Heavy Knight Volume 2 – Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 – The Cry with the weepy face

I moved my eyes to keep the movements of all four rock monsters in my field of view.

“I will get their attention. Luce, you should target the one with the weepy face after you’ve got used to their movements.”

“Y-yes! I’ll do that!”

If we take out the Cry that is commanding them, then the coordination of the Smiles will break down right away.
With Luce’s speed she should have no problems targeting the leader Cry while I hold the attention of the Smiles.

“When their bodies light up, that signals the activation of their [Acceleration] Skill! It’s a troublesome Skill, but it can only go forward immediately after activation! First get used to the timing for dodging them, then try to get a hit in during your dodges!”

Clowns are best at delivering a hit after dodging an opponent’s large wind-up moves anyway.
With the instant speed boost and the ability to walk on walls from the [Acrobatic Steps], they all but never get really cornered.

Just as I jumped into the fray, the bodies of the rocks lit up.
First, I dodged the first two that activated their [Acceleration].
I used [Parry] to divert the next one that rushed towards me, and as for the fourth one….I blocked the leader Cry’s [Ramming Attack] with my shield.

“Luce, go above please!”

Immediately after I dissipated the impacts by stepping backwards, then I scooped up the Cry and yeeted it into the air.

“[Shield Bash]!”

The Cry impacted the shield at an angle, which caused it to be flung straight up and crash its rock body into the ceiling.
Nice, it worked!
I was able to divert the trajectory of its [Acceleration] towards the ceiling by using my shield as a ramp.

It’s a rock monster that has no limbs.
It doesn’t have many Skills and it’s not that smart either.
If it gets flipped up into the air like that, then it can’t do much anymore.

Furthermore, Luce was waiting with her knife in hand on the ceiling for the Cry’s arrival.

Standing neatly on the ceiling with the help of [Acrobatic Steps], she stabbed out with her Black Steel Knife from an upside down position.

“[Dice Thrust]!”

The number six appeared in the air.

The black blade pierced through the rock hide of the Cry.
Cracks appeared all over its body, then in the next moment it crumbled into pieces.

【You have gained 772 experience points.】
【Your level has increased from 43 to 45.】
【You have gained 2 Skill points.】

Good, we managed to take down the commanding Cry right away!
Luce’s speed, freedom of movement, and the weight of a critical hit is powerful in concert.
With the help of the newly acquired black steel equipment with its larger Attack boost, she splendidly managed to take down the Cry in a single hit.

With this the three remaining Smiles became a disorderly mob.
The difficulty of taking them down decreased by a lot in a single move.

Two of the Smiles charged at me with [Acceleration].

“Ah, watch out, Elma-san! Those Smiles managed to cut off your retreat path….!”

Luce, who was wearing a proud smile while standing on the ceiling just now, noticed the movements of the Smiles and went pale in a second.

“Let me teach you Smiles, why you don’t tend to group up without a Cry to lead you.”

As I said this I readied my shield.
I lightly jabbed the Smile on the right with my sword, using [Parry] in the process, then I bumped the one on the left with my shield, altering its course a small bit.
Then I lightly twisted my body as I leapt up, evading their pincer attack with the least amount of movement possible.

As I landed on the ground, the two Smiles collided with a huge bang.
Cracks appeared on both of their bodies, leaving them listlessly rolling around on the ground.
It seems both of them got Stunned.

“Because if you start thoughtlessly charging around the battlefield, then even with a small course adjustment you turn into pinballs.”


Kicking away from the ceiling, Luce swung her Black Steel Knife.
One of the two stunned Smiles broke into fragments.

【You have gained 459 experience points.】

I quickly cut down on the other stunned Smile as well.

“[Vital Blow]!”

【You have gained 689 experience points.】
【Your level has increased from 45 to 46.】
【You have gained 1 Skill points.】

Good….as expected from the first Skill you get from the [Beginner Swordsmanship] Skill Tree, and the main weapon of the Heavy Knight.
It’s a dependable Skill that so-so manages to make up for the low Attack of the Heavy Knight.

“So, there is only a single one left now.”

I slowly walked towards the last Smile with my sword at the ready.
Still with a smile on its face, the Smile confusedly turned its head to left and right to check its surroundings.

After that, with a single spin it turned its back to us.
The light of [Acceleration] lit up the body of the Smile.

“As I would let you get away!”

I quickly stepped on the Smile’s shadow, restricting its movement range.
It tried to vigorously charge straight away from us, but its movements were restricted by the pull of its shadow.

Targeting the back of the no longer able to move Smile, Luce slashed out after a great leap.

“Gimme the black steel!”

Luce danced around the Smile and kept swiftly cutting at it.
The Smile tried to hurriedly counterattack, but due to the [Shadow Stomp], it couldn’t hit Luce anymore, who was outside its reach by then.
Getting one sidedly beaten by Luce, it stopped moving in short order.

【You have gained 613 experience points.】

We managed to cleanly take down the last one too, without any serious difficulties too.

“Haah, haah…..I was worried about what would happen for a second there, but it’s good that we managed to get through it without any injuries…. I got tired from all that. Let’s take a short break….”

The fact that we managed to take down the leading Cry right away, and that I managed to pinball two of them into each other were important factors.
Without those we might not have lost in the end, but it would’ve turned into a prolonged fight.

I took out a water bag from my Magic Bag and gave it to Luce.

“You did well, Luce. I thought I might have to use [Half-Dead Savage Dragon] here, but I managed to keep it in reserve in the end.”

With this we will still be able to continue our exploration of the Centipede Pit.
We might be able to surpass the results from our Golden Rana hunt at the Angel’s Toybox.

“You are too dependable, Elma-san…..! I need to do my best too….!”

I turned back to the remains of the Smiles.
As the lumps or rock started to turn back into mana, the tear drop shapes of the magic stones and the dull shine of black steel could be seen.

Especially among the rocks with the weepy face…..within the remains of the Cry, a one step brighter radiance emanated from a pretty spherical item.
I felt my mouth stretch into a wide smile.
It seems that that specific rare item has also dropped.

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