Heavy Knight Volume 2 – Chapter 27

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Chapter 27 – A Magic Swordsman’s weakness

Hilde and I were glaring at each other.

I had adjusted my HP to be a bit below 40% at this time.
If I use [Life Shield] one more time, then I will be able to fill the requirements for activating [Half-Dead Savage Dragon].

“Let’s get to it, Heavy Knight.”

Hilde was smiling fearlessly as she readied her sword.

To be honest, this matchup was terrible for me.
At this level, if a Heavy Knight were to fight a Magic Swordsman, the most likely outcome is getting their HP whittled down by continuous magic attacks, and even if they go on the offensive, their opponent would just shut them down with their sword Skills.

However, nearly all Magic Swordsmen have a certain tendency in their thinking.
And Hilde is most likely a prime example of that.

“I want to confirm something with the Guild’s witness before the duel.”

“Mm….? What is it, Elma-san?”

Maltida looked anxious.
She most likely didn’t want to accept the role of a witness for this duel.

“The reason why the Guild provides a witness to duels is to prevent disputes and personal altercations from getting out of hand, right? However, since Skills will be used during the fight, there is still a remote chance of something bad happening. What happens if one of the participants ends up dying?”

Maltida had a reluctant grimace on her face.

“We serve as witnesses with the understanding that the participants are fully aware of the possible risks. If you are worried about that, you can still call this off now….?”

“Nah, it’s just good to have confirmation. Let’s just start right away, Hilde.”

Hearing what I said, a vein popped out on Hilde’s brows.

“What a cheap taunt. I planned on being somewhat circumspect, but I’m not that patient. Just as the witness said, I’m fine with that understanding too.”

We stood still with a certain distance between us.
It seems the distance was set in consideration of a magic focused Class.

Luce, Berga and Maltida were anxiously waiting for the outcome of our fight.


Right at the start, I deployed my [Life Shield] without a moment’s delay.
My life force manifested as a membrane of light that covered my whole body.

At the same time, my HP fell below 20%.
The red light of [Half-Dead Savage Dragon] shrouded me.

〈Half-Dead Savage Dragon〉【Special Skill】
When the user’s HP is less than 20%, Attack and Agility is increased by 100%.

With this I made up the difference between our Attack and Agility in one go.
I could’ve activated them before the start too, but using buff Skills just before the fight was forbidden by duel rules.
I didn’t think starting the duel with the [Life Shield] engaged would fly, so I decided to activate it right at the start.

“What’s that? That’s a weird Skill….”

Hilde, who was trying to close in as fast as possible, slowed down.
Her aim must’ve been to just attack me straight on, but seeing my suspicious actions she changed to a more cautious approach to be more on guard against possible traps.

I readied my sword.

“[Relentless Vigor]!”

Blue light started covering my body.
Red and blue, two kinds of lights emanated off my body, mixing with each other from time to time.

〈Relentless Vigor〉【Normal Skill】
Can only be activated when the remaining HP is under 50%.
It lowers Defense to 【0】 and increases the Attack by the same amount.
While it’s activated, it continuously consumes MP.

Luce’s expression went pale in a second.

“W-why! Elma-san, you said that using that Skill would just increase the danger of the duel while providing no advantage!”

Indeed, my Attack boosted to six times its original value is nothing but overkill in a duel.
And with my Defense significantly lowered because of it, it only increases the risk of dying for both of us.
Furthermore, with how far we are from each other right now, if Hilde started to attack me with magic attacks, my HP may go down to zero in no time at all.
If I intended to fight properly, then this Skill would have no redeeming qualities for a duel.


Hilde kept her distance from me while she sent a sidelong glance at Luce.

Double activation of two unknown Skills.
There is no way she wouldn’t be scared of that while in a duel with her life on the line.
Hearing what Luce said seems to have just increased her unease.

Using all my strength coming from my Attack that was boosted to six times its original value, I struck the ground.
With a thunderous roar, the ground cracked with seemingly no effort.
The impact created a dust cloud.

“Good, I seem to be in fine condition.”

“Haah!? Whaaaaah!?”

Seeing the scene, Berga, Maltida, and even Hilde stared open-mouthed in surprise.
It was perfectly reasonable to be surprised by all that.
I’m still at 【Lv:62】, but if you want to reach the same Attack I currently have without the use of Skills, then you’d have to be around 【Lv:130】 at the least.

Magic Swordsmen have a certain habit in their thought process.
A safety first approach.
No one knows who said it first, but the ‘A Magic Swordsman knows when to pull back’ was a frequently used saying in Magic World.

Hilde is someone who managed to come this far in a world where death means the end.
It’s highly unlikely that she wouldn’t adhere to that way of thinking.

Lacking in staying power and having mostly the type of Skills that harm the user in exchange for explosive power, one mistake could easily lead to an end for a Magic Swordsmen within a Dungeon.
It doesn’t matter how much she keeps barking at people, she is very much like a small-breed dog.
She is very unlikely to have the guts to compete if she’s not guaranteed to win.

Also, Hilde said that she is the disciple of another Magic Swordsman who is commonly referred to as the Black Flame Sword.
That Black Flame Sword should’ve also instilled into Hilde to avoid contact with unknown factors.
And the reason why she managed to live long enough to rise to B rank adventurer was most likely because she followed that advice.

Hilde will break from intimidation.
I was confident in that.

“Waitwaitwaitwait! Wait, stop! Stop for a second!”

Hilde lowered her sword and held out her palm towards me while sweating like crazy.
She must be thinking that even if she were to attack with a magic Skill, a counterattack Skill may be triggered that could finish her off in one hit.
She is desperately trying to demonstrate her lack of intent to fight me.

“S-stop, stop this! Didn’t you hear me, oi!”

After saying that, Hilde dropped her gaze to the sword in her hand, which she then quickly threw far away.
Her sword pierced into a nearby wall.

“Stop, Heavy Knight! Stop! I even threw away my weapon, oi! Please, for real, stop!”

With smooth movements, Hilde sat down and placed her head against the ground.

“I-I surrender! I surrender! I recognize my loss! I really do!”

I stopped walking.
Hilde slowly raised her head while still shaking like a leaf.

“Please declare the winner.”

“Eh…..ah, yes. Th-the winner is Elma-san.”

Maltida, who was shocked still, finally announced due to my urging.

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