Redo Prince – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 – Exclusive servant and Servant

Thanks to the Skeleton Dragon disappearing, all the Dark mana also faded from the area.

It seems that it was the undead dragon that filled the cemetery with Dark mana and created the undead.

I was able to defeat it, but….

Elysia was still staring at the sky with open mouthed shock.

“I-I wonder what that was….”

I muttered quietly, but it was probably too late already.

Elysia was looking at me with her face all but screaming that ‘it was obviously your doing’.

Crap, did I scare her….?

Maybe she’s thinking that she wouldn’t be my servant for all the money in the world right now.

Meanwhile, those that were working at the temple and the monastery at this time started gathering near us.

Just how… should I try to explain this….

“S-sorry, it was not my intention to scare you.”

“I wasn’t….scared.”

Elysia said, then kneeled in front of me.

“You have freed me from that dragon. Please, allow me to become your servant, your highness.”

She said while looking straight into my eyes with unwavering conviction.

I don’t know how long Elysia has been working at this place at this point. However, judging from her previous expression, I can tell that it was hard on her.

“Elysia….are you sure?”

“Yes. Please, allow me to be your exclusive servant.”

<Do you wish to make Elysia your mumblemumble Servant?>

You don’t need to do that stupid prompting at a serious situation like this. I will take her of course-…huh?

<Elysia will now become your Servant.>

The moment I heard the devil’s voice again, Elysia’s body started to shine brightly.

“You! Wh-what did you── Huh!?”

Before me was Elysia, no longer in her rotund shape, but in the form of a tall and beautiful blue eyed blond with long hair.

“Huh? My field of view is higher than….huh?”

The beauty dropped her gaze to her own body.

Her nun habit was clinging tightly to her now slimmer body, emphasizing her newly acquired prodigious assets. Her clothes were barely enough to count as a mini-skirt anymore, leaving her pale and beautiful legs on display.

Her appearance has become rather….sensational for someone who lives in a monastery.

But, judging from those clothes, isn’t that Elysia?

“Y-your highness? What on earth happened?”

The beautiful girl was looking at me, clearly shocked by this development.
Her eyes were not like the line-like eyes Elysia had anymore, but large and bright instead.

Judging by what happened, nevertheless this must be Elysia.

I shut my eyes and question the devil.

….this was your fault, right?

<Huh? No matter how you look at it, this was obviously the part where she becomes your Servant, you know?>

I was talking about an exclusive servant.

<Aren’t those the same thing?>

This must be a joke….what is a Servant anyway?

<Hmm, what should I do~>

If you don’t answer, then there is no point to ever talking to you after this.

<I-I’m sorry!! I will answer any questions you have!!>

It broke right away….Doesn’t it have any pride as a devil?

<Weell, Servant Creation Magic is something like the Subordination Magic that humans use on monsters! However, the difference between them is that Servant Creation Magic can be used on anything living! No, I’m sorry, I lied! You can use it on undead as well!>

Even undead, huh.

I thought Subordination Magic can’t work if the subject has no intention of obeying the caster.

<That’s the same for Servant Creation! Though, normally you beat them up and make them submit to you!>

That’s not a nice way of saying that, but….the same is indeed true for humans when gaining a Familiar. The most prominent method is first weakening your target, make them lose the will to fight, then using Subordination Magic on them.

Anyhow, it doesn’t work if the target has no intentions of obeying you.

Elysia’s intent to serve me must’ve been enough for it this time.

<One more thing that’s different from a Familiar is when you gain a Servant, your mana capacity goes up! Though when a Servant dies, you lose the boost as well!>

That’s very interesting.

I remember reading about some fights against devils where defeating their underlings caused an observable weakening in the devil themselves.

I guess by taking out the Servants, the amount of mana available to the devil went down.

<Of course, the mana capacity of the Servant goes up depending on the master’s capacity as well! Also, the Servant’s body will change to resemble the master’s own!>

Indeed, each devil has their own appearance, depending on the person.
However, underlings led by a devil were all observed to be similar in appearance within each group.

So, Elysia’s appearance has become closer to my human one, I guess. She started as a demon to begin with, so she was almost entirely human looking now.

<Let’s just make every inferior human into your Servant! As the Master you can kill any Servant you want whenever you want, so it’s perfectly safe! ──It’s best if I have a lot of minions when I finally take over that body….kukukuh>

Your inner voice is leaking…..

<Huh!? Wha-!? Th-that was just an auditory hallucination!>

How much of a dunce can you be….

Anyway, this is not something that I should use on humans or demons. Doubly so without any explanation beforehand.

Can I turn them back somehow?

<As the Master you can cancel it whenever you want! It happens when the Master dies as well.>

I see. In that case, let’s cancel it right now.

<Eeeh! Even though you managed to get a minion!>

Maybe if it’s an enemy monster, but I don’t want to force a human or demon to obey me like this.

<Humans are strange.>

Ignoring the devil’s words I opened my eyes, then called out to Elysia, who had her appearance greatly changed.

“I’m sorry, Elysia…..This was an accident with a special kind of magic. I will turn you back right away.”

The moment she heard that, Elysia vigorously shook her head.

“Eh? I-I don’t….I mean it’s perfectly fine! ….please, allow me to stay like this!”

It seems she has taken a liking to her new appearance.
Well, if I can indeed cancel it any time, then….

“I see. Anyhow, do you still want to become my exclusive servant?”

“Yes! I look forward to working for you!”

“Thank you, Elysia. I look forward to it as well.”

This is how Elysia ended up working for me.

Elysia explained what just happened to the people from the temple; that an enormous undead that used to lay dormant beneath the cemetery appeared out of nowhere.

However, she told them that the undead self-destructed. If it comes out that I was the one that defeated it, it would lead to some strange rumors about me. Apparently Leena agreed to match Elysia’s story as well.

Also, with the cemetery successfully purified, Elysia was allowed to become my attendant.

Apparently, her appearance change was chalked up to some kind of curse getting broken on her. Since the cemetery was already considered to be a cursed place, everyone was satisfied with that.

I accompanied Elysia towards the exit of the monastery.

Then, we bid farewell to Leena who came to see us off.

“Bye Leena. Thank you for showing me around today.”

“You’re welcome. Though I want to go with you as well~. It sounds like fun. But the kids I’m looking after are still too young.”

“You don’t need to hurry, I will welcome you anytime. However, you should think over your plans for the future carefully.”

“I will do that even without you needing to say it! I believe what you’ve said before, so I decided to master the sword after this!”

“Ah, I see. But, be careful not to injure yourself.”

Hearing my words, Leena nodded energetically.

“You take care as well, Elysia-san!”

“You as well, Leena.”

Elysia responded with a wave.

“Well then, let’s go.”

“Yes, your highness!”

With that, Elysia and I started heading towards the palace.

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