Heavy Knight Volume 2 – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – Loot from the Smiles

We collected the items from the remains of the Smiles right away.
We managed to get four earth attribute magic stones and three black steel items.
There was also an item dropped by the Cry.

〈Black Steel Hammer〉《Recommended Level: 45》
【Market Value: 4.6 million gold】
A hammer made of black steel.
It provides an average performance, but since it’s fairly easy to obtain, a lot of adventurers go around with black steel equipment.
Black steel equipment serves as a yardstick to measure other equipment against, whether it’s better or worse.

The first is the Black Steel Hammer.
It has quite a high Attack bonus, but there is a trick to using a hammer.
Even if my level is high enough for its Recommended Level, I shouldn’t try to use it without an applicable Class for it.

〈Black Steel Ingot〉
【Market Value: 4 million gold】
An ingot of black steel.
It’s a metal that’s easy to work with, and also performs well.
Both blacksmiths and adventurers love it, so equipment made from it is a frequent sight in Dungeons.
Black steel equipment serves as a yardstick to measure other equipment against, whether it’s better or worse.

The second one is a Black Steel Ingot.
It has a large rectangular shape.
On its surface there is a carved Black Steel Ingot insignia and even a Smile mark underneath it.

“What an easy to understand mark…”

It has a good heft to it, so it could also be used as a throwing weapon if it comes to that, but….well, I don’t want to throw away 4 million gold just for kicks if I can help it.

We can ask a blacksmith to make another weapon from that hammer and the ingot, but we could also just simply sell them.

Then the third item.

〈Black Steel Sword〉《Recommended Level: 45》
【Market Value: 4.5 million gold】
A sword made of black steel.
It provides an average performance, but since it’s fairly easy to obtain, a lot of adventurers go around with black steel equipment.
Black steel equipment serves as a yardstick to measure other equipment against, whether it’s better or worse.

….we managed to get an interim weapon for me.
With this we could say that our minimum goals have been met.

One reason for us to get black steel equipment fitting our current level range was so we could be absolutely ready for anything this Centipede Pit could throw at us, but it seems we managed to get not just a Black Steel Knife, but even a Black Steel Sword right away.

To be honest, I was just kind of hoping for either a knife or a sword to drop here.
And since I didn’t think that new equipment would drop for both of us, I thought we would have to take the other black steel items to a blacksmith in La Colina and ask them to make a sword out of them.

The Smiles can drop a surprisingly wide range of black steel items.
It can drop items for many other Classes, like Black Steel Axe, Black Steel Bow, Black Steel Wand, etc…
And there are the half-way useless ones, like the Black Steel Stick, Black Steel Ice Pick, Black Steel Fishing Rod, and so on….

There are many other kinds still.
I didn’t think that a knife and sword would accurately drop like this.

“Eheheh….we both match like this!”

Luce says in a happy tone.

“It’s because black steel is easy to obtain and still pretty strong.”

In Magic World, players that were progressing efficiently tended to get a black steel set after leaving the beginner stage.
In Cities, places where lower level players tended to gather often turned into a mostly black colored crowd because of that.

“The problem is what to do with this one.”

I picked up the translucent stone orb rare item that the boss of the Smiles, the Cry dropped.

It shone with a red light, and in the center of the crystal some kind of symbol could be seen suspended.

“What is that? It somehow resembles a magic stone a bit….”

“It’s something very different from a magic stone. It’s Rune.”

A Rune can be embedded into a weapon to boost its capabilities.
A single weapon can only take one Rune, and the cooperation of a blacksmith is necessary for the embedding process.

However, without properly checking out this Rune, I don’t know what kind it is.
There are some Runes that have pretty pointless effects.
It’s red, so it shouldn’t be that bad, but….

〈Rune of Destruction〉
【Market Value: 20 million gold】
A Rune that brings Destruction.
It increases the embedded weapon’s Attack bonus by 【30%】.

“Ooh, it’s a hit.”

It’s a Rune with an Attack boost.
An undeniable win.
There are no failures among damage increasing Runes, so they are all valuable.

After checking its information, Luce’s face went pale.

“Hiiih! T-this is worth 20 million gold!? This somewhat large and pretty glass marble looking thing!?”

“It’s an item that boosts the Attack bonus of any weapon by 【30%】 in all cases. Hmm, I didn’t think we would come across a Rune at our current level still. Although the decision to keep it or sell it is not an easy one to make.”

The 【30%】 Attack bonus increase on the weapons that we can currently equip is fairly limited at this point.
It may be a better idea then to just sell it and use that money to buy a bunch of expensive recovery items and work on increasing our levels with that.

When it comes to high rank adventurers, a lot of them would gladly spend a few dozen million gold to raise the stats of their weapon even by a single point.
That’s because in Magic World, the point where you become unable to defeat monsters on the same level as you marks the limit of your ability to increase your level.
You need to carefully choose who to party with, decide on a good strategy, and increase the stats of your weapon as much as you can to advance at that point.

….that being said, whenever I get a new weapon, it’s possible to take it off the old one and put it on the new.
I can’t help but feel it would be a waste to simply sell it at this point.

“I-I’m afraid of losing it somehow! Put it in the Magic Bag for now please!”

Luce said while all but panicking.

….however, we managed to gather quite a haul already.
Thanks to the Rune of Destruction, the sum went up by a lot.

〈Rune of Destruction〉: 20 million gold
〈Black Steel Hammer〉: 4.6 million gold
〈Black Steel Sword〉: 4.5 million gold
〈Black Steel Knife〉: 4.3 million gold
〈Black Steel Ingot〉: 4 million gold
〈Cry’s Magic Stone〉: 900 000 gold
〈Smile’s Magic Stone〉: 800 000 gold×4

“About 41.5 million gold so far.”

At this pace, we might surpass our gains from the Angel’s Toybox.
We have time. After a short break, Luce and I can still go forward.

Luce suddenly started swaying on her feet, then put her hand on the wall to steady herself.

“Are you alright, Luce?”

We were able to take them down without too much danger, but we were still putting our lives on the line.
That puts a considerable mental pressure on a person, which could easily cause one to be fatigued faster than normal.

“It’s nothing. I was just surprised by the sum….”

Luce straightened back up while holding her head.

“….and I was even more shocked by the fact that I wasn’t even that surprised by it anymore.”

Luce’s money sense is starting to resemble that of a Magic World player’s it seems.
For a Clown with the [Great Fortune] to have money problems wasn’t something that happened often there.

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  1. For some reason, I’m thinking that Clown class will be fun to play, I can get money easily AND most importantly, I can run on walls, name me a boy who doesn’t want to run on the wall and be super annoying to your opponent, I’m annoying to fight without that, assuming my lag doesn’t kill me.

    1. You say that now but don’t forget RNGesus is a finicky existence that giveth and taketh at will. Your mileage with RNG may end up completely differently than someone with naturally good luck like someone in the the same party as someone with plot armor.

      Some people can do a 10 pull and get multiple 5 stars regularly while others end up going to pity every single time.

      Luce might hit 6s and gets good loot regularly but statistically speaking there’s probably some other guy out there who’s hitting 1s just as often as she hits 6s if not more often and has never managed to find a single good drop.

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