Hello Work – Volume 2 Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 – The big does or doesn’t contain the small

When I went to the training field at the Guild, Sati was once again surrounded by instructors.

Today they increased to 5 people. Even Sergeant-dono was there.

“Ooh, if it isn’t Masaru! This girl is a prodigy! Nah, she is a once-in-a-hundred-years prodigy for sure!”

This pattern again. I thought of telling Sati before I left her here to hold back during training, but thinking that she probably can’t do something like that, I decided to let the matter take its own course. Well, it should be fine with her being a prodigy.

“She evolved yet again after overcoming a real battle, that must be it. Even if she is of the beast race, this fast an improvement. She has an amazing talent.”

“Hnnn, is that so. You are amazing, Sati.”

She is showered with high praises. As expected of Archery Level 5.

“Yes, Masaru-sama!”

Sati is honestly happy about it.

“But her tools are unacceptable. So is the bow, but you should buy a better sword and armor too. I would give her my old sword, but the size really doesn’t fit.”

“Fufufu. I’ve been thinking the same and prepared a bow. Here, this is it.”

“Wha-!?” “You bastard, getting ahead by yourself!” “You sneaky-!”

Like that the instructors are quarreling. I take look at the bow that has been handed to me. I don’t really know much about bows, but this looks like a high quality item with exquisite craftsmanship. I hand it to Sati.

“Can we really take such a good item?”

“But of course. I’ve already retired, you know. That bow should also be happy to be used by a master of Sati-chan’s level.”

“Good for you, huh, Sati.”

“Yes. Thank you very much, Instructor-dono!”

“Uuhm, what about the training after this? There is still quite a bit of time till noon.”

“Of course we keep at it. This was just a small break.”

“Then Masaru, I’ve something to talk to you about, if you have the time.”

“Yes, Sergeant-dono. Well then, Sati, do your best a bit longer.”

“Yes, Masaru-sama.”


“By something to talk about…..”

“Mm. You didn’t really show up lately at the Guild, right? The adventurers that you healed during the harpies’ attack came by to say their thanks.”

“Is that so.”

I get a flashback of the adventurers that died with their backs to the wall. But at the same time I remember what Priest-sama and the soldier guarding the gate said.


“What is it?”

“I’ve been afraid. I’ve heard that four people died during that attack. I was thinking that if the Templar Knight Order didn’t come, then me and Sati would also be amongst them. If I did things better, then maybe no one would’ve had to die……”

“I’ve also seen the way you and Sati fought there. It was plenty good work for newbie adventurers.”

“But, could I have done something else, I’m thinking about this all the time.”

“Don’t get full of yourself! Even if you can use some magic, you are still wet behind the ears. You spout that shit after you manage to land a hit on me even once.”


“The adventurers who died were most likely also prepared for it. If not, they would’ve ran away after seeing the flock of those harpies. You also chose to fight after seeing that, right?”


“Your efforts were more than enough. Maybe it wasn’t the most optimal, but it’s the result of you doing your very best. You were afraid? You’ve fought till the end without running away. Isn’t that enough? Also, being a bit timid allows you to live longer as an adventurer.”

“Yes, Sergeant-dono.”

“You had a terrible expression when you came to receive the reward, but now it become somewhat more passable. Did your mood improve after a week of sleeping in bed?”

“Yes. I got better after I told someone.”

“Good. Then, about the adventurers that wanted to thank you.”

“Right. I will make sure to show up every morning at the Guild, so at that time.”

“Got it. I will tell them.”


“What is it?”

“Can I ask you for a bout?”

“Very well. I’ll instruct you.”


I’m thinking that I could have fought better when I was attack by the harpies. At that time my magic was interrupted, so I panicked a bit. If I had fought calmly, then I would’ve been able to hold out until the Templar Knight Order arrived. And Sati wouldn’t have gotten hurt either. I need more experience instead of just relying on Skills.

After that, I was beaten to a pulp by Sergeant-dono of course. Just because I can use Recovery Magic, he really doesn’t go easy.


After training, we stopped by the usual arms shop to buy equipment for Sati. The short sword and the cheap leather armor turned inadequate for Sati who got stronger.

The armor is from the same material as mine. The sword also, when I let her choose it herself, she choose one that’s made out of the same black steel as mine, just somewhat smaller. Apparently it will take a few days for the size and mobility focused adjustments and the holes for the ears and tail to finish. With that the reward for the harpy battle is mostly gone.

