Hello Work – Volume 2 Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 – Don’t misunderstand

“Are you feeling lonely now that Elizabeth is gone?”

While I was looking in the direction where Elizabeth has gone, Angela asked me that.

“A bit. If I was alone I might have felt like dying.”

Then I looked at the face of Sati, who was standing right next to me, and smiled. Right, I also have Sati with me.

“You too, Angela, you sounded like you were also quite worried about her. I thought you two were on bad terms with each other since you were always fighting.”

“It’s not like I especially hate her or anything. But since she was taking shots at me I returned the favor.”

Is that how it was? Anyway, that one at the end. Does it mean what I think it means? She said it was her first kiss too. But this is different culture, I wonder how deep of a meaning it has. I thought that the culture of romance wasn’t that different here from what I heard, but nothing came up in those talks about kissing itself.

Sati and Tilika-chan went in before us to clean up after breakfast. Should I ask about it?

“I don’t know if it’s alright to ask something like this. See, I’m from a far away country, right? There are many kinds of customs, so then Elizabeth, well, at the end……”


It was just a short moment and I thought maybe she didn’t see because it was in her blind spot, but it looks like she saw it perfectly.

“Yeah. I was wonder what degree of affection does it represent. Back at home you only did it if you liked them quite a bit, but I wonder if it’s done casually here?”

She said it was her first kiss, but there are countries like Italy where they smooch smooch as a greeting. Hm, or was that on the cheeks?

“We don’t do that casually. Elizabeth sincerely likes you, Masaru. If you don’t realize it then it’s just too sad for her.”

She said before that she was only joking, so I thought it was something that’s done casually here, but it seems it’s not that different from Japan. So does that mean that? The reason why she said it was a joke…..

“Mm, sorry. I knew she held a degree of affection for me, but I thought it was as a friend or as her disciple maybe.”

“Yeah. She isn’t too honest about her feelings sometimes.”

“You see, in the past there was a girl who I got along well with, so I tried to confess to her. But the result was a resounding defeat. She said she liked me as a friend, but not that way. After that we grew distant because of the awkwardness from that. And this happened two times……”

Even if I notice the affection they show me, I can’t tell if it’s from simple friendship or maybe just out of courtesy. Or maybe it’s really romantic affection. I can’t tell.

“I see……”

“So ever since, I became afraid of things like that.”

“Don’t worry. Elizabeth and Sati too, they sincerely like you, Masaru.”

There is no way to misunderstand Sati, but to think that Elizabeth too……

“Me too.”


“I also like you, Masaru. So don’t misunderstand.”

After saying that Angela went into the house, leaving me there like that.


After calming my emotions for a bit, I went into the house, but Angela left at the same time, saying that she will come by later. I’m thankful because I was a bit embarrassed to be face to face with her.

“Well then, I guess we should prepare and take Tilika-chan to the Guild.”


First escort Tilika-chan, then leave Sati at the training field. Then hunt on the grasslands since we are out of wild rabbit meat. After that, cut wood for firewood. Today’s schedule should be something like this. Let’s think about Angela later at length. I’m a bit dazed right now.


We arrive at the Guild and take Tilika-chan to the vice guild master’s place.

“Aah, sorry about this, every day. I want to thank you somehow, do you have something in mind? Should I bring another bottle of that alcohol? It’s made at an acquaintance’s granary, you see. Normally you can’t get ahold of it easily.”

Drevin is her boss at the Guild, but to Tilika-chan, who doesn’t have a family, he is also something like her guardian apparently.

“Ah, that sounds good. That alcohol tasted very good. But you don’t have to mind it that much. Sati is happy about it and Tilika-chan doesn’t eat that much anyway.”

If you compare the amount of food Tilika-chan eats to how much the big eater Sati eats, it’s only a very small amount.

“Also, I’m helped out by the Guild many times.”

Really, I’m very grateful that I can receive guidance at the training field for free.

