Heavy Knight Volume 1 – Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 – Conclusion, Monkey Spider

Notice: This chapter was translated by Nakki, and is slated to receive a re-translation in the future by me. Also, if the original translator doesn’t want the chapter up here, then contact me and I will remove it. I only put it here because the original page cannot be reached anymore.

The Alanda Ape tried to extend its mouth as wide as it could. I was, however, aware though, that it was about to attack me.

I came to a stop just beyond the gap and went to the left, keeping a safe distance from the demon, whose outstretched jaw was just out of reach.

The spider-monkey moved at a far faster rate than I do. However, because I was familiar with the demon’s pattern, moves, and reach, it was difficult for the demon to land a successful hit on me. All I had to do was stay out of its reach. Furthermore, it was also a demon that possessed no intelligence.

The Alanda Ape exposed an opening, but I’m not an idiot, so I won’t even try and enter where it could reach me. Even if I tried to attack, I’d be killed in an instant with its that’ll come afterwards.

The demon stretched its front legs out in an attempt to attack me, but I retreated a great deal of distance to avoid it.


As soon as it shrieked, a magic circle suddenly appeared, emitting a dim green light.

It was trying to activate its magic skill that would leave an opponent in a poisoned state.

I think it got annoyed because I was deliberately keeping my distance away from where it could reach me, so it instead resorted to using magic that could attack from afar.

And it was exactly what I was aiming for.
Heh, you fell into my trap, ugly bastard.

I immediately jumped straight at the demon.

To begin with, evading a magic skill launched by a high-leveled demon at a distance like this is impossible.

If that’s the case, then I’ll charge in, resolved to be hit. It’s a magic skill that only inflicts an abnormal state anyway, so I won’t die instantly just because it managed to hit me.

The light from its skill got me, and I instantly felt sick all over my body.

I swung my blade, holding back the nausea.


My sword’s blade shone with a purple light and sliced the demon’s neck.

However, the blade couldn’t cut in any deeper.

It didn’t seem to do a great deal of damage, but the [Attack Power Reduction] effect must have worked.


The spider-monkey then tried to lift its front legs, trying to set its claws with fire.

It’s the skill.

“Heh. That won’t work, you know? Your consume 7 MP, while your consumes 5.”

Just like what was displayed in its status, its maximum MP was only 11.

It’s too late. You can’t use your anymore. That’s why I deliberately kept my distance earlier and let you use your skill.

is a skill that allows you to harness the mana of the fire attribute and diverts that mana to momentarily increase your muscle strength. Consequently, while it is not a magic skill, its MP consumption is a little high.

I took advantage of the Alanda Ape’s opening and swung my sword once again.


The attack power reduction effect of can only be stacked up to a total of three times.
However, it only lasts for a minute, so if you persistently keep on attacking the opponent with , the initial effects that were applied will be dispelled during that time.

With this, two stacks of has been applied to the Alanda Ape, reducing its attack power by [40%].

I, again deliberately kept my distance from the Alanda Ape, running around as if to escape.

The Alanda Ape seems to be getting annoyed with me running around here and there, and without a moment’s delay, it immediately rushed after me.

Then, I turned around to where the Alanda Ape was and waited from the front with my chest sticking out.

The required conditions are now in place.

The Alanda Ape, who was unable to use its skills owing to a lack of MP, was also hit with two stacks of , reducing its attack power by two levels.

And thanks to the title [Immovable One] that I had, my defensive power further increases by [10%] when in an idle state.

I already simulated what would happen before fighting the Alanda Ape in my brain, but under these conditions, I could just simply block the Alanda Ape’s attack and satisfy the conditions for activating the skill .


The Alanda ape thrusts its fangs into the chest part of my armor.

Immediately afterwards, my armor shone brightly and repelled the Alanda Ape.


After activating the skill, the Alanda Ape’s huge body was blown away easily and was flipped over on the spot.

『GI.. GEH.. GKK..!』

The Alanda Ape glared at me with its creepy eight eyes.

“As expected of a high-leveled demon! You’re still alive after that! However, this will be your end!”

I leaped towards where the Alanda Ape was and thrusted my blade into its abdomen.

The Alanda Ape who was critically injured with the use of , finally died with this blow.

[You have gained 28 experience points.]

[Your level has increased from 8 to 12.]

[You have gained 4 skill points.]

The Alanda Ape’s body melted, leaving only a mana stone with a dull, brown glow behind.

It was a mana stone with the earth attribute.

Fumu, this certainly has its own big size.

“This was an unforeseen trouble, but I am glad I got to raise my level up to 12 on the first day.”

I immediately opened my and allocated my skill points.


[Skill Tree]

[Remaining Skill Points: 1]




I wanted to pour all [4] skill points in, however I could only get it up to [15].

[Currently, you cannot grow any further.]

It was a message I remembered.

I sighed inwardly as I thought if whether that specification from was still alive.

It’s a little vexing, but well.. This isn’t much of a big deal. It can be resolved immediately.

[ has been increased to [15/100]. Normal Skill has been acquired.]

Leaving that aside, the benefits here are much greater.

Now, I have all of the basic skills.


[Normal Skill]

With the use of a sword or a shield, parry the opponent’s attack to create an opening.


is a very powerful skill.
In the past, it was said that the skill was difficult to handle because of its reliance on the user’s knowledge and talent, however this just means that it may be turned into a devastating foul technique in a fight between skilled players.

“Y-you… Just what are you…?”

Ares’ eyes were glancing between the mana stone in my hands and my face with a dumbfounded expression.

“…Certainly.. with this level of skill, you’d be able to succeed on your own wherever you go… It seems that I got ahead of my own… It wasn’t something someone like me could’ve been worried about….”

Ares muttered, sounding seemingly lonely.

“Somehow… I feel kind of bad.”

I replied as I closed my Status and put the mana stone inside my Magic Bag.

A Magic Bag is a useful item that can contain more than it appears, and because of its convenience, it is reasonably expensive.

The that I had brought was the same one that I had used when I was still in the Edvan County Household.

I was in a poisoned state, so if I move vigorously, the poison will spread throughout my body, causing continuous harm as well as a [10%] minus to my speed.

However, as long as I could get back to the city, I could buy an antidote, receive holy magic at the church, or whatever.

As a result, I had Ares accompany me cautiously as an escort back to the city.

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