Hello Work – Volume 2 Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 – Gorbas Fortress in danger

That day, as Sati and I were doing our drills at the training field, a quiet sound of a bell could be heard one time.

The adventurers and the instructors who heard it stopped what they were doing and looked at each other. We have heard the sound of this bell before. It’s the sound we’ve heard many times during the harpy battle.

However, that time it was three times in a row. This time it was just once. It’s sounding out intermittently with some time in between. The instructors tell everyone to gather at the Guild Hall. I have a bad feeling about this. Will it be a battle like with the harpies before?

I was only informed of this later, but apparently the number of times the bell is rang shows the degree of danger. With just one, you only need to be on low alert. With three chimes it a fairly high state of emergency. That time with the harpies, even if monsters came attacking it was outside of the town, so three chimes.

That means if that came for the town, then it would’ve turned into continuous ringing. Also, adventurers are apparently required to gather at the Guild first when they hear the ringing.

Angela explained this to me in detail even while say that this is something that even a three year old child would know.

Many adventurers had gathered at the Guild Hall, so it’s noisy in here. I went to the receptionist old guy’s place with Sati.

“What is happening?”

“I think there will be an announcement soon, but an emergency request will be declared.”

“Emergency request?”

“Right. It will be compulsory for those of at least D Rank, unless they have a very good reason to be exempt, so Masaru-kun will have to take part in it too. There, it’s starting soon.”

Our current Ranks are D for me and E for Sati. But compulsory, huh. I got even more of a bad feeling about this now….


The vice Guild Chief came out together with Tilika-chan. The Guild Hall quiets down at once.

“Listen! Adventurer ladies and gentlemen! Just now, an emergency report has came in via a Transfer Mage. At this moment, Gorbas Fortress is besieged by a large group of monsters, so we will head to reinforce them. This is an emergency request!”

Gorbas Fortress!?

That’s where Elizabeth……I feel the blood suddenly leaving my face.

“As you know, it takes two days to reach the fortress in a hurry from here. If the fortress falls, then this town will face danger next. A message was delivered to the Capital too, so by now they are probably preparing the army. Our role is to protect the fortress no matter what until the army can get to it. The first group will set out in three hours. As for the details, you should ask the Guild personnel. That is all!”

“The fortress is…..” “How many years was it since….?” “But that fortress won’t simply….” “I have to let my family escape…..”

Our surroundings started moving with a commotion. What should I do?

That time, the old guy from the reception called out to me.

“Masaru-kun, Masaru-kun.”

“Ah, yes.”

“The vice Guild Chief is calling for you, so can you go there now?”



When I went to where the Vice Guild Chief and Tilika-chan was, Sergeant-dono was there too. He said I’m the only one he has business with, so Sati went to Tilika-chan and we started talking.

“Ooh, Masaru. Thanks for coming.”

“No problem.”

“I will ask just to be sure, you are participating in the emergency request, right?”

“I can reject it?”

“You can. However, the penalties are high, since you will be heavily fined for a contract breach or in the worst case you might even get expelled from the Guild.”

“I will participate of course.”

I have to go help Elizabeth.

“Good. Then I would like to ask you to transport the goods this time too.”

Sergeant-dono said.

“Goods, is it. But if there is a Transfer Mage then he can use Space Magic too, right? Isn’t it best to put them in the Item Box and transport them?”

“It’s not that easy. In case of Transfer the mana consumption is increased based on the weight. That also includes the contents of the Item Box. When they are using Transfer they empty their Item Box and also wear light clothes. A Transfer Mage that can transport something else beside himself is very rare.”

I thought of taking Space Magic, but if I can’t carry luggage or take Sati with me, then I really have to think it over. Or maybe with my magic power and Skill level it would work out somehow? Elizabeth is probably knowledgeable about the topic, but the Space Magic was a topic to avoid, so I couldn’t ask her.


I was led to the warehouse where weapons and armors were piled up in a heap. Also, a lot of arrows.

“That and this. This one too. Is there room for more? Then this and….”

I stored everything as instructed.

“I was thinking this for a long time, but your Item Box is amazing…..I’ve never seen one that could hold this much.”

“Aah, as expected it’s almost full now.”

My Item Box is still about half-way filled. But Tilika-chan is with Sati, so she is not around.

Even though I said it’s almost full, I was only released after cramming in some more things.

“Well, it’s fine. If you can transport this much then space will be freed up on the carriages and we can take more adventurers. It’s a big help.”


I need to hurry up with our preparations next. There is not much time.

I call Sati who was talking with Tilika-chan.


“Yes, Masaru-sama.”

“Sati should….”

“I don’t want to. I will go too.”

I got an immediate reply before I even finished saying she should remain here.

“Sati is Rank E. You have no obligation to participate in an emergency request.”

“I will accompany Masaru-sama anywhere. Also, if the fortress falls, this place will also be in danger, right? It’s dangerous all the same.”

The current Sati is stronger than me if we don’t count the magic, so she would indeed be an asset, but I don’t want to expose her to danger. I thought of letting her stay at the orphanage or with Tilika-chan, but…

“It’s dangerous, you know.”

“I know. Besides, I’m also an adventurer. I’m prepared for it.”

