Heavy Knight V2Ch33

I kinda noticed that since a bit more than a week ago there was not a single comment made by anyone anymore, even though there were usually quite a few every week before.
I made some changes to the site around that time and since too, but I don’t think I broke the comment section or anything.

Chapter here.

3 thoughts on “Heavy Knight V2Ch33”

  1. I don’t know if I’m the only one but I haven’t been able to login in your site some time ago. Right now going to any page prompt you to accept cookies again and again. Also chapter 33 leads to page not found.

    1. Thanks you for the heads up. It seems I managed to mess it up either way. I’ve made some changes, so it will hopefully work now, maybe after a Ctrl+F5 or cache emptying at most.
      If the problem persists, then please notify me again.

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