Hello Work – Volume 2 Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 – On a stormy night

When we went inside we saw that Tilika-chan came over without us realizing. She is standing in the kitchen, helping out Angela and Sati, who are doing the cooking.

“Although I can’t make it as delicious as Masaru can……”

I happy with just the fact that it’s Angela-chan’s home cooking! In fact, it’s delicious anyway.

“No no, it’s very delicious. You are good at cooking I see. I would even like you to teach me.”

“That’s right. Angela-sama taught me a lot of things.”

As one would expect from a daycare worker, she is good at teaching things. But perhaps it would indeed be a good idea to get her to teach Sati proper cooking. After all I’m just self-taught, so my repertoire is one-sided. I can’t make any of the local foods.

When I asked her to teach Sati to cook,

“But Masaru, can’t you just teach her yourself?”

“My cooking is a bit strange, right? I’m really not familiar with the local way of cooking.”

“I see. Then perhaps I should come to teach her when it’s time to make dinner.”

Angela-chan is seriously an angel. She is so saintly I don’t even have words for it! I will be able to eat Angela-chan’s home cooking for a while from now on!

“So it’s that, right. Since I managed to teach it to Masaru in a shorter period of time, we can say that it’s my win, right.”

Elizabeth started saying that while nomming on the fried meat that was made for dinner. Even Angela felt that it’s getting ridiculous now, so she answered by saying ‘yeah yeah’.

“Isn’t it fine being a draw? I managed to learn both Water and Wind thanks to you two, so I’m very grateful.”

Although there was a grueling training from hell too.

I want to try learning Earth next, but if they start saying that they will teach me, then it would be bad. No, maybe it wouldn’t be that bad. If they would do it as gently as today, then it would probably be nice. Right, let’s think about it for a bit. I can also use Points if I want, but I guess I’m fine with either.


“But to think that you were able to learn two attributes in such a short time, as expected of my apprentice. Quite exceptional.”

“That’s right. Also, I’m jealous of how he doesn’t run out of mana even when he keeps using it continuously like that.”

It’s because my MP is boosted to its double by the Ring of Mana.

“No no, it’s because the way my teachers taught me was good.”

Obviously!, Elizabeth said. She really can’t be fazed.


After dinner we all take a bath. They enter in the same order as yesterday, then I enter too at the end.

As expected, today Sati didn’t make a fuss that she wants to go in with me, but I was thinking that it’s a bit of shame as I remembered how she washed me. Then again if I could get Angela-chan to wash me with those voluptuous breasts of……ah, I got aroused. Relieve, relieve…..

After getting out of the bath we drank a bit again and had some idle talks. Having the fresh-out-of-bath Angela and Elizabeth on both my sides feels really elegant. I can already call this a harem, right? I should also have Tilika-chan sit on my lap and have Sati embrace me from behind. Ooh, isn’t that the perfect lineup! This really feels like a harem!

However, it’s nothing but a fantasy. The two of them are having a quarrel with me in the middle. Apparently, they have a difference of opinion in regards to teaching policies. Really, who cares about that stuff. Please get along…..

It would probably be bad to stay over two nights in a row, so Angela went home.

Tilika-chan and Elizabeth is of course staying over. Elizabeth went to the small room, Sati and Tilika-chan came with me to my room. Right, I guess they are sleeping with me. It’s all good, it’s all good. We added a bed so everyone can sleep together comfortably. I fell asleep while feeling the pleasant warmth of Sati’s body.


During the night I woke up to some rustling sounds. Elizabeth is trying to crawl into the bed.

“What are you doing?”

“I can sleep here with you if you really want.”

What is she talking about? Did she finally fell for me? While I was thinking that, a lightning resounded.


Like that, Elizabeth put the futon on her head. The rain started falling sometime and bolts of lightning also can be heard at times.

I see, she must be afraid of lightning.

“I’m not afraid or anything. I just came to see if Masaru or Sati is being afraid.”

It’s a truly unpersuasive excuse.

“But Elizabeth, even though you shoot thunder yourself, you are afraid of lightning?”

“Shooting it myself and getting hit are two different things….”

I see, that’s a sound argument.



I started to pity Elizabeth, who got startled and teary eyed every time a lightning resounded.

Also, I’m really sleepy. I want to sleep already.

“Want to stay next to me?”

“I-I’m just fine like this!”

