Hello Work – Volume 2 Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 – Apostle of the Gods

“Please sit, Sister Angela.”

I was confused as to why I got suddenly called to Priest-sama’s room. Judging by how he is talking to me so ceremoniously, maybe it’s a scolding or something like that. That reminds me, maybe I’ve been staying at Masaru’s place too often lately. Or maybe….. no, that should be fine. Perhaps…..

“Sister Angela?”

“Y-yes. What might it be that you want to talk to me about, Priest-sama….”

“It’s about Masaru-dono.”


“How is Masaru-dono faring lately?”

Somehow it doesn’t seem like he will get angry. I was a bit relieved and told him about how things went lately.

“I see, I see. It seems you are getting along well.”

I wonder what’s this about? I can answer questions like this even between treatments.

“What I want to speak with you about is after this. Please keep the following confidential.”

My doubts has showed up on my face I guess. Priest-sama has moved on to the main subject.

“Yes, Priest-sama.”

“Are you aware of the existence of Apostles?”

“Apostles……are you talking about the Hero?”

That came out of nowhere. I don’t really know what Priest-sama is getting at.

“That’s right. However, there are other Apostles besides him. The Gods sometimes secretly send their Apostles to save us, or simply just to watch over us.”

This was the first time I’ve heard of this. Maybe it’s only known to the higher-ups of the Temple.

“So, about Masaru-dono.”

Back to Masaru again? Where is Priest-sama going with this?

“He may be an Apostle.”


“You are too loud.”

“I-I’m sorry.”

Masaru, an Apostle?

“At this point it’s just a possibility. However, apparently, most Apostles have high abilities, strange powers and possess peculiar knowledge. Anything comes to mind?”

Now that I think of it, his rate of improvement in magic is a bit abnormal and he also knows how to make foods that I haven’t come across so far.

“There is also the fact that he is somewhat unfamiliar with our general knowledge. They say that the Hero was summoned from a different world.”

“Then I will ask Masaru…..”

“No no, wait a little. Now it’s still only a possibility. Apostles are sent only very rarely, so I think it’s only a slight possibility. Even if he is an Apostle, if he hides this fact, then there must be some reason behind it. Please just watch over him for the time being.”

“Yes, Priest-sama.”

“But if he really is an Apostle, then we have to aid him with all we have, both openly and behind the scenes. Since that is one of the duties of our Many Gods Temple.”


“Well, even if he is a normal person, he is still a fine young man with high magic power. There should be no demerit to making connections with him. Sister Angela. Make sure to get along well with him. You have feelings for him, right?”

“W-well….should I say feelings, or…..”

“It’s alright. Sister Angela should experience falling in love at least once. I’ll make sure that your work here doesn’t become a burden, so please watch over him as much as possible. However, please treat him the same way as usual so he doesn’t find out that we suspect him of being an Apostle.”

“Yes, Priest-sama.”

“It’s approved by the Temple, so you can get as close to him as you want. If that leads to Masaru-dono joining the Temple, then I think that would also be wonderful.”


“Aah, make sure you don’t invite him directly. However, if he decides to do it by his own volition, then that would be more than welcome.”

“I understand.”

“Then it’s the end of this talk.”

“U-um. Priest-sama. The higher-ups… did you….”

“Of course, I haven’t told them. If I reported this then it would become a huge uproar. It’s still just a slight possibility after all. Sister Angela, keep it confidential as much as possible. Even if it’s someone from the Temple, you shouldn’t tell them about this matter.”

“Yes, Priest-sama.”

The free-of-charge treatment that Masaru did before in the Temple hall. That become somewhat of a rumor, many have inquired about the healing specialist who did the treatments that time. Of course, we are feigning ignorance about that. If the fact that there is a possibility of him being an Apostle were to pile up on that, then, just as Priest-sama said, it would end up causing a huge uproar.

Even so, Masaru, an Apostle? Hero? He doesn’t look the part at all.

Priest-sama said that the possibility is very small, it must be a misunderstanding on his part. But being able to go to Masaru’s place openly with the approval of the Temple is a very good thing. Priest-sama also said that I should get along with him, so maybe I should go over earlier and take a look how he’s doing.

