Heavy Knight Volume 2 – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 – Centipede Pit

After a short information gathering session and check-in at the adventurer’s guild here in La Colina, Luce and I headed for a Dungeon that spawned near the city, deep within a forest.

Just as they said, it was a rainbow colored swirl right against a cliff face.

“I guess we should head in to gather some more achievements.”


Hearing what I said, Luce braced herself.

【〈Centipede Pit〉:《Recommended Level: 60》】

As soon as we entered, a message rang out inside my head.

The interior was cave-like, with a tunnel leading away as far as the eye could see.
At certain intervals, magic stone powered lamps were placed on the wall.

“It was true for the Angel’s Toybox too, but the Recommended Level is really high…”

Luce kept walking nervously.

“The Recommended Level is entirely based on the Dream Lord’s difficulty. The monsters that appear along the way are significantly weaker.”

Also, to level up in Magic World, you needed to fight higher level opponents, or there was not much meaning to it.
At our current quite low level range, it was especially common practice to challenge Dungeons with a significantly higher Recommended Level.

Our number one objective right now is to gather black steel type equipment.

Black steel type items are made of black steel, a type of metal in this world, and are fairly valuable despite them having a comparatively high drop rate.
Furthermore, since black steel is also easy to reforge, you can gather up a bunch of them and bring them to a blacksmith and have them create the type of weapon you like better.

There should be no better place than this Centipede Pit to make use of the 700% Luck increase provided by Luce’s Skill, the [Angel of Fortune], to get new equipment.

“Don’t worry, the movements of the type of monster that appears here the most, which is called a Smile, are easy to see through, and it doesn’t hit that hard either. As long as it doesn’t appear in a group, there should be no chance of an accident.”

A Smile is a kind of rock monster, which can frequently drop black steel items, and our current target.

“I keep thinking that Elma-san is really knowledgeable about things, be it about Classes or Dungeons….”

“Hmm? Ah, yeah….at home they made sure I would learn it when I was a child.”

“Ah…that’s how it was. Well, uhm, sorry about that…. This must be something you would’ve rather not remembered, I guess.”

“Nah, don’t worry about it too much. Thanks to Luce I was able to have a clean break from the Edvan Family. I’m not that hung up on it anymore at this point.”

…..as expected, I can’t really explain to her that I’m doing well by making use of my memories from my previous life.

I myself don’t really know what’s up with that, exactly.
It’s a crazy story to begin with, but even I, who had it happen to, don’t know the particulars.

“Nobles really do have a lot of information…. With how knowledgeable you are, Elma-san, you could work as a Skill Advisor at the Guild and accomplish a great deal with that….!”

After saying that, Luce went white as a sheet.

“B-but then I would become unnecessary….! Let’s keep adventuring for another while, Elma-san! O-okay? I’ll be doing my very best!”

“….I actually heard about someone that worked as a Class Advisor before.”

“So then there really are people that do that….”

That being said, it wasn’t this world where those Class Advisors existed.
It’s a story from Magic World.

There were a number of players that worked to know everything there was to know about all learnable Skills, how to best use those Skills, all kinds of weapons, the market price of Skill Books, every type of Dungeons and Events, and even the circumstances of large Guilds to best be able to give advice on character builds. People called those players Class Advisors.

However, even knowing all that, there were times when they made a mistake.
The small intricacies that may change after even a small patch can only be properly understood by players that play that specific Class as their main.
If you add various possible ways to build that Class, then there are a limited number of people that can be considered the best with it. Counting in the difference in player skill too, it becomes simply infeasible to always provide accurate advice.
In addition to that, when something undesired happens, it becomes easiest to blame it on the Class Advisor.

In the end, most Class Advisors incurred the enmity of a lot of players, leading to them retiring in short order.
The animosity one could gather with that in this world simply cannot be compared to how it was in Magic World.

When I was still living with the Edvan Family, I heard about an adventurer getting killed after giving advice to a noble about a Skill Book.

The reason why I was cautious about giving advice to Luce about her character build was because I knew what could come of it.
Even if I’m confident in my information, I need to consider the possibility of a misunderstanding between us, or that she might change her mind in the future.
It would be a bad idea to casually give advice like that to dozens of people.

“Uhhm, Elma-san, did you ever think about working as a Class Advisor….?”

“No, I would never do that.”

I confidently declared.

“That’s good to hear, eheheh…..That’s somewhat of a relief. …..Elma-san, your face is a bit scary right now, you know?”

“Sorry about that, I remembered something less than pleasant. Leaving that aside, our target just showed up.”

Thumping sounds could be heard from in front of us.
In the corridor ahead of us, an approximately one meter wide, scraggy, somewhat spherical lump of rock appeared.
On the surface of the lump of rock, a full-face smile could be seen.

Monster: Smile
Level: 45
HP: 60/60
MP: 45/45

“A 【Lv:45】 right out of the gate….! Elma-san! That rock face is the same level as that Mariss person! It’s basically the same as the Heir of a noble family!”

“Calm down, Luce. If people found out, they would get mad at you for calling that the same as Mariss.”

Of course, this fight won’t be cutting it as close this time.
Us being able to easily handle the enemies here was specifically the reason why I chose this Centipede Pit.

“Let’s take it down fast, and have it cough out those drop items.”

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