Contractor Ch3

Back with a new Contractor chapter.

This long summer break was largely because I got swamped with work things and such.

Heavy Knight is still on hiatus in japanese it seems, but once a new chapter drops, I will translate it with all haste.

Until then, Contractor remains the main project for now, with maybe No Fatigue or Redo Prince if I can force myself to continue it.

Chapter here.

Contractor Ch1

So, I guess it’s been a while since I’ve put anything up, so here is a thing. The delay is mostly due to work and various life stuff, as usual. The work stuff is not exactly over just yet, so don’t expect a 4-5/week schedule just yet.

This is the first chapter of a relatively short series by the same author as Heavy Knight, so I decided to start on it while the releases are sparse for that one.

Chapter here.