How are you fine like that…..

“Aah, the lightning is so scary scary~. Won’t somebody sleep with me~?”

“R-right, I can sleep with you if you want. There, if you are really afraid, then I can hug you too.”

Elizabeth hugs me while trembling. Yeah, it was through the armor during the dragon battle so I couldn’t tell, but she has proper breasts, even if they are on the small side. They feel good.


“What do you do during storms usually?”

“Narnia is…..also easily scared.”

I was right that Narnia is taking care of her. This frightened appearance of Elizabeth is hard to imagine from her usual confident attitude, but it’s very cute. She makes me want to protect her. I can understand why Narnia-san spoils her. As I was thinking about this, I once again fell asleep while enjoying Elizabeth’s touching sensation and scent.

It’s really a shame, but I got very tired from today’s special magic training…..


The next morning, the rain already stopped.

Elizabeth, who was trembling while she slept, was no longer in bed, she was sitting on the sofa in the living room in her black-robed appearance. When I said good morning to her she just answered with the same good morning, then she looked away with a huff.

It looks like it’s better to not touch upon what happened yesterday.


Narnia-san came over after breakfast. I had her come inside and served her tea.

“Were you fine yesterday, Elii?”

Apparently she was really worried because of the lightning.

“I was fine. I won’t stay a kid forever.”

You weren’t fine at all……

“Is that true?”

“It is!”

“You slept together with Sati and Tilika-chan yesterday, right?”

I cover for her while looking at Sati and Tilika-chan in the kitchen. Well, not only Sati but I was there too.

“Y-yeah. So I was fine.”

Narnia-san was slightly suspicious, but it looks like she accepted it for the time being.

“Is that so. But rather than that, won’t you come back already? If you keep being a nuisance, then it will be a bother to Masaru-dono.”

“Ah, there is a free room, so it’s no problem.”

“Even so….”

“The owner of the house says that it’s fine so it’s fine. Also, the house of the apprentice also belongs to the master.”

I don’t think they usually go that far with that.

“I really don’t mind at all. While Elizabeth is here, she is giving me guidance about magic and I learn a lot from her.”

I can’t really say things like, I want her to be a breakwater against Sati, or that I simply like having her over.

“I see.”

“Rather than me, let’s talk about Narnia. How are things faring on your end? Is there any progress between you and Orba?”

Orba, as in the leader of the Axe of Twilight. Strong and handsome guy. He looks very much like he is popular with the ladies.

“O-Orba-dono is not……”

“While you are being timid like that he will get taken by someone else. He is popular you know.”


“He surely likes you too, Narnia. Isn’t he glancing towards you all the time and he’s also making advances on you, right? If Narnia confesses then it’s good as done!”

“Is that really so? But I’m not someone that is fitting for Orba-dono……”

Suddenly they started having a girls’ talk. I don’t know what face to make at times like these……

“Narnia is cute and there is no need to be ashamed wherever you go. Hey, have some self-confidence. Anyway! I will stay here for another few days, so do something in the meantime. Even Narnia can’t cling to me forever.”

Even though she is the one being taken care of, what a condescending attitude. But it seems their talk has ended with that. After asking me to ‘Take care of Erii’, Narnia-san went back.


“Orba too. It’s partly because Narnia was sticking to me that he didn’t manage to make a move on her. This is a good opportunity. So let me stay here for a while longer.”

A handsome guy and a beautiful woman, they fit well together, I hope things go well for them.

“I’m absolutely not saying that because the food here is good and I don’t want to go back, okay?”


That ruined it all!


After Narnia-san went back, we escorted Tilika-chan back to the Guild.

“Ah, sorry about this, two days in a row. Isn’t Tilika being a bother?”

We had Elizabeth, Sati, and Tilika-chan play around while I was called by the Vice Guild Chief to talk just the two of us.

“No no. I even think about whether she should just live with us. She also helps Sati with the housework, you see. Sati also looks happy to have Tilika-chan over.”

“Right, that would be a bit difficult. Say, why do you think Tilika is living within the Guild?”

I wonder why?

“Because it’s dangerous. In various ways.”


“Right. It looks like you don’t know, so I was thinking that it’s time to tell you about the situation.”

“The situation?”

“This town is peaceful, right? That is mainly thanks to Tilika-chan. Using that Magic Eye she laid bare all the crimes and corruption from their roots. So because of that, she is hated by people here and there.”

