Heavy Knight V2Ch26

Less action than the ending of the previous chapter would suggest.
The next one will certainly be more eventful.

Chapter here.

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Heavy Knight V2Ch22

Last chapter for the week.

I would also like to ask all your opinions about what should happen when I manage to catch up to the author with Heavy Knight, which should be happening around early december probably.
That means that after that, I will only have a Heavy Chapter when the author puts one out, which tends to be about every 3 days.

So, what should I focus on translating in my remaining time?

The first possibility is continuing the No Fatigue which I used to translate before, however that would mean starting again from chapter 68, because I’ve found the translation quality less than acceptable after that, not to mention that a number of chapters after that are outright missing when you click on their link on NovelUpdates.
This is the one I’m currently leaning towards because I would like to complete the translation for it if possible.

The second possibility is starting on another webnovel, whether it be one that someone dropped a while back, or an entirely new series.
If you would like this one, then please share your recommendations on what to pick up.

Chapter here.