After that we had lunch at the Dragon’s Breath restaurant after a long while.

I check the Skills during lunch. There are still some Points remaining.

If I assume that we will be going into the forest soon, then detection type Skills will be needed. I’ve been debating raising Swordsmanship, but I raised Aural Detection to Level 4. With the remaining 2, I raised Shield to Level 2. She became able to do quite a bit of cooking, but I wonder when will her Skill advance to Level 2. Of course I won’t use Points for those kinds of Skills.


Skill Points  0P

Cooking Level 1 , Housework Level 1

Aural Detection Level 4 , Olfactory Detection Level 2 , Sturdy , Hawk Eyes

Evasion Level 2 , Shield Level 2 , Swordsmanship Level 3 , Archery Level 5


After that my Skills are next. My level went up by one during the harpy battle, so I can use 10 P.


At first the Skills were listed in the order I picked them up, but after their number increased I complained in the Journal that they are hard to view, then the next day it became ordered by type. It’s good that the response is fast, but I think it should’ve been this way from the beginning.

First I raised Shield and Evasion to Level 3. For the harpy battle Swordsmanship Level 4 was most likely enough. What isn’t enough should be my defensive ability. With the remaining 4 P, I raised Sense Presence to Level 4. Combined with Sati’s Aural Detection Level 4, there shouldn’t be a case where we get the initiative taken from us even in the forest.


Skill Points 25P

Skill Reset , Rasgrad World Standard Language , Clock

Cooking Level 2 , Covert Action Level 3 , Stealthy Steps Level 2 , Sense Presence Level 4

Stamina Recovery Enhancement , Willpower , Body Enhancement Level 2

Shield Level 3 , Evasion Level 3 , Hand-to-hand combat Level 1

Archery Level 1 , Spearmanship Level 1 , Throwing Skills Level 2 , Swordsmanship Level 4

Mana Perception Level 1 , High-speed Chanting Level 5 , Common Magic , Everyday Magic

Recovery Magic Level 4 , Fire Magic Level 4 , Water Magic Level 3 , Wind Magic Level 3 , Earth Magic Level 3


【Water Magic Level 3】(1) Water Ball (2) Water Whip , Water Bullet (3) Water Wall , Ice and Snow

【Wind Magic Level 3】(1) Wind Bullet (2) Wind Blade , Wind Wall (3) Lightning , Wind Storm , Flight

【Earth Magic Level 3】(1) Earth Bullet (2) Earth Wall , Hardening (3) Golem Creation , Rock Bullet


After lunch we went to the grasslands and did some test runs. I practiced some elementary level spells in the garden while I was idling about, but the Ice and Snow, Lightning, and Wind Storm couldn’t really be used in the garden.

As expected the interesting one was Earth Magic. Earth Bullet and Rock Bullet are plain spells that, just as the name suggests, shoot stone and rock, but the Earth Wall looks very versatile. Depending on your mental image and the amount of mana used, there is a high degree of freedom.

Hardening is magic that fortifies materials and it looks like its effect continues on for quite a while. When I used it on a tree’s branch, it became as hard as iron. I tried using it on my own body too, but it looks like that wasn’t possible. Life forms are probably outside the range of its possible applications.

By using Golem Creation a roughly 1 meter tall golem appeared that was able to listen to simple orders. Simply using it as a shield or making it rush the enemy, this should also have many kinds of applications. I was wondering if I could make it bigger maybe, but it was not possible. What I could do was bring out multiple ones and change the length of time they can be maintained.


In the afternoon, Angela and Tilika came over like usual and we ate together. Lately Tilika-chan also got used to it, so she can cook some simple things and she’s also able to use the kitchen knife. Maybe Angela’s way of teaching is good. At any rate, it’s nice that I don’t need cook at all almost. Maybe I will attempt making a new kind of food next time.

While I was staying at home I had the children make more mayonnaise.

The lineup was partially different. It was probably too hard after all.

I thought maybe I could do it with Wind Magic, but the mayonnaise scattered in all possible directions. It also got on Sati and she made a somewhat unpleasant expression. That was the first time I’ve seen Sati make that face. For the time being I apologized to her then we cleaned the place together until the dining room was finally cleaned by using Purification.

Of course we took a bath together after that. We need to properly get cleaned, right?

