Heavy Knight Volume 2 – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 – Mythril Ingot

“Wow, t-that’s a big magic stone….”

Luce found the earth attribute magic stone among the remains of the Mythril Golem and picked it up.

“Elma-san….this magic stone will apparently be 2 million gold by itself…. High rank adventurers frequently hunt even stronger monsters than this Mythril Golem, so just how much money could they have in reserve….?”

After checking the Market Value of the magic stone, Luce asked me timidly.

I was rummaging through the torso part of the Mythril Golem’s remains.

After losing its life, the Mythril Golem was starting to turn back into mana and disappear into thin air.
Within that….deep inside its torso, a large rectangular bar of metal could be found.
I put my strength into pulling the metal bar out of it.

A beautiful metal ingot, radiating a blu-ish green light.
On its surface the seal of the Mythril Ingot could be seen, with the chibi version of the golem’s mark beneath it.

“That makes me feel a bit demoralized. That Mythril Golem…. was absolutely not this cute looking monster.”

Luce grumbled with a bitter smile.

“Though its price certainly cannot be called cute.”

〈Mythril Ingot〉
【Market Value: 25 million gold】
An ingot made of mythril.
A magical metal that was affected by powerful mana.
It’s also sometimes called magic silver.
It’s a valuable rare metal, so much so that people will respect you as an adventurer if you have some kind of equipment made out of it on you.

“T-twenty five million gold!? Is this a Dungeon where expensive items are supposed to drop one after the other like this!?”

“The Mythril Golem is a very rare monster. That’s why I wanted to challenge it even if we had to push ourselves to the limit.”

Mythril equipment is among the very best we could hope for in our level range.
It’s much more powerful than black steel equipment.
If we have it made into a weapon, it will accompany one of us as a trusted partner for a long time.
Simply selling it sounds good too, but it’s for the best if we just have it made into a weapon instead, instead of complicating things.

As soon as we return to La Colina, we need to find a good blacksmith and make a request.
To get a good weapon out of it, we will need to hire a blacksmith with a higher level.
Still, it’s the City of Adventurers, La Colina.
We will be able to find a suitable blacksmith for sure.

The question is whether to get a sword or a knife made.
A shield or armor are possible choices too, but… the best choice here will probably be the knife.
By giving it to Luce, with her ability to dispatch opponents with high movement speed but otherwise low stats with her [Dice Thrust], would streamline our combat capabilities quite a bit.

….also, there is the case of my [Smoldering Fang of Madness] with its cost of 50 million gold, so I would like for Luce to have something expensive like that, to try and balance things out between us, even for a little bit.
It’s just how I feel.

〈Mythril Ingot〉: 25 million gold
〈Rune of Destruction〉: 20 million gold
〈Black Steel Hammer〉: 4.6 million gold
〈Black Steel Sword〉: 4.5 million gold
〈Black Steel Knife〉: 4.3 million gold
〈Black Steel Ingot〉: 4 million gold
〈Mythril Golem’s Magic Stone〉: 2 million gold
〈Cry’s Magic Stone〉: 900 000 gold
〈Smile’s Magic Stone〉: 800 000 gold×4

Currently, it all comes to 68.5 million gold.
We finally surpassed our gains from the Angel’s Toybox.

As expected, the effects of the Lucky Pierrot are incredible.
Last time it was thanks to the Golden Rana and its rare drops that boosted the value a lot, so I thought it would be a tricky sum to exceed, but we managed to surpass it easily.

At this rate, perhaps it won’t even be that hard to gather enough money for Luce’s [Reaper Assassin] Skill Book.

“Now that I think of it….we ventured quite deep already. I hope we won’t encounter any troublesome monsters on our way out.”

“Well, seeing how we managed to take down a Mythril Golem, it means there are no enemies here in the Centipede Pit who can trouble us. The Mythril Golem might be even more troublesome than the Dream Lord here.”

There is not much of a difference between the Mythril Golem and the Dream Lord of this place in terms of levels.
Furthermore, with the Mythril Golem’s long reach, toughness, and high Attack put together makes it a fierce monster that’s hard to deal with beyond just its apparent level.
Now that we defeated the Mythril Golem and our levels went up, we might be able to easily win against the Dream Lord too.

“Luce, rather than walking all the way back, there is a way to instantly travel back to the Dungeon’s entrance.”

“Eh….there is a way to do that? This is the first time I’ve heard of something like that.”

“You’ve already experienced it once, Luce. You do it by defeating the Dream Lord.”

Hearing what I said, Luce’s face twitched.

“W-will we be okay…..if we try that?”

“The Dream Lord of the Centipede Pit has a low movement speed and its Skill attacks are easy to anticipate. If you are aware of its patterns, then it’s not that strong. Also, I thought we would be much more spent after defeating that Mythril Golem, but we are surprisingly fine still.”

I was planning on using [Half-Dead Savage Dragon] during the Mythril Golem fight.
However, with how I succeeded in obstructing its movement with the [Shadow Stomp] and [Shield Bash] combo, and how Luce managed to roll a 【6】 with [Dice Thrust] when needed, my HP didn’t go down that much in the end.

Although we still have Heal Potions, taking damage and then healing it puts a strain on the body and also on the mind.
If I was cornered to the point that I had to activate [Half-Dead Savage Dragon], then I would have suggested we retreat, but now there is no reason to pull back before the Dream Lord of this place.

“Let’s take it down fast and pick up another treasure while we are at it.”

“What kind of monster is the Dream Lord here?”

“Well, if you ask what kind….it’s exactly like the Centipede Pit name suggests. It’s called a Rock Centipede.”

“….a Rock Centipede.”

Luce did not hide her distaste.

“Should we hold off on it? We walked a long way already and the Mythril Golem was a pretty difficult opponent too.”

“N-no! Let’s do it! Everything’s fine! At this point….I can handle a somewhat large insect! Yeah!”

Luce said as if trying to encourage herself.

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