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Non-commentated version of this chapter here for those that don’t want to interrupt their reading of the story with my rambling.

Chapter 42 – Angel

《Teleport》──No, 《Dark Wall》!

Seeing the ray of light shooting out from the tip of the Angel’s sword, I quickly deployed a 《Dark Wall》.

It’s not like there was anyone behind me, so it might’ve been better to use 《Teleport》 instead.
However, I couldn’t do that even if I wanted to.

Even my 《Dark Wall》 was quite thin for some reason.

“《Flame Wall》!!”

Perhaps noticing the problem, Serena’s voice rang out.

She deployed her own wall of flame to cover my 《Dark Wall》.
(TN: I know that this is a magical wall and all, but why does a wall of flame prove any kind of hindrance to a ray of magical light? I mean I guess it can be chalked up to it being magic vs magic, so they interact, but eh.)

In the next moment, the other side of my 《Dark Wall》 lit up in a brilliant light.

Seeing the mana dispersing, it seems we were able to fend off that spell of the Angel somehow.

Tika and Nat were looking at us with their eyes wide open.

This might have come as a surprise to them as well. Although they used 《Holy Summon》 to summon an Angel as they originally planned, now they are panicking since they didn’t really expect it to attack me.

I myself am panicking a bit inside.
(TN: Just a bit? Oh good. I guess he knows that he’s the MC so he can’t really die. Otherwise I think he would be panicking a lot more, since Angels should be kind of a big deal here.)

Why……would an Angel attack me?

An Angel that only attacks Devils attacked me, a human.

Does it have to do something with the fact that I haven’t heard the voice of the Devil lately? Or maybe I’m already…..


Seeing the tip of the Angel’s sword light up once again, I deployed a 《Dark Wall》 once more.

I have no idea what could be going on with my body.

However, my body is moving according to my own will. That’s the end of it.

But, how should we defeat an Angel?

There are no recorded instances of humans defeating an Angel. Though there were stories of a Devil killing an Angel, they are very rare.
(TN: Might have something to do with the fact that Angels don’t attack humans….?)

The church must’ve wanted to avoid leaving records of Angels losing too, but Angels have an overwhelming advantage against Devils, so it’s very unlikely for them to lose.

In the presence of an Angel, Dark Magic, which Devils are best at, is weakened significantly.
With the aid of the light of heaven, all mana around the Angel gets converted into Holy mana.

That’s the reason why I was unable to properly use Dark Magic right now.

Deploying a 《Dark Wall》 close to me was something I could still do.
However, converting Dark mana away from me is too difficult, so I can’t use 《Teleport》.
(TN: I was writing a note about how this excuse is bullshit, since he should only need to be able to convert Dark mana in place to teleport to wherever he wants, but I guess the MC here was wanting to teleport around the battlefield, which he might indeed can’t do with the Angel around. However, he could at least get some distance to it with Teleport if nothing else.)

Even if I were to try attacking with Dark Magic, I can’t win a straight fight……However, I have people to rely on.

“Serena! Attack it with Flame Magic!”
(TN: It’s interesting that what Serena uses is called Flame Magic and not Fire Magic. I don’t know if they are the same and the author is just being inconsistent, but perhaps that means there are more magic types than the seven or so that was mentioned before. Though in that case Teleport should absolutely belong to Space Magic or Dimension Magic or something.)

“Understood!! I will use all my power then! If you guys don’t want to die, then better take cover!”
(TN: It’s strange that the one that was all but jumping for taking them out before they even land would warn them of danger even after they sicced an Angel on them. Though this might just be the sign of mind control from the Servant bond, since the MC told her and Elysia to not attack them.)

As Serena was raising her hands in the direction of the Angel, Tika and Nat ran away to the side of the road.
(TN: Good to know they were on a road all this time. Shouldn’t they have been at a beach, since the Exorcists just landed? And it must be a pretty large road that just by running to its side they get out of Serena’s blast radius.)

“Oh Flame! Turn all creation to ashes!!──《Flame Dragon》!!!!”
(TN: Chuuuniiiii.)

With a mighty roar, an enormous amount of flame blazed forth from Serena’s hands.


Even Serena seemed to be surprised by it.

《Flame Dragon》 is one of the highest ranked Flame Magic spells. Not many people can use it in the Empire at present.

Its name comes from the fact that the twisting high speed flame greatly resembles that of an eastern dragon. They say it’s powerful enough to burn a hundred soldiers to ashes, but….
(TN: Why are they called eastern dragons when this story is set in a different world, the MC is not reincarnated, and there was no indication of any kind of eastern civilizations existing thus far? Come on, at least dress it up with a little world building if you want to use the exact same concept here.)

Maybe because her mana capacity has increased from becoming my Servant, but even Serena seemed surprised how much flame came out. Not to mention a hundred, a blaze of this size might be able to incinerate a thousand soldiers instead.

I couldn’t see Serena’s flame clash with the Angel’s ray of light on the other side of my 《Dark Wall》.