When I went over to Masaru’s place in the afternoon, he was cooking something.

“Angela. I’m making ramen at the moment.”

“Ramen? Aah, from the other day. Right, that was delicious.”

It’s a food that has a strange sounding name, but not counting its taste, food where you put pasta into soup does exist, so there is nothing strange about it.

After instructing Sati to do this and that, Masaru came and sat down beside me.

“You’re early today. Did something happen?”

“Nn. There is not that much to do at the orphanage lately, you see. Can I stay for the night today too?”

When I said that Masaru looked really happy and said it’s okay.

This is an Apostle? He’s just a naughty boy, isn’t he? Although his happy expression caused my chest to tighten from cuteness.

It must be Priest-sama’s misunderstanding after all. Also, if he really is an Apostle then won’t we be unable to meet like this anymore? It’s probable. A low ranking priestess like me probably won’t even be able to get near him.

Then I most likely won’t be able to eat strange foods like this anymore. That mustn’t happen.

Let’s put aside the suspicion of him being an Apostle for now. It must be some kind of mistake anyway. He has some strange peculiarities, but he is an ordinary person. It’s fine like that. Priest-sama also said to treat him the same as usual too.

If I get the help of Tilika, then most likely we would be able to get to the truth. However, if Masaru really is an Apostle and he is hiding it……then we must not expose him.

In the evening we prepare dinner with Sati and Tilika.

That being said, there is the ramen for today, so we only prepare some ingredients to go with it. Sati has a good memory and is also skillful. Tilika is the slow and steady type. Both of them are good pupils. Perhaps I will soon graduate from teaching them. Then what kind of excuse should I use to come here after that? Even if we are seeing each other, it would feel awkward to hang around without any particular reason.

Maybe I should pretend to teach them for a bit longer…..let’s ask Sati about it.

I talk to Sati about many things regarding Masaru.

She is a very good girl who is helping me with Masaru. It feels like she is acting reserved because she is a slave, but Masaru is head over heels for Sati and I too like her very much. Just the three of us like this forever, no, four of us including Tilika. As for Elizabeth…. well she is not here, so whatever.

But she might get angry when she finds out it turned out like this. Well, she told me in passing not to steal a march on her. But things ended up like this, so I can’t do anything about it now.

For me, who was raised in an orphanage, this is the first home-like place ever since I lost my family when I was little. It’s very comfortable. Becoming a family with Masaru…..if it comes to that then we might as well include Elizabeth too.

It’s become a habit to have Sati wash me during bath.

In the orphanage you become able to do everything by yourself, so, aside from small children, no one gets washed by another. Of course, after the first day I don’t go as far as getting my whole body washed anymore, but still, it feels good. Apparently, Masaru has it done every day. I should really ask about it in detail.

No, rather than that, I should go in with…..with….I can’t. Too embarrassing.

When Tilika and I finished the bath and come out, Masaru happily went in with a cheerful expression. I really need to make sure and ask the person in question about it.

After getting out of the bath we get cozy on the sofa. When I press my breasts against him a little he makes a really sleazy expression. There is really no way that someone like this is an Apostle or Hero or anything like that. Let’s tell that to Priest-sama. No, if I keep quiet instead, then I’ll have an excuse to come here.

After doing the deed I asked Masaru about his hometown. Since he went to school it means his family was well off apparently, but it was very ordinary. There was nothing particularly strange about them.

To return the favor I also spoke about myself. Priest-sama and the others of course know about how I grew up in an orphanage, but I haven’t told almost anyone else really. But I want Masaru to know about it.

As I was speaking, Masaru suddenly twitched and his gaze started wandering.

“What is it?”

When I asked that he touched my breast.

Even though we are still in the middle of talking. You naughty boy, sheesh.

“….want to do it again?”



Angela asked me about my hometown, so I talk to her about it while skillfully dodging the specifics. If I don’t make a mistake with what to tell her, then it’s strangely easy to not notice that it’s a different world.

