Heavy Knight Volume 1 – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – Adventurer’s Guild

Notice: This chapter was translated by Nakki, and is slated to receive a re-translation in the future by me. Also, if the original translator doesn’t want the chapter up here, then contact me and I will remove it. I only put it here because the original page cannot be reached anymore.

After having a good night’s rest at an inn later that day, I went to the Adventurer’s Guild located in the city of Rondalm.

Adventurer’s Guild. It is a place that handles a lot of things. From requests and commissions for the adventurers to complete, to verifying the current status of demons, conversion of mana stones to money, recruitment of party members, and so on.

“Excuse me, I want to register as an adventurer. Ah, I also want to exchange the mana stones I have for money.”

“I understand. Then, please tell me your name, level, and… your class.”

“Elma, [Level: 12], and class is… Heavy Knight.”

“…Ah, so I was right. Your class is also one of those defensive types.”

The receptionist lady said, as if sympathizing with me as she produced an adventurer’s card with the guild’s crest on it.

I received the adventurer’s card in exchange for my fee.

[You have obtained the title <F-Rank Adventurer>.]

Alright.. With this, I’ve also become a full-fledged adventurer.

The title itself doesn’t have any effects, buffs, or anything like that, but there are some skills that become available once you have obtained the adventurer title.

In <Magic World>, if you want to become stronger, then you will need this title, as it is also very crucial.

“Ah, I forgot to say this. I also want to see the list of individuals looking to recruit additional party members.”

I’m not in a hurry finding comrades, nor am I intending to; I was just curious about the Adventurer’s Guild’s current state of affairs in this world.

“Eh…. uh… It’s rare for parties to want newcomers that specialize in defense, so… I think it’d be better if you give up and drop the idea… And, uhm.. I hope I wasn’t being rude..”

The receptionist lady said in an inarticulate way.

It’s not like I was intending to join a party, but…. okay then.

I’ll eventually find out what the current status of affairs surrounding the guild is if I continued being an adventurer anyway.

“Oioi, look fellas! There’s a low-leveled Heavy Knight looking for a party!”

A giant man with a head comparable to that of an egg said loudly while pointing at me.

Then, what followed after were laughter from his cronies.

“Who’d want to accept a piece of sh*t like you in their party? Dumbass.”

“During the period of the <Divine Blessing Ceremony>, there are those people who had the same trashy class like you coming to the reception desk day after day. Those who missed and drew such sh*tty classes should just stop coming to the guild. You’re all just getting in the way.”

……What an unpleasant bunch.

Well, I’m already used to these kinds of things. After all, I’ve seen them a lot in <Magic World>.

When I was doing an inspection about the performance of the Heavy Knight using my sub-character back then, these kinds of things always happen. “Look, another one of those idiots who couldn’t even properly search about that class’ reputations so late in this day and age! Hahahaha!” Is what they would always say.

“I understand. I’ll think about this party stuff later. For now, I’d like to exchange my mana stones for some money.”

Then, I took out the mana stones that were inside my <Magic Bag>.

10 mana stones from the Laanas and then 1 from the Alanda Ape.

Apart from the mana stones that I got from the Laanas, the one I got from the Alanda Ape would definitely fetch a decent amount of money.

“D-did you… hunt all of these by yourself? This mana stone… I think this is from a demon with an approximate level of [Level: 15] though..”

The receptionist lady said, seemingly surprised.

“Ah, yes. It’s from a [Level: 16] demon.”

“You’re [Level: 12]… and, apart from not being someone of a class that specializes in offense, you’re a Heavy Knight… Err.. The experience of subjugating demons is also taken into account for the adventurer rank promotion. So, even if the investigation for this matter will be difficult, in a case where your request turns out to be false, severe penalties will be imposed. You can still withdraw it now…”

“No, when I hunted this demon, I was still [Level: 8].”

As I said those words, the receptionist lady turned even more dubious.

“Uhm, were they wounded? Your party members I mean..”

“I did it all by myself. You can write that down on the records.”

“If it’s as you say so, then I’ll have no choice but to record it as such.”

The receptionist lady reluctantly accepted the mana stones as she handed me the money in exchange.

Ten Laana mana stones were sold at 20,000 Gorudo, and the only Alanda Ape mana stone that I had was sold for 60,000 Gorudo.