However, I can tell by the movement of mana. The 《Flame Dragon》 consumed the Angel’s Holy Magic in a blink of an eye and kept on going towards the Angel.

The enormous amount of flame covered the Angel just like that, pushing it away into the sky.

Serena then spoke.

“I don’t care if you are an Angel or what, but I won’t forgive anyone taking a shot at Alec-sama! You two as well──What!?”

Looking towards the sky, Serena’s mouth opened in shock.

The Angel…..did not disappear without a trace.

Though it lost its humanoid shape, a dazzling orb of light still remained.

“Is that something like a Magic Core?”

Serena sent out another Flame Magic attack, but the Core did not break. We also tried Water and Wind when seeing no effect, but those didn’t work either.

If there were Devils that managed to kill one, then…..they must’ve hit that Core with Dark Magic.

“《Dark Cutter》!──kh”

The Dark Magic attack I sent out disappeared before it even reached the Angel.

In the meantime, the Angel was starting to regain its humanoid shape.

Serena then spoke with a vexed tone.

“That’s…..So we have to reduce it to its Core closer this time! Then I’ll just have to use 《Flame Prison》!”

“Wait, that would blow up Alus Island entirely! Serena, use 《Flame Dragon》 again please. Also, Elysia.”

Most likely knowing what I was about to ask, Elysia pointed her hand at the Angel.

She could envelop the Dark Magic attack with Holy Magic.
Or perhaps she could take control of the Holy Mana, allowing my Dark Magic attack to reach the Angel.
Elysia with her 《Holy Knight》 Crest should be able to do either.

Then, Serena shouted once again.

“Turn all creation to ashes!! 《Flame Dragon》!!!! ──!?”

Serena suddenly stopped her spell and dodged to the side.
(TN: Then why does the previous line look like it went off properly and only then she noticed something?)

It was because an arrow suddenly came flying.

Serena glared back at the roadside right away.

Nat was there with a huge crossbow in her hands.


“…..I won’t let you interfere with the Angel.”

As soon as she said that, she started shooting bolts at us with her crossbow.

It must be a crossbow with a magic tool built into it.
Its rate of fire was high, so all we could do was try to defend and evade the attacks.

“Armors! Subdue those two!”

Hearing that, the armor people started running at Nat.

However, some kind of orb was thrown to their feet, which released some kind of viscous liquid, preventing them from moving.
(TN: Containment foam? Also, shouldn’t there be more than a hundred of them present? All of those go taken out by a single ball?)

“Nat, keep that up! …..I will handle the rest!”

The one who said that was Tika, who was almost on us with a knife in her hand before we knew it.

“──Prepare to die!! Wha-!?”
(TN: Was tempted to translate this as ‘En guard!’, but I’m translating to english, not french, which is good because I only know about six words of french.)

The knife thrown by Tika was deflected and fell to the ground.

Elysia stood before me with her sword drawn.

“You’ve attacked Alec-sama! I won’t forgive that no matter who you are!”

An enraged Elysia charged Tika with her sword.

“We have no choice!! As someone from a monastery as well, you understand that, right?”

“That has nothing to do with me. To me, Alec-sama is everything!”
(TN: Ayooo~ Mind control~ Also, I would’ve like to translate the first part as: I don’t give a flying heck.)

They then started fighting, Tika with a knife and Elysia with her rapier.

Serena was trying to get closer to Nat in the meantime while knocking away the incoming bolts.

On the other hand, the Angel was about to fully regain its humanoid shape.

Calm down……Elysia and Serena are occupying the other two. I’ll have to do something about the Angel myself.
(TN: He says calm down to himself, but he showed absolutely no indication he’s anything but perfectly composed, other than him straight up saying that he’s panicking a bit inside. Deep, deep inside.)

I have more mana than it.
It’s just that my attacks can’t reach its Core.

In that case, what I have to do is exceedingly simple. I also have to do the part I wanted Elysia to assist me with.

“──《Holy Light》!”

I created a Holy light in front of me. After that I created a cavity inside, then…..
(TN: Shouldn’t those two attributes interfere with each other in so close a proximity? Even if they are both controlled by the same person.)

“Alec-sama? That will only-!”

Serena said as she glanced my way, but I ignored her and shot the light sphere at the Angel.

Seeing the light, the Angel did nothing. As expected, really. Holy mana should come in handy for repairing its body instead.
(TN: So even though it’s a being made of pure mana, it can’t tell the presence of Dark mana inside that light sphere?)

So when the light almost reached the Angel──The Dark mana I compressed inside the light expanded at once.

My 《Holy Light》 burst right away.
In exchange, the black mist I condensed within spread out in an instant.

By the time the Angel noticed, it was too late.

A large explosion rang out in the sky.

I closed my eyes for a moment due to its dazzling brightness, but…..when I opened my eyes again, there was only the blue sky stretching above us.
(TN: Eh, I guess this fight scene was significantly better than all the other ones so far. Have to give credit for that.)

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