesser incarnation of an Angel. It’s one of the highest ranked Holy spells.

Ordinarily, it’s a spell that’s cast carefully over a certain period of time by a number of Holy Magic users together. Not something you can use alone. That bracelet of Tika’s must’ve been a magic tool with 《Holy Summon》 enchanted into it.

Once summoned, an Angel keeps fighting until all Devils in the area are defeated. On the other hand, if there is no Devil nearby, it just turns into light and disappears immediately.

Once the pillar of light thinned out, a person shaped mass of light could be seen standing within.

Spreading its graceful wings, it took its dazzling sword into its hand.

Then the Angel slowly pointed its sword in this direction──


A ray of light shot out from the Angel’s sword, coming right at me.

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