Hello Work – Volume 2 Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 – Police Officer, this way!

When I woke up, I sensed the presence of a living being. Right in front of me. When I suddenly opened my eyes, Sati was sleeping right next to me. The futon was also laid down. I crawl out of the sleeping bag and shake Sati awake.

“Uhm, I woke up during the night and I saw Masaru-sama sleeping on the floor, so I tried to move you to the bed, but you were too heavy for me”

A slave sleeping on the bed while its master sleeps on the floor is outrageous. So she apparently laid the futon down and slept with me on the floor.

“Let’s go buy a futon for Sati today, okay?”

“The bed is big and I would also prefer sleeping together with Masaru-sama.”

I hear that at the slave dealer she was sleeping together with that eldest sexy onee-san. Maybe she is scared of sleeping alone.

“She taught me a lot of things and was really kind to me.”

Was it her that told her that her master would be happy from seeing her naked!? Teaching her unnecessary things…..

Let’s have breakfast for now. I had Sati make the same kind of soup as yesterday’s. Then we just add bread to that. The seasoning is a little strong, but oh well, let’s give it a passing grade. The bread is going down more easily if it’s a bit salty.

After breakfast, I decided on a bath. I would’ve liked to take one yesterday and since I invited a guest over for today I want to make sure we are clean.

Yesterday, when we went to have Sati’s Guild Card made, Tilika-chan had a request to me. For 「meat」, that is.

So I invited Tilika-chan over for lunch and it was decided that I would treat her to some dragon meat.

The bathtub in this house is spacious. Two adults can enter comfortably. This was also one of the reasons I decided to rent this house. But because of that it’s also more difficult to prepare the bath, but if you use magic, there, the preparations for the bath were done in 1 minute. That is convenient. I also got better with controlling the temperature, so the water temperature is also just right.

While I was heating the water, I produced a lot of it and some of it got on me, so I decided to go in first.

As I was pouring water over my head and started washing it the door suddenly opened. I can’t open my eyes so I can’t see, but of course, there is only one person who would enter right now. I only said to Sati that I will go in first. I forgot to tell her to wait or to not come in.

I didn’t think that she would storm in here like this.

“Masaru-sama, I will wash your back”

“No, wait a minute!”

As I moved my hand with my head still covered with bubbles I somehow touched some kind of soft thing. Sati raised her voice with a “Kya-“.

“So-, sorry”

That feeling just now…..

“Ah, I understand, the head before that. Please don’t move.”

My head was seized, then washed by Sati enthusiastically. Crap, what do I do know. If I tell her to get out she will certainly cry.

“Uhm, Sati-san. Taking a bath should be done alone and leisurely….”

“Not possible. Washing its master’s back is also an important duty of a slave. ‘You must not neglect it’, is what onee-san said.”

That person again!

“Is your head not feeling good? When we washed each other with onee-san she praised me, saying I’m good at it.”

“No, it does feel good…..”

Washed each other…. I accidently imagined it for a bit.

“There, I will pour water on it now~”

The soap on my head is being washed down. Fortunately, it seems Sati moved behind me.

“Then I will wash your back next”

*Scrub scrub* My back is being washed. If I can’t persuade her, then it will be all kinds of bad.

“Uhm, listen. Isn’t it shameful for a lady to show her naked body like this?”

“Masaru-sama said that one has to undress before entering the bath. And also, I’m a slave so I’m not a lady.”

After my back was done, my arm was captured and being washed. It feels very good. I now understand why that onee-san said she was good. Certainly, I wished for this kind of situation before, but, how do I say it, this was too abrupt. Ah, both my arms are done.

“I will wash the front too, so can you turn this way?”

Nono, this is bad. That would be too much.

“No! Don’t worry about the front! I will wash it myself! There, go and enter the tub first.”

“Is that so?”, she said as she entered the tub, sounding a bit disappointed. Yosh, avoided!

For the time being I hurriedly wash my front. I wash away the bubbles with the hot water. By taking a short glance, I see that Sati is sitting in the bathtub, looking this way unwaveringly. Am I being targeted? She is most likely watching out for a chance to attend me. As I was contemplating what to do, “Please come in”, she pulled my arm and almost stood up so I hurriedly entered the bathtub.

Facing away from Sati, I sit in the bathtub. This bath after a long time sure feels good. Also, at the orphanage, there were a lot of kids, so I couldn’t take it easy then really. Ah, a bath sure is nice~. As I was escaping from reality, Sati suddenly brushed against my back.

“Uhm….. I, I did my very best, but was there something I did wrong?”


What did I do wrong?

He bought me, who had bad eyes and no redeeming quality. I thought it was of course for that kind of reason so I tried to appeal to Masaru-sama every chance I got, but all I got was this kind of reaction.

I tried to do it just as onee-san taught me, but what did I do wrong, I wonder. Maybe I wasn’t skillful enough. Even though someone finally bought me, maybe I will be returned to that place once again.

I don’t want to be there anymore…

If I’m still unspoiled I can be sold back at a high price.

Is that why Masaru-sama won’t make a move on me?

Onee-san said so. You must receive your master’s affection no matter what. After he laid hands on you, your value would fall even if he wanted to sell you back and he could also grow attached. Therefore, Sati, do your best, she said.

I also tried my best during the bath. The truth is, seeing a man naked…. was very embarrassing, but I braced myself. But Masaru-sama is facing away from me in the bathtub.

Seeing that, I became sad. Will I be sold once again?

Will I be returned to that place once again?

I don’t want to be there anymore…. I want to be beside Masaru-sama from now on forever…..


Sati started crying.

“Nononono, you didn’t do anything wrong. Sati is doing her best!”

“But! Yesterday I fell asleep first and made Masaru-sama sleep on the floor, I can’t even do cooking right….. Masaru-sama is an amazing magician who can do everything, so I thought you wouldn’t need someone like me….”

“Of course I need you. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have bothered buying you and I also like you very much and also want you.”

“Is that true?”

“Yeah, it’s true, it’s true.”

“Then will you receive me?”

“Uhm, then tonight, okay? Will that be alright?”


I said it. But is that really alright? Even though Sati is really happy about it. I won’t be reported like, ‘Police Officer, this way!’, right?

“Uhm, then, washing each other….”

“Ah, I will get out first. Sati, you get out after you carefully washed yourself first, okay?”

….I’m sorry everyone.

Any more than this is too much for a virgin like me. I left Sati in the bath and quickly retreated.

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