“I see, I see. Well, then I will go and get some of that alcohol next time.”

“Okay. Sati, let’s go to the training field.”

“Understood, Masaru-sama. Bye for now, Tilika-chan.”

“Bye bye. Onee-chan.”


When we went to the training field Samson-san was looking after a young adventurer. As we called out to him, he left that person behind and came over to us.

“It’s good that you’ve come. Let’s train you well today too.”

“Yes. Instructor-dono!”

“Uhm. Is that fine to leave that other person there just like that? He looks like he doesn’t know what to do after being left like that.”

The number of instructors is limited so personal training normally happens on a first-come-first-served basis. If no one is free, then they wait while training by themselves.

“He is already a fully-fledged adventurer. It’s obviously more important to teach Sati-chan, who is still a trainee! But yeah I guess. Masaru, you go and take care of him.”

“Just for a short while. I have something to care of after this.”

“Hey, you there. Get this one to be your opponent.”

I get pushed by Samson-san towards the adventurer.

I take a wooden sword and stand in front of the adventurer. From what I’ve seen before when he was fighting with Samson-san, he is about the same as Crook, or a bit a stronger. I don’t think there will be a problem with me being his opponent.

“Well then, I will be your opponent.”

I take a stance with the wooden sword.

The adventurers in this world are all tall and have a good build. Well then, is everyone else like that too, you may ask, but no. Among people that just walk around or work in shops there are smaller people like normal. Most likely adventurers are people that were blessed with a good build and good reflexes, so they become adventurers because of that.

“Oi, pipsqueak. Are you with that girl? Cutting in like that you bastards. You should bring her too. I will make sure to take real good care of her.”

This one is quite big too. Compared to me, who is 160 cm, he is a head taller than me and also well built. The short and thin me must look like I would go flying with one tackle. His tone sounds very much like he is making fun of me.

However, I’m somewhat pissed. It’s true that I’m a pipsqueak, but the fact that he had his eyes on Sati, that I can’t forgive. Also, it’s not like we forced our way into the line. It looks like there is a need for some educational guidance.

“Now, now. I can use recovery magic, so you can come at with all you’ve got. Or maybe you are afraid of this pipsqueak?”

“Whattt! You fucking pipsqueak, don’t you run away. I will hit you black and blue!”

Ah, damn. He’s a bit scary. Since he lacks the sense of pressure compared to Orba-san from Dawn or Lazard-san I got carried away a bit, but he is scary after all. Now that I think of it, this is the first time I’m fighting with someone other than Crook and Silver or the instructors.

He must’ve realized that I got a bit scared. He is getting close while grinning.

Right after taking an overhead position he starts striking immediately. I defend against it with my shield, then I hit his torso lightly with a counter. It’s over the armor, but it should be somewhat painful.

Good, he is not that strong after all. I shouldn’t have been afraid of him.

He must be angry after taking a hit. He comes after me with a bright red face.

However, he lost his cool and his movements got sloppy. While eluding his attacks I called out with ‘Hey hey, don’t neglect your legs.’, kicked him and made him trip.

“Jend! Calmly watch his movements. Masaru, you do it more seriously too!”

As I was playing a bit, there came some instructions from Samson-san. The adventurer called Jend also got up and this time he carefully took some distance.

Seriously, huh. I can’t do a skillful trick like stopping my sword just before hitting, but we are using wooden swords and he has armor on too, so nothing serious should happen. If I fight with the instructors seriously they can handle me easily too and I held back against Crook and Silver to certain degree.

I didn’t get into any fights in Japan. I’m afraid of hurting people and I’m more afraid of this guy that’s calmly sending his killing intent my way. But this is training. Also, he need punishment since she tried to make a move on Sati. I’ll have to do it.

Jend was hit by a counter so now he is now using a wait-and-see approach.

So I will attack him from my end.

One hit, two hits, three hits.

Uwa, this guy is weaker than I thought!? Not at all the same as Crook.

