Heavy Knight Volume 1 – Chapter 39

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Chapter 39 – Father

While the other adventurers were clearing out, Izas and I kept glaring at each other.

“What does such a noble personage want with me?”

“Who do you think you are, talking to me in that tone?”

Izas furrowed his brows.

“E-Elma-san, what are you doing!? You seem to be somewhat irritated for some reason, but… you shouldn’t talk to the Lord like that! Let’s apologize together! Please!”

Luce hurried to bow her head towards Izas.

“You… you seem to be loitering around him, but who are you to Elma?”

Mariss leaned in close to Luce, inspecting her from up close.

“A-are you acquaintances of Elma-san?”

Without saying anything Mariss kept staring intently at Luce’s face.
I’ve found that stare disturbing, so I stood in front of Luce.

“Luce, please step outside. I don’t want you to get caught up in things.”

Hearing my words, Luce shot a sidelong glance at both Izas and Mariss, then focused on me again.

“If you are saying that because I’m an outsider to this, then I will leave, but…. if you are only saying it to stop me from getting caught up in something, then I think I want to stay. Elma-san is my first teammate who I could place my trust in. I might not be able to do anything about it, but… a good teammate is someone who stands beside you at times like this!”

“But, this is….”

I’m thankful for the sentiment, but this is the business of the Edvan Household.
Furthermore, I have no idea for what reason would Izas come after me like this, but I’m confident it’s nothing good.
If it’s something that could affect my future, then Izas might not leave Luce alone because of it either.

“But, Elma-san… ever since they showed up, you had a severe expression on your face. I can’t leave you all alone here by yourself like that!”


I touched my face with a hand.
I noticed that my face was stiff.
Indeed, it seems that I wasn’t that composed since they showed up.
However, it seems Luce managed to calm me down a bit.

“A simple commoner would try to intrude on our conversation? You will do the same as the other adventurers and leave at once, little girl.”

“Father, let’s allow her to stay. She looks like she is close to Elma somehow….it might have some bearing on our business. It would be easier to find inconsistencies with more people to question.”

Izas tried to chase Luce out, but Mariss stopped him.
However, calling him ‘father’, huh.

“I don’t think allowing that little girl to stay would mean anything, but…. seeing how she acted just now, it’s obvious she is somehow related to the topic. Fine, since I promised I will let you handle his case, Mariss, she can stay.”

The Guild Master who finished chasing out the other adventurers came back to us.

“Lord Izas…..did you have business with that adventurer? Did you perhaps hear about him being a promising newcomer and came to recruit him? You heard about it quite quickly. This adventurer is polite and competent….and what’s more, he already carved his name into the history of this city’s Guild by accomplishing something extraordinary….”

“He contributed to the defeat of a 【Lv:40】 monster on his very first Raid Quest by assisting a D rank adventurer…. earning a promotion to an E rank adventurer exceptionally fast. That’s what you wanted to say, right? What nonsense, there is no way a brat who only recently took part in the Divine Blessing Ceremony would be able to do that.”

“No, it’s not just that, Lord Izas. Together with this Clown adventurer, Elma managed to defeat a 【Lv:50】 Dream Lord, earning another promotion to a D rank adventurer! I’m certain that he is more than skilled and accomplished enough to become part of the Lord’s militia!”

“What did you say….?”

Izas flared the nostrils of his hook nose.

“Hn, I thought that he perhaps got lucky, but now I’m certain what happened. You should stop with that transparent acting. You must already be aware, right? That this man is someone from the Edvan Family.”

“W-what are you saying….?”

“That being said, it’s ‘formerly’ now….Although I don’t know if he told you that he used to be my Heir or not. How did he talk you into this farce?”

“P-please, wait a moment. I didn’t know…. I’m sorry, but I simply don’t know what’s going on.”

The Guild Master, who went ghost-pale, tried to defend himself.

“Are you saying that it wasn’t you then? Then there must be someone in your staff who colluded with that brat. Someone who was fooled into supporting him in creating false accomplishments by bringing up his name. Find that guild employee who took part in that and bring them here! At once!”

“Th-that’s simply not…. N-no, right away…..!”

The Guild Master left towards the back of the Guild in panic.

“Elma-san….p-perhaps….is Lord Izas…..is he your….? Umm….”

“My father. Although I don’t want to acknowledge it.”

Izas was glaring at the back of the Guild Master, but he immediately turned his gaze back to me.

“You disgrace to the Edvan name! The only reason I let you off with a simple banishment is because I thought that you wouldn’t do something foolish like this at least! Did you forget what I said? That if you claimed to be from the Edvan Family again, then I would personally kill you myself!”

Izas shouted angrily.

“I was wondering what was all this about. So that’s how it is.”

In other words, I did too well since coming to Rondalm.
Hearing of my unusual promotion, Izas came to perform an inspection, fearing that I would bring shame to the family name, it seems.

Even so, he really heard about it quite quickly.
I didn’t think the Lord would be handling something like this personally.

I wanted to say something sarcastic, but I decided to hold it back.
My tempers might be running high too.

If I got into an unneeded argument, then it might affect Luce too.
Neither is there a good reason to try and make Izas even more angry.
If we can calmly discuss this, then it should be simple to prove that this is nothing but a misunderstanding.

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