Hello Work V8C9 (1/2)

A reader by the name of Chivalrious drew attention to the fact that Hello Work’s translation was pretty much abandoned for more than a year now.
Since I translated the second volume of the light novels here in the past and this story was one of the most okay-ish ones I used to read, I thought it might be a good idea to get back to it now.

I work best and fastest with smaller chapter sizes, so I decided to break apart some of the light novel chapters where I can. This means you get the first part of chapter 9 today and the second one tomorrow and so on.

I will try to hold myself to a proper schedule, but as always that might not be possible sometimes.

Anyhow, enjoy today’s chapter.

Chapter here.

4 thoughts on “Hello Work V8C9 (1/2)”

  1. Nice. Been a few weeks since i posted in NU and put this novel for pickup in the forum 🙂

  2. Thanks for picking this up. It’s been a bit of a cursed 🤬 history for the translation progres, but we the fans support you!

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