But he must’ve underestimated me thinking that because of my small stature I was focused on doing many hits. He is taking a light stance aiming to match my movements.

I see. I deflected his wooden sword with my shield using a brute force approach, getting him off guard, then I hit his temporal region mercilessly with my sword. It was over the helmet, but I felt plenty of feedback.

The opponent collapsed onto the ground, groaning.

……shit, it hit square in the head!? 【Heal】 【Heal】

“Oi, are you alright?”

Jend stood up while shaking his head.

“Fuck. Another match!”

He is glaring at me hard. If you glare at me that much I’ll be scaared. I shouldn’t have done this. I hit him good once so I’m satisfied and don’t want to it anymore, but this guy is still rearing to go.

“Uhm, but after this I have something to take care of. So just one more time, okay?”

I told him while acting like I was calm.


There were a few instances where I got the chills, but after hitting him with three good hits Jend collapsed. After collapsing he started coughing. The last body hit may have broke some of his ribs.

“There, I will heal you now, 【Heal】【Heal】”

Maybe thanks to the Heals, his breathing finally normalized.

“Sorry. Your name was Masaru, right? You are strong, huh. Sorry I called you pipsqueak and made fun of you.”

“Nah, we also took your instructor. So we should be even.”

My heart is a bit pained. My strength is just borrowed from a cheat skill after all. This person must have trained himself until he bled. With my original strength, not even Crook, but I wouldn’t be able to win against Sati even. I feel really apologetic after being told that I’m strong like that.

“I see. Would you be my opponent some time after this too?”

What. If we talk normally he is not that bad of a person. His face is scary though.

“Yeah. If there is an opportunity. Then I’ll have to get going now.”

I call out to Sati and leave the training field.

Well then, I will head to the grasslands after this, but there is somewhere I have to swing by first.




I’m once again here at the Slave Merchant’s place. This time I normally go through the door. The same bald person was there to receive me as last time. Come to think of it, I didn’t even hear his name.

“Oya, young man. Is that girl faring alright? Are you perhaps here to return……”

“No no. She is working well. I’m here for a different matter today.”

“Is that so. She is working well. I’m happy to hear that.”

He must be imagining some weird things. But it’s too troublesome to explain so I’ll leave it at that.

“Then are you here for a further purchase? We got some new girls.”

“Uhm, no no. There was an older big sister on the right-most side last time, right? Is she still here?”

If she is still here then I could even buy her perhaps. I have the money for it.


To tell the truth I hesitated before coming here. However when I’m talking with Sati, she mentions that big sister frequently. Apparently she took very good care of her.

“Do you want to meet her again?”

When I asked her, Sati shook her head.

“She said if I was bought by someone then I should forget her and serve my master properly, she will do the same if it comes to that. So it’s alright.”

I see. That big sister sure is manly. But Sati was a bit teary-eyed. She probably wants to meet her after all.


“Aah, her. She was sold some time ago.”

Damn. I should’ve come earlier. But I only got the money 2 days ago and since Elizabeth was there she might’ve wanted to come with me.

“I see. Where were she sold to?”

“That falls under the private information of our client, so I can’t really tell.”

“Ah, no no. It’s for my girl, you see. She apparently got along well with her. So she was worried about how she is doing now.”

“If that’s the case. I can’t tell you who exactly, but she was bought by a wealthy individual to make her a maid. I haven’t heard any bad rumors about that person so she should be in good hands I think.”

“I see.”

Good, Sati should be happy to hear that.

“Ah, also. The girl who was the most expensive. That girl……”

“That girl was also sold I’m afraid.”

Mm. It’s a bit of a shame. Well it’s not like I have the money to buy her anyways.

“Will you take a look at them today? I will make the preparations.”

“Nn, no no, thank you. I have something to do after this. Thank you for telling me. Well then!”

Saying that I left the store behind. Dangerous, dangerous. If I carelessly were to look at them I might buy another one.

I’m the type to take a kitten home if I come across one……

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