Heavy Knight Volume 1 – Chapter 38

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Chapter 38 – Familial reunion

Luce and I went back to the adventurer’s guild to inquire about the reward for clearing the Dungeon.

“We gained quite a few levels last time, so….we might want to update our equipment next.”

Even though we ended up spending 55 million gold on my [Smoldering Fang of Madness], we still had the 10 million gold for defeating the Embryo and the 4.6 million from the magic stones fully untouched.
We should get new weapons first, I think.

“Nn… I like this Iron Piercer that Elma-san bought for me….should we try to change it for something better?”

“You are already at around 【Lv:40】, right, Luce? Against opponents that are hard to damage it might be fine, but the Iron Piercer is not the best against normal enemies….”

Since we have enough money, we should be getting a bit more powerful equipment.

〈Iron Piercer〉《Recommended Level: 18》
【Attack Power: +3】
【Market Value: 550 000 gold】
With this knife it’s easier to pierce through heavily armored opponents.
On a successful attack, the damage dealt is calculated as if the opponent’s Defense value is 【15%】 less.

As one would expect, the stats of the Iron Piercer are somewhat lacking for our current level.
With its stats it would not be able to deal consistent damage to normal monsters.
A weapon fitting for a 【Lv:40】 should have an 【Attack:+10】 at least, and ideally some kind of bonus effect on top of it.

That goes for me too since I’m still mostly using my beginner equipment.
Both the Clown and Heavy Knight Classes suffer from a lack of sufficient attack power.
That’s why I prioritized getting [Vital Blow] which ignores part of the opponent’s Defense, so I could do at least a bit of damage.
I need to get a better than average weapon to counteract that shortcoming.

I can say that the reason we managed to defeat the Embryo, which was a rank above us, was because we had good compatibility with it.
If it was a purely physical type of Dream Lord, instead of the tricky type, then we wouldn’t have had any chance against it.

“Ahh….but good weapons cost a lot… Legal shops don’t really have much to offer either… Do they even sell weapons for people around 【Lv:40】?”

That does pose a hurdle.
In Rondalm 【Lv:40】 adventurers are considered cream of the crop.
In other words, there are a limited number of adventurers that would buy items that are intended for people on that level.

This is a world where useful information about how to defeat various monsters is not easily shared.
It’s unlikely we would be able to get a proper weapon with the amount of money we currently have.
That being said, if we settled for less ideal ones, then we would just outgrow them in short order instead.

As an adventurer it’s normally not the best idea to pinch your pennies like that, but paying a lot of money for a compromise equipment, only for it to become irrelevant in short order, is not something I would like to do.

“Aah! I know! For your weapon, Elma-san…. how about we try for an item drop from a Dungeon?”

“You know, Luce, you can’t just aim to have your preferred weapon drop from….”

I suddenly remembered that I had Bear Shields and Tin Swords in duplicate in my bag, even though we didn’t aim for them.
It only took that one expedition to get two sets of weapons for sword users to drop.

“….or maybe you can, huh.”

With Luce’s Luck it might not even be that hard.
It might indeed be easier to just aim for weapon drops instead of buying expensive weapons that fall obsolete in short order.

“I did it, yaay! My suggestion was accepted! Then, then, let’s do that! I’m so excited!”

Just as Luce exclaimed in a cheerful voice….the doors of the adventurer’s guild violently banged open.
The noisy Guild interior fell silent at once.

Seeing the two people who entered, I was utterly surprised.
My pulse started racing. Yet, my mind was strangely calm.

A well built man in the prime of his life, wearing a luxurious noble attire.
A pale girl with black hair, wearing light armor.
My father….Izas, the Lord of House Edvan, and Mariss, the next Lady.

“What an unexpected visit, Count Izas-sama…! W-what brings you to this particular adventurer’s guild at this time….?”

The Guild Master showed up right away, bowing towards Izas.

“I have important business here. Let’s see….clear the place.”

After looking around, he gave an order to the Guild Leader.

“Pardon? But even without sending all these people out, we could speak in the back….”

“Did you not hear what I said? I told you to clear the room.”

Izas repeated his words, now with anger in them.
The Guild Master bowed his head with a ‘I’m terribly sorry!’ and turned towards us.

“The Count is here on important business! I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but the Guild is closed for today! Adventurer gentlemen, please leave at once!”

There were some adventurers that were unhappy with the situation, but with one glare from Izas, they all retreated with a twitching smile and their tails between their legs.
A Lord of a noble house, whose duty is to protect their territory against monsters, simply cannot be compared with an average adventurer in terms of levels or combat skills.
If a common person were to defy him, their head might be sent flying in an instant.

“….let’s go too, Luce. We don’t want to catch their eye.”

I don’t know what they are here for, but I don’t want to have anything to do with Izas anymore.
He should be of the same opinion.
I’m not part of the Edvan Household anymore, so we are unrelated anyway.

“Y-yes…. However, that person is Count Izas, huh… This is the first time I saw him. I didn’t have a good impression of the Edvan family to begin with, but… he seems kind of tyrannical, so I don’t like him.”

Luce narrowed her eyes with the help of her fingers and fixed a strained expression on her face, trying to imitate Izas’s grumpy expression.

“That adventurer there, stay within the Guild.”

Luce’s body trembled after hearing Izas’s voice.

“Yyessh! I’msorryI’msorryI’msorry! Elma-san looked to be in a bad mood, so I was just clowning around a bit, trying to cheer him up, please please, I didn’t mean anything by it, I swear….!”

“Don’t worry, Luce. It seems I’m the one he has business with.”

Izas and Mariss stood in front of me.
I didn’t want to get involved with them, but that doesn’t seem to be an option anymore.

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