Hello, I’m Firebird.

I’m doing my best to provide translations of japanese webnovels that are higher quality than the norm.

My current main project is Heavy Knight until I manage to catch up to the author, which should happen sometime in december.
After that I will translate each chapter as they come and either focus on No Fatigue, or choose another novel to be my main project.

You can support me by subscribing to my Patreon or via Ko-Fi. I’m thankful for ever bit you can send my way.

My hidden ambition is to be able to translate full time, so I can focus on providing even better quality translations.

20 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Firebird, thanks for the Translation for mondaiji I really enjoy them. I would love to donate to you as I think you are doing a wonderful job.

    1. I’m very happy that you’ve found my translations enjoyable! It feels really good when readers find it a well done translation.
      On the topic of donation, I’ve added a section about it above, but as I mention it there you shouldn’t feel obligated to do so. If you wish to do so anyway, then I would be of course very grateful!

      1. Donation complete 🙂 , just a question on the series do you plan to translate the sequel ”Last embryo” once Mondaiji finishes ? and I looked up on myanimelist and it appears that Asuka and Yo do not appear in ”Last embryo” is this true ?

        1. Thank you very much!
          I will probably continue with it when the rest of the 12 vols of mondaiji are done.
          As far as I know Asuka and Yo didn’t appear yet in the first 2 volumes, but I didn’t read them yet so I could be mistaken.

  2. finally found your blog!
    why the heck took me so long ?
    since the first time i heard the name “firebird” on the Mondaiji translations, i have been serching for you.
    Now, first thank you for all the quality translations.
    second, No Fatigue is interesting.
    and last, may sound annoying but a have to ask, any progress on Vol. 11 Chapter 1, or is Magref the one doing it ?

    1. Vol.11 Chapter 1 is in theory will be done by a Baka-Tsuki user Eclipse9, but it’s been a while since he registered for it. If there is no sign of it completing in the near future or it doesn’t measure up to my standards, then I will translate/retranslate it myself.
      Magref is currently slowed by university stuff, so I can’t say if or when or with what he will continue with in the future, but according to his latest stance, he won’t stop translating yet.

      1. thank you for the fast reply and continue with the good work.
        I apologize for any inconvenience i may have caused and i want you to know that i realy appreciate all the hard work you have to bring to us quality translations.
        Sorry too about my english, i am not a native english speaker.

  3. Hey, Firebird how are you~
    Just dropping by to ask if you are still planing to translate V11. I’m just wondering if you dropped it or it’s just stalled.

    1. Sorry for not replying sooner. It’s not dropped, I plan on translating it as soon as I can.

      1. No worries. I see, that’s great~ Just wanted to make sure.
        (I know how hard it is to translate Mondaiji when Author goes full chuuni XD)
        Oh, and one more thing.I don’t know if you heard but I might translate V12, but I’ll be doing it just for fun and practicing JP(no registering on BT or anything). So whenever you finish V11 and if you decide to move to V12, (and I happen to have V12 translated at that time) pay no mind to my translations and continue with it as you like. (saying it just in case, lol.)
        Anyways, good luck with translating :]



  5. i lost the donation link! please provide me with another donation link.

  6. Hi, yomero from Lazy Neet Translations. Thanks for picking up the title where I left off. Sorry for the lack of communication from my side, but for the last year my life has been a mess. I’ve noticed it’s been over a month since your last release coupled with me considering resuming translating Hello Work, I don’t know if we can work out something.

    1. Sorry for not replying sooner. I was also a bit swamped by work things so I’m late with the releases, but I will soon release at least the rest of Vol.2. As for talking out the rest, it might be better in e-mail format or maybe over at translators’ discord channel here. I will be online there so you can leave a message even if I’m not currently at the computer and I will answer when I see it.

      1. I’m glad you are still alive Firebird, still though, how to access this discord channel?

      2. Do you have a discord server. i like the series that you have translated so far and would like to ask some questions about them. and if you do not have a discord server will you think about making one? also if you don’t have a server do you have an email i can contact you with?

  7. Do you have a discord server. i like the series that you have translated so far and would like to ask some questions about them. and if you do not have a discord server will you think about making one? also if you don’t have a server do you have an email i can contact you through?

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