Heavy Knight Volume 2 – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 – The mythril giant

After I stomped on the ground twice, I heard the loud sounds of incoming footsteps.

“Good, it’s coming after us.”

I intentionally made some noise to lure in the Mythril Golem.

“W-will this place really be fine….?”

Luce whispered anxiously.

“This place is the best we can ask for. The one problem we have to watch out for is to avoid getting caught up in the terrain ourselves.”

Where we were at currently is the place I searched for to use against the Mythril Golem.
Here the ceiling was low, the width of the passageway was narrow, and the footing was bad.
It should be a serious chore for the gigantic Mythril Golem to move in these confines.

“The Mythril Golem that spawns here is 【Lv:55】, it has an 【Attack: 78】 and 【Defense: 66】. In addition to that, it also has a Skill called [Automatic Recovery], so it’s a very troublesome opponent.”

“The more I hear, the more terrifying it sounds….”

With its high Defense and [Automatic Recovery], the Mythril Golem is extremely tough.
Due to its large body it has a long reach too, so it’s not easy to get close to it.

However, its number one strength is not its toughness, but its overwhelming destructive power.
In front of the Mythril Golem’s impressive might, even I can’t survive more than one hit.
If we tried to fight a prolonged fight against an opponent like that, I would be punched to death sooner or later.
Therefore, we need to finish this with a quick and decisive battle.

“It’s useless to try damaging it little by little. Against a high Defense opponent, we need to focus on a single heavy blow, instead of trying to hit it many times. In other words, it’s mostly the same strategy as always, but you will need to try and use your [Dice Thrust], Luce.”

Opponents with high Defense are weak to critical hits.
Especially when the [Dice Thrust] rolls a 【6】, it gives a further 1.3 times damage in addition to the normal critical hit damage.
With Luce now equipped with the Black Steel Knife, it would only take two [Dice Thrust]s rolling a 【6】 to take down even this Mythril Golem.

That being said, it’s by no means an easy feat to avoid both arms of the Mythril Golem and keep hitting it with [Dice Thrust]s, but…. that’s what the terrain and I’m for.

“It seems it has arrived.”

Accompanied by its loud footsteps, the Mythril Golem showed up.
A giant made of mythril, glowing with a bluish-green light.
It was approximately a bit over three meters tall.
Its appearance was that of a sturdy suit of armor.

Monster: Mythril Golem
Level: 55
HP: 117/117
MP: 48/48

Looking at it now, it really seems like it has overwhelming stats.
Its strength is not just for show; who knows how many greedy adventurers monsters like it crushed to death already.

“We will peel that mythril off of you!”

Just as I stepped forward, the Mythril Golem also did the same.


The figure of a mass of mythril closing in while screaming in rage was certainly impressive.
I clenched my teeth to try and fight through the feeling of oppression it emanated.


A giant hand closed in to try and squash me to death.
I tried to divert it with [Parry], but I pulled my sword back at the last moment.

Going straight up against that monstrous strength is impossible.
It might even take my whole arm along with it.

Even through my shield, an impact shook my whole body.
I jumped back to dissipate the impact as much as possible, but even then I was unable to avoid all damage.
I was blown back about two more meters.

I knew this already, but the sense of presence and pressure it gives off is a lot different from how it was in Magic World.

“I wanted to hit it with a [Disarm] if possible, but it seems it won’t be that easy.”

However, I managed to complete my minimum objective.
While I had its attention, Luce used her [Acrobatic Steps] and got behind the Mythril Golem by running on the wall.

“Nice! I managed to get here!”

With this we managed to flank the Mythril Golem in this narrow passageway.
All we needed to do now is for me to keep its attention and for Luce to try and hit it with [Dice Thrust]s…., or that’s how it should’ve been.


The Mythril Golem stretched out its arms and started swinging them around both behind and in front of itself to ward us off.
Luce tried to stab her Black Steel Knife into the Mythril Golem, but she had to pull back in a hurry.
She only dodged the giant arm of the Mythril Golem by a hair’s breadth.

“Kyaah! That caught me off guard….”

The hands of the Mythril Golem carved out a large piece of the cavern’s walls, leaving finger shaped grooves behind.
Its destructive power is really on another level.

“However, trying to watch out for both directions in this narrow passageway was a bad idea.”

The right arm of the Mythril Golem closed in on me.
To ward off the right arm, I swung my blade.


With its course diverted, its right arm pierced into the wall of the cavern with great force.

Diverting the course of the Mythril Golem’s arm during a full-strength blow head on would have been too difficult for me right now.
However, these blows of the Mythril Golem were focused on simply warding us off, so its aim was too half-hearted.
And since it tried to attack both behind and front of it at the same time, its field of view was most likely largely disrupted as well.

I quickly closed in on the Mythril Golem.
The Mythril Golem pulled its left arm back from Luce in a hurry, trying to catch me with it.
However, I was faster than that!

“[Shield Bash]!”

I brandished my shield and delivered a full-forced ramming attack.

However, the [Shield Bash] is Skill that pits each other’s 【Defense+Attack/2】 values against each other, and if my value is higher, it pushes away the opponent, with the distance dependent on the difference between those two values.
And unfortunately, not just in the obvious Attack stat, but even in my highest stat, the Defense, I’m much behind the Mythril Golem.
It was instead I who was sent flying back pretty far instead.

But, that was perfect like that.
The reason why I used [Shield Bash] is to make it look like I was attacking, while falling back right away instead.
Thanks to the Skill launching me backwards, the Mythril Golem’s blow didn’t manage to reach me.

“Hah, you used both hands.”

The right hand of the Mythril Golem was still embedded into the wall, and its left was extended to its limit towards me.
It became entirely defenseless against Luce.

“[Dice Thrust]!”

The number 【6】 neatly popped up into the air.
The [Dice Thrust] pierced into the Mythril Golem’s back.
A crack appeared on its surface.

Monster: Mythril Golem
Level: 55
HP: 56/117
MP: 48/48

“Nice! Well done, Luce! One more hit left!”


The Mythril Golem lashed out with its arm while letting out a rage filled roar.
It even forcefully freed its right hand that was embedded into the wall by tearing out its surroundings.
Luce quickly used [Acrobatic Steps] and kicked off from the wall to avoid the Mythril Golem’s retaliatory strike.

Here comes the critical part.
We need to have Luce deliver another [Dice Thrust] with a 【6】 before it can recover with its [Automatic Recovery].

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