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Non-commentated version of this chapter here for those that don’t want to interrupt their reading of the story with my rambling.

Chapter 43 – Compassion

Right after the Angel vanished, Serena’s voice rang out.

“Don’t move!!”

Serena immediately pointed her sword at Tika and Nat. The armor people also aimed their weapons at them as they encircled the two.
(TN: How did the armor dudes get out of that sticky trap? I guess that really was nothing more than an excuse to sideline them for the fight. It wouldn’t be so egregious if there was a sentence or two that tells us how they got out of it.)

Tika and Nat lowered their weapons and raised both their hands.

“Alec-sama, they may still have something up their sleeve…..Leave this to us.”

Elysia looked at me with a serious expression.

She must be thinking of sending me away and cutting down the two of them herself.
Since I’m still a child, she’s probably trying to shield me from seeing people die.

“No, Elysia…..there is no need for that. We’ve been fighting monsters together until now, weren’t we?”
(TN: Wow, that’s some declaration right there. Is this because monsters are all perfectly sapient after all, or because he doesn’t care about killing humans at all, seeing them the same as mindless monsters? Jesus, what a psychopath either way.)

“I’m sorry for my presumption…..Then….”

“No no, don’t do it just yet. I have some questions I want to ask those two.”

Hearing my words, Tika and Nat tightly shut their mouths immediately.

“You won’t be tortured. However……depending on your answers, I’ll have Elysia and Serena cut you down.”

After I said that, Tika started glaring at me, looking apprehensive.

“Before that, let me ask this…….Are you a Devil?”


Even I don’t know that one.
(TN: I can see a bit why he wouldn’t be sure, but since there was an actual Devil he talked to before, it’s pretty obvious that even if he has the abilities of one, he is for all intents and purposes not actually a Devil as it’s generally known.)

But, the Angel attacked me. That must be because it recognized me as a Devil.

Serena spoke then.

“……could it have made a mistake after seeing the Dark Crest?”

“I haven’t heard of anything like that happening before…..I even fought alongside other Angels before.”

Tika took off her white gloves.

Writhing black letters and some kind of pattern could be seen on the back of Tika’s hand.
(TN: Dun dun duuun~)

Nat read the atmosphere and took off her gloves as well, showing the back of her hand with another Dark Crest.

I also never heard of an Angel attacking someone with a Dark Crest.

If an Angel did that, then the Order of the Most Holy Church would make use of them to kill off the people with Dark Crests for sure.

Anyway, for some reason the Angel declared me an enemy.
It’s possible it was a special kind of Angel, but…’s very likely that they will continue to attack me in the future.

At that moment, Tika spoke up.

“If you are still in your right mind, then please, before you try to kill your loved ones……”

Elysia was about to open her mouth to retort, but I spoke before that.

“I’m not a Devil. I won’t attack anyone either.”

“But the Angel attacked you! Also, the magic you used, it was Dark Magic, right? …..if you’re not a Devil, then what are you?”

“That I don’t know……However, I’m still acting according to my own will. That’s all there is to it.”

Hearing that, Tika shut her mouth.
In turn, Nat mumbled to herself.

“…..he can still act on his own will, even after becoming a Devil.”
(TN: I’ve been thinking about this, but shouldn’t there be some kind of visual indicator if someone is a Devil? If there is not, then why do people say it’s ‘turning into a Devil’ and not get ‘possessed by a Devil’? No matter how you look at it, it’s obviously a case of possession.)

Tika whipped her head to look at Nat, surprised by what she just said.

I haven’t heard of a case like that either.
(TN: An utterly superfluous sentence if I’ve ever seen one. It’s obvious he didn’t hear about a case like that, or he would know that it can happen and it wouldn’t be a mystery.)

I asked Nat a question next.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Even Devils can cry. My friend was like that. She killed her friends with tears in her eyes.”
(TN: What the hell, probably unintended Devil May Cry reference.)


Tika’s expression darkened, probably remembering something.

“Tika, do you remember? Miari’s last words?”

“When I stabbed my knife into her chest……she said thank you to me.”
(TN: Wow, this got real dark again.)

They are from a monastery and they both have Dark Crests…..
They must’ve had a friend with the same circumstances as them in the past.

And that friend has turned into a Devil at some point.

It’s a bit different from being able to move according to their own will, but it’s perhaps possible that even after becoming a Devil, their emotions remained somewhat.

Elysia just shook her head, her expression not changing in the slightest.

“It doesn’t matter what Alec-sama is to begin with. Alec-sama is an important person to both Serena and me. You tried to hurt that important person. Even after saving your lives, you…..”

Serena also nodded her agreement.

“Alec-sama. You are still young, Alec-sama. Also, very kind. However, we can’t let these girls return alive…..”
(TN: The guy that’s butchering monsters without a blink even though he’s just seven years old and just said that if he doesn’t like the answers he gets he will order the girl to be executed on the spot is ‘very kind’? Then I wouldn’t want to meet someone who’s unfriendly by that metric.)