Then, as I was listening to Angela’s life story the menu suddenly opened, so I ended up twitching once. Angela asks me what is it. I intended to dodge the question, so I ended up suddenly grabbing her breast. What can I do, they were right in front of me.

“….want to do it again?”

Let’s! I will think about the Menu thing later…..

By the way, we are properly using contraception. There is this powdered medicine which if you dissolve a teaspoonful of it in hot water and drink it you apparently won’t get pregnant for a week for sure. It seems it’s a safe medicine without any side-effects whatsoever.

It’s an indispensable item for female adventurers, so they normally have it in the shop where they sell potions and such. Since if they are working as soldiers or adventurers then getting pregnant would be a problem. As expected of a different world. Life is convenient in the strangest aspects.

After we were done Angela fell asleep, so I check the Menu.

Level 4, Priestess. Her Status shows a high amount of magic power and her MP amount is also fairly high.

Her Skills are Housework, Water Magic, Recovery Magic, Bludgeoning Techniques and Magic Perception. She has 20 Skill Points. Also, her Loyalty is 50. I guess Loyalty it is after all. Most likely if it reaches 50, then the Menu can be opened.


Skill Points  20P

Cooking Level 3 , Housework Level 2
Bludgeoning Techniques Level 1
Mana Perception Level 1 , Recovery Magic Level 3 , Water Magic Level 2

Equipment: Priestess clothes

But, what should I do with this? It’s not like she will be added to our party like Sati. Should I raise Water and Recovery Magic secretly? Nah. I really shouldn’t. Sati noticed it too. Even if I raise it by only 1 level, the change is amazing. There is no way Angela wouldn’t notice. Let’s put things regarding Skills on hold.

But Loyalty means that I’m liked, right?

I’m really happy. It would be nice to just forget about the world falling into ruin and live like this forever.

Our peaceful days continued. The clearing of the forest progressed very well, I also leveled up once. Sati leveled up three more times. I’m Level 11 and Sati is Level 13. Sati’s Skills changed to this.

Skill Points  1P

Cooking Level 2 , Housework Level 2 , Sewing Level 2
Covert Action Level 3 , Stealth Steps Level 2 , Aural Detection Level 4 , Olfactory Detection Level 2
Sturdy , Hawk Eyes , Body Enhancement Level 1
Evasion Level 3 , Shield Level 2 , Swordsmanship Level 4 , Archery Level 5

I raised Covert Action and Evasion to 3. Also raised Swordsmanship to 4. And finally took Body Enhancement too. This way she won’t be in a disadvantage in either long or close range combat most of the time. The fact that she became unbeatable at the training field and started standing out even more is….well, can’t be helped….

Since 30 days have passed since the last time I used it my Skill Reset has also recovered, so I tried something I was wondering about for a long time.

I tried resetting Spearmanship and Archery, which I learned without using Points. The number of Points increased properly by that amount. But I was shocked when I tried to use a spear or a bow after that. I don’t remember how to use them at all. Since I reset them I forgot…..thank god I tried this with Skills I don’t need. If I forgot how to cook then it would’ve turned into a terrible thing. Or maybe I would still be able to remember things like recipes?

I can’t test it since it’s too dangerous. I have to be careful with choosing what Skills to reset after this. For the time being I wrote into the Journal that using Skill Reset is too dangerous to use. Then, unlike other times, I received an answer.

Skill Reset is a special Skill just for me, so he hopes I would look past some small defects. Also, the knowledge that was forgotten because of the reset would most likely come back if I once again gain the Skill……probably, he wrote.

It’s just probably, huh! I can’t test it after all, because it’s too dangerous.

I guess it means it was too good to be true. We’ll just have to advance gradually. For the time being I don’t really care about Spearmanship, but I wanted to use bows, so I put the Points I got from Spearmanship to Archery too, so I raised it to Level 3. There are still 10 Points left over, but they will be kept in reserve for now. I won’t be able to use Skill Reset for a while either, so I want to leave them in case something happens. By the way, I couldn’t use Skill Reset on Sati’s Skills.

Then one month after Elizabeth departed, when the winter was somewhat close already and the weather turned a bit chilly, it happened–


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