Heavy Knight Volume 1 – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 – Broken Grimoire Company

Heading to the place I was told about in that adventurer focused shop, I ended up visiting a desolate looking small building in the red light district.
In the smoky air inside, there was an old woman with a pipe with a metal tipped steam in her mouth.
I used my hands to fan away the smoke.

Doubting whether Skill Books could really be found here, I looked around the place.
On top of stands various items like swords, necklaces, and magic stones were placed haphazardly.

And to the side, there was a dust covered bookshelf.
There were multiple thick old books adorned by jewels.
There were some….! Those are Skill Books.
And five to boot.

“That’s some weak armor there. This Broken Grimoire Company is not a place a newbie like you should be visiting,” the shopkeeper said.

She must’ve estimated my approximate level based on my armor.

“If it’s about money, then I have that. I would like to look at your Skill Books, if possible?”

“Looking is free. Even if a brat were to leave finger marks on it its price won’t change.”

….if that’s how she’s thinking, then I understand why they are just left lying around in a dusty shop.
I picked up a Skill Book.

〈Skill Book〉《Beginner Archery》
【Market Value: 2 000 000 gold】

Allows the acquisition of the [Beginner Archery] Skill Tree.
From an Attack Power UP when you have bow equipped, to beginner archery Skills.

Tw-two million gold….
It costs more than 500 000 gold more than it was in the game.

In the game, the market value shown by the Class ability was calculated by taking into account the country wide transaction history.
This price must be similarly calculated from the deals made within the country.

Because of the nobles trying to monopolize them, Skill Books turned into privileged items, which naturally caused them to go up in price.

“Just so you know, that one costs 3 million gold here.”

“Th-three million!?”

“Of course. I’m doing risky business here. Although the officials are looking the other way, if the higher ups get wind of this, in the worst case scenario I might even lose my head.”

This much fuss about a basic beginner Skill Tree….
I currently have 900 000 gold on me in total.
Even if I manage to sell my Mad Demon Shield, at most I would get 3 million gold for it.
I severely doubt that I could buy a rare Skill Book with that.

The second book was [Magic Power UP], the third [Jack-in-the-Box], and the fourth [Elemental Guard].

The [Magic Power UP] was the usual stat increasing Skill Tree.
If you are not a magic power purist, then you should just avoid taking this one.
Although in this world where dying means the end of the road, low ranking adventurers looking for stability might pick it up.

[Jack-in-the-Box] is a Skill Tree famous for the luck it provides and the wide variety of tactics it allows.
However, if you aren’t going for a fun build, then putting points in [Jack-in-the-Box] is discouraged.
In the game world it’s possible to fight higher level opponents with it, risking everything for a slim chance, but if you calculate in the death penalty it rarely worth it in the end.
Although it would be fun to play it.
In this world where death means the end, you can’t really have a build that depends on random chance.

[Elemental Guard] is a Skill Tree that provides resistance against the four main elements, fire, water, earth, and wind.
There are techniques with other attributes, so it’s not an all-encompassing protection, but there are a lot of techniques that fall in the category of those four elements.
It’s a powerful defense when applicable, so it’s recommended for someone to have it in a party.

….that being said, not many people would want to have their main character be an exact counter character, which makes it a pretty obscure Skill Tree.
If you put too many Skill points in this Skill Tree, then you might end up with no proper attack Skills, which could lead to a severe lack of firepower.

Although it’s defense focused, it might be a valid choice to get it on a Class that’s vulnerable to magic attacks.
Still, I can just imagine seeing them showered with Holy and Dark attributed attacks.

…..I won’t be buying any of this, but there are quite a few rare items here.

I wasn’t able to find the Skill Tree I was aiming for, but I didn’t expect to find it on the first try anyway.
Being able to see the Skill Books’ position in this world’s society should be enough for now.
I could look for it in other shops like this, or I could ask the shopkeeper to keep a lookout for it and notify me if she managed to get one.
I didn’t think I could buy it with just the money I currently have to begin with.

I reached out for the last book.

〈Skill Book〉《Smoldering Fang of Madness》
【Market Value: 30 000 000 gold】

Allows the acquisition of the [Smoldering Fang of Madness] Skill Tree.
The user of this Skill Tree shan’t be approached.
Even the Grim Reaper will not approach the one who’s rampage keeps dragging their broken body forward, keeps moving their torn tail, knowing no end.

Th-there was one….!
With the nobility hogging most of the countless types of Skill Books, with only a small portion remaining on the market, I didn’t think that I would find a copy of [Smoldering Fang of Madness] right away.

The Skill Tree that’s absolutely necessary for the Heavy Knight…. until you get it it’s only the tutorial, the [Smoldering Fang of Madness]!
If only I could obtain this, I would be all set.

“You look very chipper right there. Wanting something like that, you are one strange guy.”

“Uhm…. shopkeeper-san, this one….”

The shopkeeper gave a deep nod.

“Yeah, that goes for 50 million gold here.”

It was a mercilessly set price.
My shoulders dropped from disappointment.
Well…. it wasn’t something I haven’t expected.

[Beginner Archery] …3 million gold.
[Magic Power UP] …6 million gold.
[Jack-in-the-Box] …15 million gold.
[Elemental Guard] …30 million gold.

This was how items were priced in the Broken Grimoire Company.
It’s a serious rip off.

“…..it’s pretty brave to just leave such expensive items out without even a guard.”

It’s not like I was planning on taking it by force, but I just blurted out the question that was on my mind.

“If you think of me as weak, then why don’t you try it? I recently beat five people like a drum.”

The shopkeeper grinned and raised her head to look at me.
It didn’t sound like she was threatening me, she was just having fun.

“I-I was just curious. Could you reserve this Skill Book for me for a while? I will get that 50 million and come back for it for sure. I promise you won’t need to wait for too long.”

“And what would be in it for me?”


To the shopkeeper there is no difference between customers.
Obviously, there is no reason to play favorites.
Furthermore, an adventurer could die at any time.

“Hn, I don’t hate brats like you. Very well, I will keep it for you.”


The shopkeeper put the pipe to her mouth, then slowly breathed out.

“For a 5 million surcharge.”

I let out a deep sigh.
Her commercial spirit is too formidable…

I will need to think up a good money-making strategy soon.
I’ll be able to earn more by delving into Dungeons.
All I can currently think of is doing my best by aiming for rare item drops.

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