Heavy Knight Volume 3 – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 – Phantasmal Dream Pit

“A rare Dungeon….?”

When Luce asked back, Celt started smiling widely.

“Yeah, that’s right. If everything goes well, then you should be able to gather up quite a fortune from it.”

A rare Dungeon….huh.
Basically, even if you clear a Dungeon, another one of the same name will appear somewhere else after an indeterminate amount of time.
Since they are randomly generated, the exact makeup changes between them, but the types of monsters that appear in them, and the Dream Lord at the end are always the same.
That means that no Dungeons disappear for good from this world.

However, each type has a different spawn rate; some appear quite frequently, while some do only rarely.

Among them there are the Phantasmal Dungeons, that only appear extremely rarely….which are also called bonus stages.
In exchange for the exceptional drop items and plentiful experience points, these types of Dungeons tend to disappear even without defeating the Dream Lord once enough monsters get taken down.

“That being said….we are just B rank adventurers…. Those types of Dungeons can normally only be cleared by A rank adventurers and above.”

“Tsk, what a stick-in-the-mud. But yeah, you’re right in that. I thought that you two would be able to take advantage of it, so I thought I would tell you about it, but I guess it’s too difficult in the end.”

Celt scratched his head.

Well….depending on the Dungeon’s level, we might be able to go for it, but the risks are a bit too much in this case.
If we get dragged into another Evolution or Monster Pool incident in a Phantasmal Dungeon, then we won’t be able to get out of that unscathed one for sure.

“By the way, what type is it? If it’s the type to drop rare items, then after the hubbub dies down, some of them might be put on sale in some of the shops for an exceptional price.”

“It’s just hearsay, but….apparently it’s called the Phantasmal Beast Tower.”

“The Phantasmal Beast Tower!?”

I unconsciously shouted back at Celt, and even stood up without thinking.
Even the very few other guests turned towards us, wondering what happened.

“Elma-san, Elma-san, that should still be a secret for now…..!”

Luce whispered to me in a quiet voice.

“Ah, my bad, I just….”

“Well, I had no intentions to delve into it, but….is it really something to get so surprised about?”

“Honestly…..if it’s the Phantasmal Beast Tower, then it becomes a different story.”

Within the Phantasmal Beast Tower, rare monsters from other Dungeons appear en masse.
Those rare monsters almost always drop some rare items.
It’s a basic strategy in the Phantasmal Beast Tower to search for the monsters that should drop the item you want, then hunt them and hope that the item actually drops.

Hunting down monsters brings forward the disappearance of the Phantasmal Dungeon, which makes it harder to go for the monsters you want, but even if you don’t, other adventurers could beat you to the punch.
Within the game, the insides of Phantasmal Dungeons always ended up as a kind of mud wrestling contest between high level adventurers.

“Do you have an item you want in mind, Elma-san?”

“….there are five types of monsters that appear at random in there, but one has a high probability of being the Grim Reaper.”

“Grim Reaper….?”

I nodded to Luce’s words.

“It has a fair chance of dropping the [Reaper Assassin] Skill Book. With that, Luce’s Clown Class should get a large boost in terms of attack power.”

The [Reaper Assassin] Skill Tree is indispensable for a Clown with [Great Fortune].
It’s basically the same as the [Smoldering Fang of Madness] for the Heavy Knight, in terms that it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call everything before you manage to get it the tutorial.

The [Reaper Assassin] itself is a fairly broken as hell Skill Tree, which every close combat Class could potentially contemplate picking up.

That being said, it also has a large drawback, which makes it so that a lot of players contemplate picking it up, but very few do so in the end.
It’s a Skill Tree that depends a lot on Luck, which could lead to having to eat a death penalty when it sometimes fails to deliver in a crucial moment.

However, with Luce’s exceptionally high Luck, that kind of risk might as well not exist.

In this world, the trading of Skill Books is under the control of the nobility.
If we let this chance to obtain one go, then who knows when we will get another opportunity.

“The Phantasmal Beast Tower is not that high level either…..It should be more than possible to keep to the more shallow parts and search for Grim Reapers while avoiding the deeper sections.”

If we manage to get the [Reaper Assassin] here, then we will be able to strengthen Luce by a significant margin.
Since it doesn’t have strict activation requirements like most Skills in the [Smoldering Fang of Madness] do, Luce could become even more overwhelmingly powerful than me at this point in time.

Skill Books have a low chance of dropping, but I have Luce who has great Luck with me.
We even got a Skill Book from the Embryo, even though we weren’t aiming for it.
If we keep ourselves to hunting Grim Reapers, the [Reaper Assassin] should drop sooner or later.

“Let’s do it, Elma-san! This is a time where we should do our best! If we don’t go now, then there would be no meaning to have become an adventurer!”

Luce clenched her fist tightly.

“Then I guess we have our next Dungeon target.”

I then glanced at Celt.

“So then….we would like the help of a skilled, at least B rank adventurer who we could trust….”

“Sorry, but I will pass on this. Thanks for the invite, but I have some prior engagements. Also, my motto is ‘stingy and steady’. It sounds like an excellent deal, and I would like to accept, but it’s not my style to take risks like that.”


“Well, just take it easy there. There should be no harm in just trying it. If you get too worked up about it, it might lead to some mistakes in judgment.”

“I guess so….”

There aren’t that many B rank and above adventurers.
Especially those that are flying solo are very rare, aside from peculiar types like Celt.
Even Mabel, who frequently participates in Raid Quests due to how good they pay healers for it, apparently has her own stable party.

Celt, who is playing at being a lone wolf, is different.

If we try to invite someone in a fixed party, they would not only refuse, but also bring their party and head to the Phantasmal Beast Tower themselves.
It may turn into just increasing our number of competitors instead.
Even more so in the case of a Phantasmal Dungeon, where every hunted monster gets us closer to its disappearance.
That being said, the solo players are made up of, aside from some people with unique Classes, mostly those that have some kind of personality problems themselves.

It looks like it will be better to go with only Luce this time as well….

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  1. Honestly, I just want to say this quick, but I very much appreciate what the author is doing here. I don’t find harems unreadable, but I love it when their is a clear two way relationship. Luce and Elma as been the power team for so long and, despite some opportunities, no one has interfered with that yet. I like that there is a clear directive with the romance, even if romance isn’t nearly the main focus of this story. I doubt that will change since we are already past 2 whole volumes too, which me like.

    Anyway, thank you for the chapter author-sama and translator-sama.

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