She says this even after experiencing the harpy battle. She is serious.

“Got it. Let’s go together.”

“Yes! Masaru-sama!”


After leaving the Guild we went to the shopping district where more than double the usual amount of people were crowding around, they already started buying up goods.

However, the familiar places sold their remaining stock to me when I said I’m going to the fortress. I also have a lot of emergency food stored, so if it’s just the two of us, we will probably be fine for quite a while.

“Do your best. And make sure not to get injured.”

“Yes. I will come shopping when we’re back.”

With that I bid farewell to the grocery store auntie.


The orphanage was also somewhat busy. Maybe they are evacuating. Sister Matilda was in the dining hall.

“Aah, Masaru-chan! Masaru-chan is also going to the fortress, right?”

“Yes, so I wanted to ask if you could watch the house for me while we are away.”

“I understand. Leave it to us. Ah, wait just a bit. An-chaaan. Angela-chaaan.”

After waiting Angela came out.

“Masaru! You are going too, right?”

“Yeah, so I was thinking of saying goodbye.”

“I’m also going along with Priest-sama.”

“Eeeh!? Will you be alright?”

“It’s the job of a Priestess. It doesn’t matter if I will be alright or not. Besides, I will be treating people behind the lines, so as long as the fortress doesn’t fall there won’t be any danger.”

“I see. I guess that’s true.”

I’ll just have to do my best.

“I’m more worried about Masaru. Sati, properly protect this one, okay?”

“Yes, Angela-sama.”

Muh. Why do the people around me always ask Sati to protect me. Usually it should be the other way around….

“Then bye for now. I also need to prepare some things. Let’s meet once again over there.”

Angela will set out with the second group. We promised to meet up with her over there, then left.


We returned home, then first of all stored the contents of the refrigerator. I think I will bring some cookware too. What is it that we need besides those, hm. If we have tents the two of us can sleep there.

Right, it’s cold lately, so I will take a futon set too.

I also lock up the house.

“Masaru-sama. I will speak with the neighbors too.”

It seems that before I noticed Sati became acquainted with the neighbors.

Did we forget anything?

I got the tent, food, and Sati. Our equipment is also ready.

Hm, do we have enough arrows? I thought that we have more than enough, but if it comes to a long term defensive battle, then we may run out. We should have more for Sati’s use too.

The arms shop next to the Guild was packed. Well that’s to be expected. I guess we were late in coming. As I was thinking what to do, the usual sales clerk found us and approached us.

“Please wait a moment.”

Saying that he went to the back and brought out a mountain of arrows on a pushcart.

“I thought that guest-sama would come, so I set it aside.”

What a good guy.

“Thank you very much.”

“Not at all. Those of us who remain behind can only do this much. You too”, he starts speaking to Sati.

“Make sure to protect you Master well.”


This is that, right. It’s not like the problem is that I’m not dependable or something, but that it’s obvious for a slave to protect their master, right? If not, then every single person we come across wouldn’t say this, right?

Nn. It’s not at all because I look unreliable. It’s not, right?


There was a great number of carriages prepared in front of the Guild.

As we were aimlessly wandering around not knowing what to do, Sergeant-dono was there so I called out to him.

“Masaru. You are with me.”

So we were made to sit in the second carriage from the front.

Soon we departed. The town people came out to the streets and shouted, Do your best!, Take care!, and such towards the line of carriages. As we went through the gate the guard duty soldier found me and waved his hand toward me.


We move forward on the highway while shaking on the carriages. As I was sitting still, somehow my uneasiness started growing.

“Um, Sergeant-dono…..Do you think the fortress is alright?”

“It’s fine. Is what I want to say, but I don’t know.”


“Have you been to the fortress before? ….hm, so no. Besides the fortress walls there are additional two layers of outer walls there. It won’t fall from just any simple attacks, but…”

But? But, what?

“Keep this between us. You guy too.”

He warned the surrounding adventurers who were listening.

“Apparently there was at least two large species earth dragons amongst the enemy.”

“Earth dragons?”

“It’s the wingless version of the dragon you fought in the forest. It can’t fly, but it’s unmistakably of the large species. If it’s not stopped properly then it can bite a hole in the fortress walls. I don’t want stir up panic, but it’s possible that by the time we arrive there, the fortress has already fallen.”

The adventurers keep their silence.

“But, well. There are remarkable people gathered there. It won’t fall easily. It’s no use being worried now. Just rest properly while you can.”

“Um, Sergeant-dono.”


“Do you think the pioneer village is alright?”

Sergeant-dono shakes his head.

“Don’t know. I hope they could escape properly.”


Sati, who was sitting beside me, looked up at me with a worried expression.

“It’s alright. We are talking about that Elizabeth. She must be eating the fried meat we gave her right about now.”

Saying that I pat Sati’s head.


Please be safe, Elizebeth.

I promised to feed you pudding when you got back, right?


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    P.S. I’m not a fun of fire magic because even though it has the most power out of all 4 main attributes, it goes beyond beating enemies and destroys everything in its path… Wind magic has less power but is more precise so it’s better for shooting a lightning in a dragon’s forehead 🙂

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