A hundred Gorudo is more than enough to buy a single loaf of bread.

It’s not quite wrong to say that 1 Gorudo is equal to 1 Yen.

Think about it. Earning 80,000 Gorudo in just one day… Seems like there’s nothing but a bright future ahead of me.

Hereafter, I would be able to hunt demons as big as Alanda Apes consistently. And since I am doing it solo, there’s no one I could split them with. Ha ha, ez money.

It would be alright to assume that I have already crossed the line of not having to worry about my life in the near future anymore.

Anyway, there’s also a reason for why I’m so obsessed with achievements.

Adventurers are divided into 7 different stages. There’s the F-Rank, E-Rank, D-Rank, C-Rank, B-Rank, A-Rank, and S-Rank.

And, immediately after you register as one, you will be separated into the F-Rank.

While it is true that you can accept requests and the like as soon as you register, entering a <Dungeon> requires that there would be at least one E-Rank adventurer in the party.

And hunting inside a <Dungeon> is many times more efficient than hunting demons outside.

What’s more is that, depending on the adventurer’s rank, the number of skill points that can be allocated to the <Vow of the Heavy Armor> skill is limited.

And, unless I become an E-Rank adventurer, I would not be able to allocate a total value of [16] or more skill points.

That’s the reason why I couldn’t allocate all of my skill points earlier.

To be more precise, it’s not because of one’s adventurer rank, but because of a hidden parameter called credit points. However, the fastest way to meet these requirements is to advance my rank to E.

Although <Magic World> may have provided the players the upper limit of wanting to try out various skill trees in a balanced manner, when it comes to getting stronger efficiently, it only gets in the way.

Please don’t do something as idiotic as that with an essential irreversible element such as skill points.

With that being said, I have to become an E-Rank adventurer as soon as I can, at all costs.

“Oya? The atmosphere became unpleasant.”

“…The hell is up with that Heavy Knight..?”

“Is he not cheating?”

I can hear ya, peanut gallery.

It wasn’t very wise of me to say now that I’ve already attracted this much attention, but.. Well, there’s no point in worrying about what the others around me think.

I want to become strong as soon as possible.

It could be said that it might’ve been because of the desire for vengeance after being exiled from the Count’s Household, but.. it’s more likely because my blood as a previous player of <Magic World> is burning with passion to become strong.

“Well then, are there any promotion requests that even I could take?”

I inquired with the receptionist lady.

A promotion request is basically, a request issued by adventurers to be accompanied to go hunting or subjugating demons by an examiner who has been approved by the guild, and depending on the results, the adventurer will be promoted.

There are several ways to get promoted, and this is one of those.

“Err… Tomorrow, there will be a raid quest for anyone who’s subjugated demons of [Level: 15] or higher… And, adventurers who have gained the right to be reviewed for the E-Rank promotion will participate as well.. So, if you do well and play an active role there, you will be promoted…”

The receptionist lady said so reluctantly.

When I asked for more details, the receptionist lady told me that it was about subjugating undead-type demons that had gathered deep in some forest.

Many of the undead-type demons have a proclivity for creating brethren and increasing their numbers by using corpses from forests and graveyards.

It seems that it was decided that nearly ten F-Rank and E-Rank adventurers were to be gathered in order to eradicate the undead-type demons before the situation got out of hand.

“Since it seemed that I could also participate, I would like to issue a participation request.”

When I answered immediately, the receptionist lady frowned and was showing me a troubled look.

“…What you’re doing is very dangerous, Elma-san. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you later.”

Thus, I have succeeded in receiving the raid quest <Undead Swarm Subjugation>.

This time, the enemy is large in terms of number, but lower in quality.

Additionally, undead-types tend to have higher HP, but other than that, almost all of their stats are low.

What’s more is that it would be easy to satisfy the activation conditions of my skill <Rampart Return> which is to completely block the opponent’s attack.

It was the kind of quest perfectly ideal for me.

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  1. I’ll be honest I’m liking it so far but… as a former MMORPG player the requirements for his class to be broken don’t look that hidden. That it took 5 years to discover how broken it was can only mean that it’s fan base were all idiot casuals or that class got secretly patched 5 years after the release XD
    I wish the author had put more thought into it because it sounds simple enough for any player familiar with the genre to discover it first day.

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