Heavy Knight Volume 1 – Chapter 40

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Chapter 40 – Proof of Strength

“That’s a complete misunderstanding. I was indeed blessed with luck and good teammates, however, I can swear that I did not bring up my former family name. If you investigate it a bit, then you will clearly see that it’s true.”

“That’s impossible! There is no way you could do that! How could a simple adventurer gain enough strength to defeat a 【Lv:50】 Dream Lord in a single week! If it was that easy to take down a Dream Lord, then the nobility of this kingdom would be unnecessary! Do you take me for a fool!?”

Izas did not budge on his stance.

Looking at it from the common sense of this world, it is understandable that it would be hard to accept.
Having only a small number of people that can stand against some terrifying monsters makes the nobility of this world inordinately powerful.
If a newbie adventurer could defeat a 【Lv:50】 Dream Lord, then it might shake the whole government system of this kingdom.

To begin with, they say that defense focused Classes are hard to level.
Especially Izas, who disdains the Heavy Knight so much that he banished me from the family as soon as he found out I was one.

“W-why are you doubting Elma-san so much! Elma-san is the Lord’s son, right?”

“You impudent commoner little girl, how dare you try to intrude on a conversation that relates to a noble’s honor. You will shut up unless I order you to speak!”

Izas raised his voice in irritation.

“Father, I think we shouldn’t conclude that Elma used the Edvan name from this much just yet.”

Mariss, who was silent until now, interjected at this point.

“What? Mariss, are you taking Elma’s side after all this?”

“No….I just want to make sure to investigate properly. We don’t need to rush to the punishment. Also, judging by his story he is around 【Lv:40】, right? Then, it’s perfect.”

“What is?”

Hearing Mariss’ words, Izas had a weird expression on his face.
It seems he doesn’t know where she is going with this either.

“After the Life Shifting I’m at 【Lv:45】 too. Basically the same in terms of levels. With his experience of using his Skill in real combat, it can be said that he has an advantage. We should be able to find out the truth if we engage in a mock battle imitating live combat. Whether if he could really defeat a Dream Lord.”

Mariss’ lips curved up into a smile as she kept looking at me.

“Don’t say something foolish like that, Mariss! Even if your levels are similar, there is no contest between a Sword Saint and a Heavy Knight. I know you are worried about coming from the branch family, but I’m telling you that there is no cause for concern.”

“Fufufu, it’s just a little practice bout, father. Isn’t it a great accomplishment to reach this level without the support of a noble family, father? I just wanted to learn from him. Finding out the truth of the matter is simply a bonus. However….if it’s indeed a lie… then I can administer the punishment myself.”

She is basically saying that if I claim to have defeated a Dream Lord, then prove it with my strength it seems.
She is not just interested in my actual level, but my ability to fight.
Even if I showed what level I’m currently at, they would just claim that I used the name of a noble family to have others power level me.

However, the Sword Saint is a powerful Class.
Its Attack and Agility is especially high, with straightforwardly powerful Skills to boot.

Its other stats are somewhat low, but nothing that could be called a weak point.
It’s focused on simple straightforward power, so it doesn’t have much variety in possible builds. At higher levels it does fall short in some aspects compared to other more customizable Classes, but at the current level that doesn’t matter.

In contrast, the Heavy Knight with no appreciable Attack or Agility rarely has an opportunity to fight back against a Sword Saint, and even if it could, it wouldn’t be able to deal a decisive blow.

If it really ends up just a simple mock battle, then I would be able to put up a good fight even with my current stats, but…. looking at how Mariss is acting, I don’t think this will end with that.

“What is the problem, father? You promised me that you would leave Elma’s matter to me entirely. Or perhaps…. it’s just as I feared and you are still worried about Elma’s safety because he is still your possible Heir?”

“Mariss….did you plan to test me like that from the start? Are you saying you were that worried about it?”

Izas had a bitter expression on his face.

I don’t really need to accept this deal solely to prove my innocence.
I should try to clear this up in another way, even if it takes longer and invites a different kind of trouble for the future.
Even Izas isn’t too keen on this.
If I calmly take a step back right now, then I should be able to find another, safer method of resolving this.

If I tried to go up against a Sword Saint as a defense focused Class, then it’s common sense that I would just end up on the defensive with my HP slowly falling away until a conclusion is reached.

In a normal case, that is.

“I understand. That mock battle….I accept.”


It was Izas who was the most surprised.

“Elma-san, that’s reckless! I know that Elma-san is strong…. but….!”

I know what Luce is trying to say.
I’m desperately lacking in terms of Attack power and even lack proper equipment to compensate.
She must be thinking that I recklessly agreed to an unwinnable fight after being provoked.

“It’s fine, Luce. I already have the most important piece for fighting her. Thanks to you, that is.”

“Th-thanks to me?”

“Also, I didn’t just accept because of her provocation. I thought I was done with the Edvan Family already, but…. it seems I still had some attachments.”

I guess it’s somewhat obvious.
It seems I was just trying to convince myself that it was all in the past.

After finally receiving recognition from the Guild, after finding an excellent teammate like Luce, after I managed to have some breathing room, allowing me to relax my facade….I came to realize just how much the Edvan Family had its hooks in me.

Thinking back on it, it was simply a foolish choice to try and hinder the Embryo all by myself, without even considering getting help from Luce or other adventurers, even though I had basically no chance of succeeding.
At that time, I must’ve been thinking that I wanted my existence to have at least some value after getting banished from my family.

There is no better chance than this to put an end to that all.
Instead of just prolonging this problem, I will cleanly end it once and for all.

“Count Izas…..I want to add another condition. If I manage to prove my strength to you, then I want you to have nothing to do with me after this.”

“W-what….? Do you know what position you are in to be saying that!?”

I didn’t care about his answer.
I just wanted to say it out loud to resolve any doubts in myself.

Mariss quickly pulled out her sword and cut into the floor.
Chunks of stone went flying all over the place.
I knew it already, but she really was fast.

“I’m happy that you are not against it, Elma. That’s how it should be.”

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