Heavy Knight Volume 2 – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 – Footsteps of a giant

“Well then, our remaining goal is another six Smiles. We got our new equipment and our levels went up too. Let’s finish hunting the rest right away.”

“So you are not counting the Cry, huh….”

Luce muttered with a strained smile.

Finishing up our short break, Luce and I proceeded further into the Dungeon.

For the time being we managed to outfit ourselves with the bare minimum equipment for our current level range.
However, I would like to get our hands on one step better equipment in the near future.

Black steel equipment simply has the best cost performance ratio, but it’s not nearly the most powerful one in our level range.
You need your weapon to be as powerful as possible.

That’s why we must not cut corners with making money.
I don’t want to fall into a situation where I can’t do something or get what I want, just because I don’t have enough money.

Especially if it’s an opportunity to obtain a certain rare Skill Book, no-one knows when the next chance would come.
We need to prepare, so whenever we might come across a Skill Book for the [Reaper Assassin], we would have the money at the ready.
In this world, if we miss a chance like that, who knows how many years we will need to wait for the next one.

As we were walking deeper into the cavern, a loud thump sound could be heard from farther out.

“W-what could that be….? A giant Smile perhaps?”

“There is no monster like that….”

I don’t think it’s a Wandering Lord either.
It hasn’t been that long since this Dungeon spawned, so there is no bounty for the Dream Lord yet.
There shouldn’t be any reason for desperate-for-money adventurers to spark a Wandering Lord incident.

Also, the Dream Lord of this place shouldn’t be capable of making this kind of sound.

“Is that a Mythril Golem!? I didn’t think that a rare monster like that would appear here….”

As if to verify my conjecture, thump, thump, the sounds continued.
There is no mistake.
This sound….those sounds are the footsteps of a Mythril Golem.

There should be a limit to how lucky we can be.
The Mythril Golem is a super rare monster of the Centipede Pit.
It’s on a whole another level compared to the rarity of the Cry spawning instead of a Smile.

If you manage to defeat it, it drops mythril, a material that can be used to craft a powerful weapon.

However, it’s also hell of a lot stronger than a Cry too.
The Centipede Pit has a lot of enemies whose movements are easy to anticipate, but a single hit from the Mythril Golem is simply too heavy.
In Magic World, funny anecdotes about players who got lured in by the low spawn rate and the possibility of rare drops getting party wiped were frequent, but in this world it would simply lead to death.

If we decide to run, then we should run, even if we have to cut short our exploration.
If it caught up to us while we were in the middle of fighting another monster, then that would be bad.

“It’s a high risk, high return situation. I would say it would be for the best to leave it this time, but….”

To be honest, I really want that mythril.
Mythril being a strong metal is a staple of fantasy, which is true in this world as well.
Equipment made of mythril is incomparably stronger than a black steel item.

“If you have trouble deciding, then let’s go for it! I might be a coward, but….If I was only that, then I would’ve quit being an adventurer already!”

“Are you okay with this?”

“That fact that you have trouble deciding simply means that the opponent has the advantage, Elma-san! If we had no chance to begin with, then I believe you would have no problem coming to a conclusion immediately!”

Luce did a guts pose with her fist raised.


When I first met Luce, I thought her to be a timid and good-natured person, but she turned out to be brave when it really counts.

“….alsoo, when I think about the fact that it was probably attracted by my high Luck, I don’t want to just leave it alone for some reason. My [Great Fortune] is probably the one to blame for this Mythril Golem, right….?”

Luce kept fidgeting and pushing her fingers together while she somewhat reluctantly said all that.

“W-well….that’s, probably the case….”

The Dungeons are nightmares of the Sleeping God Alzaroth.
Spawning monsters that fit the adventurers who enter isn’t that unusual.
It’s probably correct to assume that the Mythril Golem spawned due to Luce’s high Luck.
Ordinarily, it’s not a monster that appears frequently.

“Anyway….If you are that raring to go, Luce, then let’s face it without any more reservations. Let’s hunt ourselves a mythril giant.”

I punched my palm with my other hand.

The Mythril Golem has quite a high level and even higher stats.
It’s tough and has a high Attack.
It would be bad to attack it straight on.

“Well then…..first, we need to choose the terrain where we will be fighting it.”

“The terrain?”

“Yeah, like when we took down those Golden Ranas at the Angel’s Toybox, the width of the corridor was important, right?”

If the corridor was wider, then the Golden Rana would’ve been able to run away.
However, if it was too narrow instead, then it would’ve been impossible to get behind it without disturbing it.

In the Embryo fight too, since the height of the ceiling was the same as the Embryo’s altitude, Luce was able to stand on the ceiling and take it down like that.
In the Embryo’s original boss room the ceiling was much higher up, so she couldn’t have done the same there, and since the boss would’ve been able to freely fly around, it would’ve been much harder to damage it at all to begin with.

When fighting against a powerful opponent, the lay of the land becomes an important factor.

“This is a cavern type Dungeon, so depending on the place, there could be a huge difference in the terrain. For example, the height and width of the cavern, or the footing…. Since we can hear its footsteps, we should be able to easily lead it somewhere, so we should lure it to a place where it would be easier to fight it.”

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