It would be nice if I could make something like a mixer, but unfortunately I was always bad with manufacturing. A plastic model was about the only thing I made so far. It will probably end up as a job for the children for a long while.


Aiming for a timing when it was just the two of us, Angela initiated a conversation.

“Say, today… with Priest-sama….uhm”

I see. The reason why Angela was restless the whole time since she came over was because she was curious about my talk with the Priest-sama. I also told Sergeant-dono, so I guess I will talk about it for a bit with Angela too.

“You know how I said I was injured during the harpy battle, right?”


But I didn’t say that I almost died. I only told her that I got injured on a level that Recovery Magic could easily heal. It’s not a lie so Tilika-chan didn’t react either. I also told Sati to keep silent so they wouldn’t worry.

“I was afraid of what happened that time after all, you see. There were people who died too, right. So I consulted with Priest-sama who might be knowledgeable about these things since he used to be a member of the Templar Knight Order. I couldn’t really run to Angela crying either, right?”

By the way Sati doesn’t really mind it apparently. In the end we both survived so it fine, we just have to do better next time, she said. Sati is someone amazing after all.

“I see. I wouldn’t really mind it. Comforting you.”

Comfort……with those big breasts? Please do, by all means. Sati is cute, but she is lacking in the breast department.

“Sergeant-dono said it too, but did I really have a terrible expression?”

“Nn. You were pale too and looked very discouraged.”

“I see, it seems I caused you to worry. But now I’m alright.”

“Nn. You look refreshed today. You also seem more energetic too, so I’m glad.”


After everyone took their bath as usual, Angela said she will stay for tonight.

“There are many children at the orphanage so it’s noisy. It’s nice and quiet here.”

“If that’s how it is then anytime you wish. There are free rooms too.”

It’s not like I can refuse Angela’s request as she is sticking closely to me. Maybe she was worried about how I was downhearted lately, she started clinging to me as much as Sati. Her breasts are touching me a bit. Is she touching them to me intentionally? I imagine that’s the case. Since she said she liked me too.


After I finished writing the Journal, I start reading the history book that was lent to us by Tilika-chan. By this time Sati and Tilika-chan is already in bed usually, they are quite late….. As I was thinking that, Angela came in the room.

“Uhm, I had something to talk to you about.”

We sit together on the bed with Angela. Somehow her face is bright red.

“Your face is red? Do you have a fever maybe?”

Saying that I tried to touch her forehead, but she let out a ‘Hya-‘sound with a cute voice.

“Ah, sorry.”

I hurriedly pull back my hand.

“Ah, nn. It’s okay. So then, you said you liked me before, right? I was wondering if it’s still valid or……”

Aah, I see. Lately I was preoccupied with Sati, so she might have felt abandoned. But making a pass on Angela while I’m involved with Sati, that would make feel very guilty…… Sister Matilda said those things, but when it really comes to it, well….

“I like you even now.”


Angela leaned in closer.

This means she wants to kiss, right? But wait just a moment. Where is Sati and Tilika-chan?

“Uhm. What about Sati and Tilika-chan….?”

Angela says while averting her eyes.

“To tell you the truth I had them sleep in the other room. They won’t come here today.”

“Well. Does that that mean that Sati gave her approval?”

“Nn. It ended like this after we discussed it…..”

Sati, did you sell out your master!? No, should I say good job instead?

“Are you fine with it, Angela? You know, me and Sati….”

“Nn. I also heard about it from Sister Matilda, but that’s how it is. Also, if it’s Sati….”

Aah, right. They get along well everyday in the bath.

“Uhm, surely not, but did you hear about what me and Sati….”

“Nn, sorry. I heard of everything.”

Uoooooooo. That girl! I’ll have to spank her for this!

But first Angela-chan in front of me.

“Hoh. What kind of things, for example?”

“About the first time and such…..uhm….”

Even that…..really everything. Sati, you…..

However, seeing the blushing Angela looking embarrassed, I couldn’t endure any longer.


I hold her shoulders, lean in, and lightly press my lips to hers.

“So you heard Sati talk about it and you couldn’t hold back anymore?”


Angela is also twenty years old. I understand that all kinds of frustration piles up. I understand it too well. I will have to relieve that for her.

“U-uhm. It’s my first time, so please be gentle…..”

But of course. I’ll gently and thoroughly caress her!


–Angela’s breast were truly splendid.

Truly splendid.

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