Heavy Knight Volume 3 – Chapter 36

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Chapter 36 – Cornered with no escape

Even though I was already dancing on a razor’s edge, I managed to get hit with a 【Poison(Light)】 as well.

“Elma-san, let me heal you for now….!”

“We don’t have time for that!”

I vehemently refused Mabel’s suggestion and immediately launched myself at Kalos.
It would be impossible for Luce to face Kalos alone.

I have no intention of prolonging this fight until the poison’s damage-over-time issue comes into effect anyway.

While I was being pushed back, Luce made two clones with [Doppel Illusion] and ran around to buy time.
One of Luce’s selves used [Acrobatic Steps] to get up on the side of a sharp rock.

“Do not think that your tricks would keep working forever. The one that kept her clones between us the whole time…. You are the real one!”

Luce’s clone disappeared and Kalos’s blade struck the rock behind it.
Kalos’s eyes opened wide in surprise.

“It was a bluff…..!”

“Don’t underestimate me, please…..I’m putting my life on the line here, just as everyone else!”

The Luce standing behind Kalos readied her [Dragon Killer Thrust], aiming at his back.
Kalos quickly clenched his left hand into a fist and backhanded Luce away.

“Uugh….! I’m sorry, I was so close!”

Luce landed next to me.

“Don’t be impatient, Luce. Even if you manage to land a hit, he will just keep us away until he recovers. What we need is for the Savage Dragon and the Reaper to strike at the same time.”

Even now, that should be enough to take Kalos down.
That being said, whether we can create an opportunity to do so against him is a different story.

“G-got it!”

“[Dark Blaze]!”

Four masses of black flames appeared around Kalos.
Fighting a high level Magic Swordsman at a distance where he can freely use his magic is a bad idea.

“Clumping up like this gives him a perfect target! Luce, circle around to his back!”

Luce went ahead to circle around Kalos just like I said.
With this, we can split the black flames up some.

Kalos wants to take me down first since I’m the one directing the battle.
Out of the four [Dark Blaze] projectiles, three of them should be heading my way.
I need to deal with them while staying at a distance where I can still put pressure on him as well.

“Elma….I decided that taking you down first would be too difficult.”

Kalos had a smile filled with malice on his face.
The four black flame projectiles all flew towards Luce.


Noticing what Kalos intended, Luce changed directions right away to run away from the black flames.
Kalos even decided to move himself to box Luce in.

“Even now I can’t just brush off the damage you two could be capable of. I of course don’t intend to do something stupid like get hit by the two of you at the same time, but there is still a remote chance you know. Taking down Elma would be quite hard, so…..the logical move is to start with her, right?”

“Don’t underestimate me, please….I learned how to deal with these black flames from Elma-san just now!”

With graceful moves, Luce made use of the black flame projectiles’ meandering movements to intersect their trajectory with the caster himself.
This method of handling the projectiles is originally better suited for the small and nimble Luce to begin with.
With this she would handle the pursuit of the black flames and Kalos should be reluctant to follow up on his offense as well.

“Don’t underestimate you? That’s my line, little girl!”

Kalos took two of the conflagrations head on as he forced himself to get close to Luce and slash at her.

Since it will heal anyway thanks to his [Invert Poison Damage], it seems he just doesn’t care about any self inflicted injuries.


Luce jumped back to take some distance while blocking with her knife, trying to divert as much of the force as possible.
However, the remaining two black flame projectiles managed to home in on her.
Luce’s entire body was blown back by the resulting inferno.



It was a magic attack by a high level Magic Swordsman.
Luce could only roll on the ground like a puppet with its string cut.

Immediately, Kalos charged in to deliver another attack.
However, before he could hit Luce, I slashed at Kalos’s back.
Giving up on his attack, Kalos blocked my sword.

“Hahahahah! You managed to hold out for quite a long time! But, it’s over now!”

Kalos’s pitch black blade lit up with a purplish light.
It’s a sign of the incoming wide area attack, [Crimson Wave].
If he manages to release it at this point, the prone Luce would not be able to get away from it for sure!

Celt picked Luce up and dashed away from Kalos.

“Leave Luce to me! This is all I can do right now after all!”

It will still come down to the wire if they can get far enough away.
However, I can do nothing but trust Celt for now.

I gave a slight nod at Celt, then shoved my shield at Kalos.
It was my [Shield Bash] Skill.

Shield Bash is a special Skill that pits the user and the target’s 【Defense+Attack/2】 value against each other, where the one with the lesser value get thrown back a distance proportional to the difference in those values.
However, since my [Relentless Vigor] greatly decreases my Defense stat, my related value for the [Shield Bash] is also similarly greatly decreased.

I made use of that fact to launch myself back a great distance and jump back even further still when I landed.
The shockwave from the conflagration came next.
I used my shield to protect myself from the scorching wind that followed and rushed closer to Kalos once again.

When the dust settled, I saw Celt’s silhouette on the ground in the distance, protecting Luce with his body.
The clothes on his back were burnt to ashes and his skin was also charred.

“My bad…..I messed it up. I did manage to properly protect Luce though…..”

Neither of them will be able to rejoin the battle right away.
That means I have no choice but to hold off Kalos on my own.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! I wonder how they will turn it around. Hopefully no one dies, but idk about that

    1. It have something to do with Mabel new skill maybe. I did reread and realize author do foreshadow this: the discussion about resell a book skills that increase [stun resist] and [confused resist]

  2. The part with the shield bash looks poorly explained, but that might be author’s fault. Relentless Vigor doesn’t actually increase your atk+def total, so it will obviously lose against a higher level opponent with extreme buffs.

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    1. Nope, the formula in calculation is def + atk/2. It calculate full in defense and half in attack.

      Since Relent vigor convert all natural defense to atk, so value would be down almost one-third.

      Against Magic swordman which is high atk low def with stat of somewhat higher atk but almost no defense, value would be lower and get pushed instead.

  3. I hope this is solved by elma somehow and not by like reinforcements coming and him running away

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