Heavy Knight Volume 2 – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – Smile

A monster made of rock, the Smile.
It’s indeed 【Lv:45】, just like Mariss, but monsters are completely different from humans.

It also depends on the monster, but humans tend to have more Skills, higher reasoning capabilities, and are able to use weapons and various other items.
Especially the Smile moves only in simple ways, so it doesn’t mean that just because it’s the same level as Mariss, who is a Sword Saint, it would be the same grade of opponent as her.

I confidently walked forward to get closer to the Smile.
Once it noticed me, it started to eagerly roll faster towards me.

A Smile’s basic attack pattern is doing increased damage by using [Acceleration] and then using its [Ramming Attack].
It may also attack with earth magic, but that’s not that powerful.

“The first step is to get close to the Smile before it finishes increasing its speed with [Acceleration] and block it with a shield….!”

I blocked the ramming attack of the Smile with my shield, and then jumped backwards to disperse the impact.
I closed in once again to the slowed down Smile, then forced it towards the wall of the corridor by standing in the middle.
Then finally I restricted its movements by using [Shadow Stomp].

“With me restricting its movement like this, it won’t be able to use [Acceleration] and [Ramming Attack] to increase its power.”

While saying that I hit the Smile with a [Disarm].

Just like me, the Smile is a defense type, so both of our Attack stats are low.
If we take away its [Acceleration], then this whole thing turns into a mudslinging contest.
If I add the Attack decreasing effect of the [Disarm] into the equation, then by properly blocking with my shield and moving my body to bleed off the impact, I can turn that low potential damage to zero.

There is a small trick to using a shield to bleed off the impact and mitigate all damage.
Its timing requirements are fairly tough and it also depends on the particular attack pattern it’s currently using.
However, I’ve practiced these movements in my previous life to death.
I wasn’t a contender for the spot of the most powerful player in Magic World for nothing.

“The rest would be easy if I used [Half-Dead Savage Dragon] to boost my Attack, but I don’t want to throw my HP away during a Dungeon exploration.”

Especially now, when I still don’t have many Skills to support [Half-Dead Savage Dragon], and my armor also leaves a lot to be desired.
Also, I’m not risking a Death Penalty with it, but my life instead.
It’s best to proceed with caution.

When the Smile tried to slip by me to distance itself from me, I used my [Shield Bash] to seal its movements right after it started to move.
Since even while under the effect of [Shadow Stomp], it can move in a range of two meters.
It’s best if I keep it near the wall.

“Leave the rest to me! I’ll just need to steadily carve away its HP, right?”

Luce used her [Acrobatic Steps] to get up on the wall and attacked the Smile with her Iron Piercer.
The surface of the Smile was impacted by her blade.

Luce quickly got behind the Smile that managed to regain its balance in the meantime and started to attack it again.
The Smile tried to somehow extricate itself from the situation with some frenzied movements, but I managed to suppress it completely with my shield.

Luce’s fourth hit impacted the Smile.
Finally the surface of the Smile changed, breaking up into a pile of smaller rocks.

【You have gained 689 experience points.】
【Your level has increased from 41 to 43.】
【You have gained 2 Skill points.】

Good….that was easy.
With a pace like this, we may be able to aim for taking down the Dream Lord too.
The Dream Lord of the Centipede Pit does drop good items too.

“Fuuh….Was it okay that I didn’t use [Dice Thrust] there?”

“Yeah, there is a kind of balance there. Even if you roll a six with [Dice Thrust], you barely won’t be able to take it down in one hit. So it’s better to just keep hitting it normally. Since it should only take about four normal hits from you to take it down.”

If it takes two hits even if you manage to roll the best with [Dice Thrust], then it’s just better to hit it normally instead.

“I guess that’s true…. the [Dice Thrust] usually rolls a six about half the time too…..”

Where did that one in six chance go….?
I don’t think it went as far as that just yet, but the chance of rolling a six might very well be at about 【40%】 at this point.

Ah, well, that’s still a bit crazy though.

“There’s an earth attribute magic stone and…..ah! It really did drop one! It’s a good thing that I put points into [Great Fortune] and got [Angel of Fortune] before we got here!”

Luce said in a lively tone, then pulled out a knife from within the remains of the Smile.
It’s shining with a black light.

So we got a drop right away…..and it’s a knife to boot.

〈Black Steel Knife〉《Recommended Level: 45》
【Market Value: 4.3 million gold】

A knife made of black steel.
It provides an average performance, but since it’s fairly easy to obtain, a lot of adventurers go around with black steel equipment.
Black steel equipment serves as a yardstick to measure other equipment against, whether it’s better or worse.

“4 million!? W-we need to handle this carefully….! Oh no, I grabbed it so roughly!”

Luce carefully grabbed the weapon, then offered it to me.

“I didn’t think we would get a knife that is worth 4 million this easily….”

“No, you should be using that from now on, Luce. With that Recommended Level it shouldn’t be that much of a problem if you started using it right now and it would work better than the Iron Piercer for sure.”

Although the Defense of monsters here on are on the higher side, so the Iron Piercer would still be advantageous, but they are still not at the level of a Golden Rana.
But the quality difference is too large between the two to begin with.
She should just accept it and replace her weapon.
With the Black Steel Knife, she should only need three hits to take down a Smile.

“W-would that be really fine? For me to use a valuable item like this….!”

Luce started enthusiastically swinging around the knife.

Talking about the value of the item, we managed to earn about 60 million gold back in the Angel’s Toybox.
Even though it’s only a stopgap weapon, I feel bad for making her use a weapon that is only worth 4 million gold.

….however, Luce’s [Great Fortune] is indeed quite powerful.

Since black steel equipment drops frequently, with Luce’s Luck I expected that it would drop on the first try.

However, I didn’t think that it would be a knife drop right away.
With this exploring the rest of the Centipede Pit will be easy.

The Luck value shouldn’t have any effect on what Class the item drop would be best suited for, but there is the possibility that due to the process that turned a game into a real world, the scope of the affected concepts widened somehow.

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