Heavy Knight Volume 3 – Chapter 35

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Chapter 35 – The nastiest character Build

“Why is Kalos-san’s injury…..!”

Luce kept looking at Kalos, aghast.

“….he has a special Skill Tree composition. All poison damage gets flipped into a healing effect.”

“Turning poison damage into healing!? What kind of bullshit Skill is that!?”

Hearing my words, Kelt exclaimed with a trembling voice.

Owing to its nigh-immortal nature, this Build was feared as the Poison Zombie Magic Swordsman in Magic World.
Also, judging by Kalos’s equipment, this is not a Build that just happens to be similar to that one in concept.
It is most likely exactly the same as the Magic World’s.

〈Demonic Armaments〉
〈Poison Ooze Core〉
〈Angel Effigy〉

This is the Skill Tree composition for the Poison Zombie Magic Swordsman that was infamous in Magic World.

[Demonic Armaments] is the Magic Swordsman exclusive Skill Tree.
The Magic Swordsman Class is best suited for short engagement with its high powered Skills that come with various drawbacks, such as ones that also consume a certain amount of HP in addition to their MP cost.
In addition to those, it also has the [Cornered Beast Killer] Skill that raises the user’s physical abilities when under the effect of an Abnormal Condition, and some that can only be activated when falling under some specific ones.
In other words, it was a Class that was only supposed to show its true power in sticky situations, but with the help of Black Rope Sword Gehenna, the wielder can intentionally induce a poisoned state to increase their physical abilities.

The [Poison Ooze Core] is a special kind of Skill Tree that allows the user to obtain the same Skills that its namesake monster has.
It was originally nothing more than a somewhat rare, joke Skill Tree, with nothing to write home about Skills, but when one of them turned out to be the [Invert Poison Damage] Skill, it turned into a big commotion in Magic World.

Using that Skill they enjoy the high performance of items with drawbacks like Black Rope Sword Gehenna, while turning that drawback into an advantage. Finally, they can also make use of Magic Swordsman exclusive Skills like [Cornered Beast Killer] to increase their stats. That’s how the Poison Zombie Magic Swordsman operates.
Kalos is using the Pendant of Pain to double the poison damage, but then that doubled amount turns into healing.

If it was just that, then we could still deal with it.
The worst case scenario is if he also has the [Angel Effigy] Skill Tree.
That Skill Tree greatly raises the user’s maximum HP and Defense stats.
Since the poison Abnormal Condition’s damage is based on a certain percentage of the affected person’s maximum HP, this Skill Tree not only raises the user’s maximum HP, but the amount of healing done due to [Invert Poison Damage].

In addition to all that, it’s possible to pick up a powerful regeneration Skill from this Skill Tree as well.

“[Blessing Chant]”

A magic circle was deployed with Kalos at its center.
A divine light enveloped Kalos.

“He really does have it……[Angel Effigy]!”

With this, on top of the threefold combo regeneration effect provided by the Black Rope Sword Gehenna, the Pendant of Pain, and the [Invert Poison Damage] Skill, the healing effect of [Blessing Chant] is also added.

Defeating a Magic Swordsman with those advantages would take serious planning even at the same level.
Trying to do the same with four underleveled people, well….it’s certainly a comical premise.

However, the problem wasn’t just his obscene regeneration, but his significantly boosted attack power as well.
Furthermore, he also has the Skill, [Dark Energy], which allows him to exchange his HP for MP, making it impossible to try to outlast him by aiming to deplete his MP as well.

“Well then, I wonder how long will you all last.”

Kalos gripped the Black Rope Sword Gehenna tighter and dashed towards me.

An arrow loosed by Celt pierced deep into Kalos’s shoulder.
However, Kalos did not even deign it with a reaction.
He just shook himself to dislodge the arrow, then we saw the wound close at a rate visible to the naked eye.

“It’s useless to pay attention to trivial attacks like that. The only real threats here are Elma and Luce after all.”

“Damn monster…..!”

Celt was cursing like a sailor, but his expression was far from calm.

Our only saving grace is that the poisoned Abnormal Condition not only damages the affected, but also lowers their Agility.
However, with the beastly amount of stats provided by Black Rope Sword Gehenna, plus the ones given by [Cornered Beast Killer], his boosted Attack stat is incomparable to its base state.
Even [Half-Dead Savage Dragon] won’t be enough to handle it.
Despite my current state, I don’t think I would win out in terms of strength.

“[Relentless Vigor]!”

My body was covered by a blue light.
Red and blue, two layers of colors were intertwining around me.

〈Relentless Vigor〉【Normal Skill】
Can only be activated when the remaining HP is under 50%.
It lowers Defense to 【0】 and increases the Attack by the same amount.
While it’s activated, it continuously consumes MP.

Kalos unveiled his last ace.
The time to wait and see was over.
This was my last stand.

Kalos swung his sword at me in a grandiose manner.
By using [Parry], I deflected it to the side.

“Luce! If you and I strike him simultaneously, he will be obliterated, even in his current state!”

“G-got it!”

Listening to my words, Luce moved behind Kalos to take advantage of his blind spot.

“I should be able to do something against his poison with my healing magic as well….!”

“Don’t come closer!”

I shouted to stop Mabel from getting into close range.

“That black sword has the power to keep the wielder in a constant poisoned state! It’s no use while he has it in his hands! Healer Classes would just get killed in one hit if they carelessly get too close anyway! Mabel, prioritize healing Celt and Luce first!”


Mabel froze in place.
The Skill that can cure poison takes quite long to activate and its area of effect is pretty small as well.
Even if it could work, Kalos wouldn’t just stand there and wait for a spell that could prove to be his undoing to be cast on him; if Mabel were to casually stroll closer, she would be instantly killed by Kalos for sure.

“You little…..!”

Kalos swung another wide swing at me.
Even though I diverted it with [Parry], I was unable to handle the entire impact, making me slide back.


Kalos then swiftly swung his sword behind him, warding off Luce from coming closer.
After that, he raised his sword to the sky.
A purple light ran along the blade.

“Disappear, Elma….!”

Kalos brought down the sword.
A big one was coming!
I immediately retreated in the opposite direction.

“[Hydra Break]!”

Keeping its shape, the purple slash attack kept traveling in my direction while carving up the ground.
It’s an ace in the hole for the Magic Swordsman Class, that can only be used while under the effect of an Abnormal Condition.
Though it has quite a long cooldown time, so it can’t be fired in rapid succession, its traveling speed and power is near the top among all Skills.

The slash was moving faster than I was able to retreat.
Whether I could dodge it or not came down to the wire.
The slash brushed against my [Life Shield], destroying it.
Letting myself be carried away by its momentum, I was pushed backwards.

I slid back with my soles gripping the ground, then fell to my knees when I finally managed to stop.
Thanks to [Life Shield] I was able to minimize the damage I suffered from the impact, but that also means that I just lost my last safeguard just like that.
Even though I never saw it in this world before, I could predict that Kalos would use [Hydra Break] against me.
If only I had kept a part of my attention on a [Hydra Break] coming, I should’ve been able to dodge it completely.

“Why were you able to dodge that…..!?”

Kalos was grinding his teeth and glaring at me while swinging his sword at Luce, who was constantly hounding him from just outside his range.

As I tried to stand back up, I noticed my vision shaking slightly.
The poison got in.
Thanks to [Life Shield] I avoided a direct hit, so it seems I got off lightly with only 【Poison (Light)】, but even that comes with a damage over time effect and decreased Agility.

“What the hell am I doing…..”

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