I shook my head.

“Indeed, we can’t do that.”

Hearing my words, Tika and Nat fell to their knees with resignation.

“We have already resolved ourselves. We tried to kill a young child like you….”

“We might’ve been the Devils instead.”
(TN: Wow, that’s very melodramatic and out of place here. From their point of view, they kind of did what they had to. If Devils are really 100% evil and stuff, then they don’t really have a choice in the matter, that’s kind of their job. How would they know that the MC is a special snowflake that doesn’t get taken over by a Devil, and not a possessed Royal scion rapidly gathering a powerbase that could be used to take over/conquer/demolish the whole empire in short order?)

Seeing the two repenting like that, Elysia squeezed the grip of her sword tighter.

Elysia is also from a monastery, just like them.
She must be feeling conflicted about them.

If they were raised by the church in a monastery, then the priests’ words are absolute to them. A Devil is an absolute evil to them.

Angels don’t attack humans. Angels only attack Devils. That’s their reality and common sense.

Their situations remind me of myself before my redo.
Right until the very end, I did not doubt this common knowledge either. These two could only act according to the rules of their world as well.

This might be naive of me, but…..with my power, I can give them a second chance as well. I only need to make them Servants.
(TN: Funny how every problem is ultimately solved by turning various people/monsters/demons/etc into Servants.)

Thinking it through, it should also help in tracking down the mastermind behind my assassination attempt. Like I said before, we won’t be torturing them.

So I spoke to them.

“You two have two choices going forward……Either you literally put your lives in my hand, or you die.”

“Are you saying that you will be using us as tools?”

I shake my head.

“Tool is too light a word. If you entrust your lives to me, then…..if I want to, I could kill you with but a thought. Like a Servant…, you know about Familiars, right?”

“Monster Familiars that disobey their master’s words are immediately killed by the magic…..”

“That’s right. It depends on the person whether they would want to continue living like that. Therefore, you need to choose.”
(TN: How magnanimous of this little sheet. He spends multiple paragraphs reciting how these two are products of their environment and if given a chance they could turn their life around, then he proceeds to take advantage of that to force total slavery on them. They aren’t even total psycho extremists like he wanted us to think of them the first time they appeared, but people who already didn’t like what they had to do. And he still forces this choice onto them without any kind of remorse.)


As Tika said this, Nat spoke under her breath.

“We are nothing but a lizard’s tail anyway. Even if we return, we will most likely be disappeared as loose ends.”

“I know that already, but…..we had no choice but to do this.”

“Right. So it doesn’t matter even if we die here.”

Nat said like she had no regrets anymore.

“But…..we don’t know if they will keep their promise or not! Who could guarantee it!?”

Nat kept silent after Tika’s outburst.

I spoke to the two of them.

“I’m sorry, but your worries are none of my concern. Though….I can say that if you die, that’s the end.”
(TN: Oh you hecking hypocrite bastard. This is literally your second playthrough you ass.)

Seeing the two of them remain quiet, I continued.

“If you…..entrust your lives to me, then I will reward you for your work. I can’t grant you freedom, but I would grant your wishes as much as feasible. If it’s something that can be solved by money, then I should most likely be able to take care of it.”

Tika was looking at me like she doesn’t understand what I’m talking about.

“What would you gain from doing something like that?”

“I’ll be able to find out the mastermind pulling your strings, for one.”

“Sadly…, I will just tell you honestly, we were only told that someone with a Dark Crest was here that’s almost entirely turned into a Devil at this point. You shouldn’t be able to get more information from us aside from this.”

“Even so… would be useful for something.”

Useful for something, huh…..
Even I think what I’m saying is a tad bit comical.

Maybe it’s because the two of them have Dark Crests like me.
Perhaps I’m starting to sympathize with them.
(TN: Then what’s with the whole ‘I’m a cold and ruthless master, hurr-de-durr’?)
I don’t want to see them killed.

I looked them in the eyes for a while.

Finally, both of them nodded deeply.

Tika looked at me with a serious expression.

“Alec-sama…..we understand your feelings.”

“If you are fine with us, then let us be of use to you.”

As Nat said this while bowing, Tika also bowed deeply.

It seems I was able to convey my feelings.
(TN: Which would’ve been unnecessary if only he could’ve explained his stance and their options precisely and concisely. Counting on the girls on the chopping block to be sufficiently astute to notice what he really means is what’s known among the bird people as a dick move.)

They must’ve felt like they could entrust their lives to me just now.
(TN: Despite the unnecessarily callous and idiotic way he went on to explain his stance.)

I unconsciously let out a sigh of relief.

“… it. In that case, both of you are now my Servants.”

When I said that, both of their bodies were enveloped in light.

Their appearance doesn’t seem to have changed at all, but they seem to be able to feel something.

They bowed their heads to me once again.

“Alec-sama…..We will serve you with all our hearts.”
(TN: Ah, the mind control is already doing good work I see.)

And that’s how I gained two human Servants.

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