Heavy Knight Volume 3 – Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 – Luce’s strength



Apparently the other Sea Oni designated Luce as the first priority to be defeated after seeing one of their number blown away like that, so they launched themselves at her at the same time.



Mabel shot a lump of ice from the tip of her staff right in the path of the Sea Oni, hindering their movements.
Taking advantage of that opening, I stomped on their shadows.
I was using my crowd control Skill, [Shadow Stomp].

“Sorry, but you’ll have to fight me!”


The Sea Onis turned back towards me with somehow apparent annoyance.
Targeting those unprotected backs, Luce lunged to attack.

“[Dragon Killer Thrust]!”


Yet another Sea Oni’s body was destroyed by one of Luce’s attacks.

【You have gained 510 experience points.】

“Nice, got a second one……!”

However, aiming for the opening created by Luce using [Dragon Killer Thrust], another Sea Oni started targeting her with a newly deployed magic circle.

“Luce, get away from there! A [Water Slash] is coming!”

Right after my shout, an arrow came flying and pierced the forehead of the Sea Oni.


The momentum of the arrow caused the Sea Oni’s head to snap back, cutting off the magic circle it just deployed.

“Nice, Celt!”

Like that, we kept up hunting the Sea Onis.

By the time the Raid finished clearing out the area near the entrance of the Dungeon, we had ten Sea Oni corpses lying around us.

“…..wow, we really managed to run through these fast. Though it’s almost easy to forget after this, but [Lv: 63] opponents are very difficult to deal with. Whenever I party with you, we are able to get a lot more experience points than normal.”

Celt said after taking a good look around us.
The most number of Sea Onis the other parties were able to take down was apparently one or two at most.
There were a lot of adventurers that were looking at us with envious gazes.

“Though Luce’s Build is somewhat modest in terms of explosive power, with her high Agility she can handle most situations and doesn’t have any requirements for using her full power either.”

“If you call that modest then other attacker Classes will cry, you know.”

Celt had an exasperated expression on his face while looking at Luce.

“Aah! Everyone, come here! This Sea Oni will be dropping something! Ah, this Sea Oni as well!”

“…..and she even comes with an increased drop rate. Character Builds are really important, huh.”

Celt let out a deep sigh.

Luce was holding five small bottles as she came back to us.
Some kind of blue liquid was within the containers.

“Those are some strange items. Potions?”

Mabel blinked in confusion.

“Those are Ocean Drops. Alchemic materials. They are used to make some special potions. Though if you drink one as-is, it can restore some stamina.”

“…..I don’t really want to drink something that came from those Sea Oni.”

Celt took one of the bottles from Luce, took out its cork and smelled it.

“Celt, you should just pack it away into your Magic Bag rather than try to sniff it.”

“Why? Is it poisonous or something?”

“One of those cost about six million gold.”

Celt quickly put the cork back.

“S-say that with appropriate apprehension, dammit!”

Celt shouted at me then pressed a hand to his head.

“…..haaah, I feel light-headed. My common sense is going numb whenever I’m around you two.”

“You seem to be already the center of attention, Elma.”

At that moment, someone called out to us from behind.

“We came along due to a lack of manpower, but with you here you might take the spotlight even if Ojou-sama is able to excel here.”

It was the female knight, Izabella and an heir candidate of the Howlod Family, Snow.

It seems they are taking part in this Raid as well.
The two of them were running around trying to pile up achievements for Snow as an heir candidate, so them taking part in this Raid is quite expected.

Meeting them again like this, Snow was looking quite dignified.
She was calmly walking one step ahead of her servant, Izabella, and kept looking at Luce and I with an unreadable cold expression.

The two of them gave off quite a lax impression before, but their current appearance made me reaffirm that she’s indeed an heir candidate to the powerful and noble Howlod Family.
It’s making me kind of tense.

Snow stood in front of us and kept silent for a few seconds.

I was wondering how she would start the conversation when Izabella leaned down next to Snow’s ears.

“Ojou-sama, we’ve come to greet those two, right? Should I be the one to do it after all?”

“….j-just wait a bit, Izabella.”

Snow was taking deep breaths as she replied to Izabella, as if trying to find the best timing.

“I-I would like to thank you for coming to my aid the other day. Despite welcoming you as our guests, my father may have caused some inconvenience……”

“That elegant blue-indigo hair and that severe and taciturn bearing……Is she the young lady from the Howlod Family!?”

Celt stepped beside me.
Snow’s shoulder shook and she took a step back.

“I wasn’t doubting you or anything, but you really did manage to get acquainted with her…..”

“I’ve heard rumors about her, but this is the first time I’ve actually seen her in person. So she is that rumored lady from the Howlod Family…..”

When Mabel popped up as well, Snow retreated even further.
She ended up fully hiding behind Izabella’s back.

“S-so you had other people with you this time…..”

Izabella had an ‘oh no!’ expression on her face.

“Ojou-sama, will you be able to continue….?”

Izabella asked Snow in a quiet voice.
Snow minutely shook her head without saying anything.

….it seems that two people butting in out of nowhere was too much for the socially awkward Snow.

“Don’t be thinking that we owe you something now, Elma! Now that events have developed this much, vagabond adventurers like you won’t be needed. You adventurers are here just to make up the numbers. Don’t try to meddle too much, you hear me. I only came to tell you this! …..let’s go then, Ojou-sama. This way.”

After Izabella rattled out all that without pause, she pushed Snow with a hand on her back and left us with haste.

“What was that….?”

Celt was still looking at the retreating Izabella and Snow with a shocked expression.

…..I can now somehow understand why Snow would be known as a cold person.
It’s not just that she is usually shy and expressionless, but also due to how Izabella tries to cover for her at times.
Though, even Izabella is just desperately trying to divert attention from Snow’s shyness, so I can’t really blame her because of it.

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