Like that, the Vice Guild Chief started talking.

Apparently they usually don’t go that far even when there is a Truth Officer. Because there are some vested interests, if they overdo the crackdowns, there would also be a fierce backlash. However, because this town is under the direct influence of the king, the ones who actually govern the place are the Adventurer’s Guild and the Trade Guild. Irritated by the bad public order, both heads of the organizations requested the aid of the Truth Officer in the restoration of the public order. Riding that wave the Vice Guild Chief and others went fairly overboard.

“Well, this is the situation….”

“Then isn’t it dangerous to let her stay at a place like mine!?”

“It’s alright. I’ve placed some guards where they won’t be discovered.”

I didn’t notice it at all.

“I don’t use amateurs that would be discovered by you.”

“Then, wouldn’t it be the best if she didn’t come over anymore?”

“Well, about that. Tilika isn’t one to demand things selfishly, so I want to grant her wishes as much as I can, so I’m in a bit of a bind. Masaru, why don’t you move in here? I will prepare a room for you.”

“I can’t make a harem here, can I?”

Even if it’s for the sake of Tilika-chan, I can’t give up on my dream. Also, I don’t want to live my life under the watch of this baldy.

“Heh, that’s not incorrect. Well, I will place guards on her and if it comes to that, she can also put up a bit of a fight, but please look out for things on your end too.”


Tilika-chan fighting? I can’t really picture it.

But Tilika-chan’s circumstances are heavier than I thought. Like how her life is being targeted. I wanted to wait with it until much later, but I guess I should bring Sati’s training forward. I should have her able to fight in case something happens.


After that, we went out of the town and observed Elizabeth’s magic practice. Even if I say that, it was over after only one shot because of the lack of mana. Today the bolts of lightning increased to 10.

“I can increase it more if it’s just by a bit. But let’s call it completed for now.”

“Then shall we go back? After this, we will go back to the Guild since I have something to consult about with Sergeant-dono. What will you do, Elizabeth?”

“Consult about what?”

“Yeah. I was thinking of letting Sati start training for battle.”

“Hee. Well, she is a beastkin, so it should be fine. In that case, I will show my face at the inn for a bit. I will take a look at how Narnia is doing. I will return before noon.”


After we went through the gate we separated from Elizabeth and headed for the Guild.

While we were walking, I briefly told Sati about Tilika-chan’s situation. Sati looked like she was shocked. Sati should be the more knowledgeable about Tilika-chan, but, as expected, she probably didn’t tell her about how people are after her life.

“So as you probably heard just now, I wanted you to become able to fight.”

“I understand. I will get strong enough to protect Tilika-chan.”

That’s the spirit. If you can get strong enough to protect me as well while you are at it, then I would be very happy.


Sergeant-dono was in the midst of training other adventurers. The training field is open to adventurers and they can receive guidance for free. Just like how the beginner course was free, the Guild is doing its best to nurture people. It costs some money for the Guild, but if those people are able to become earning adventurers, then the Guild’s profit also becomes enormous. Sometimes people get lured away by the state or other kinds of organizations after getting strong, but there is a transfer money that has to be paid at that time, so there is no loss.

I only greeted Sergeant-dono, then we headed to the place where the archery targets are.

“Sati, I’m thinking of having you learn how to handle the bow and the sword.”

I hand over the bow I took out from my Item Box to Sati.

“Then I will first show you how it’s done, so you should try doing it just like that.”


My Archery Skill is at Level 1, but I can at least concentrate the arrows around the target.

I pull the bowstring tight and shoot the arrow. Perhaps because I decided to stand relatively close to it, but I somehow managed to hit the target.

“So, try it.”

Sati is desperately pulling the string saying ‘nn-‘, then shoots. ‘Ah-‘, she said then looked at me with teary eyes. Did it hit her face? Of course, the arrow didn’t fly properly either.

“Ah, there, there. 【Heal】, it’s all better now.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Then let’s try one more time.”

This time, I stand behind Sati, guide her hand and we pull the bowstring together. Yeah, this posture is a bit erotic. If this was somewhere without other people, then I would’ve wanted to hug her and sniff the scent of her hair in one go. Close call, close call.

It missed the target by a wide margin, but this time it flew properly. After doing it a few times, she somehow became able to send it flying.


As I was training with my bow that I took out while watching Sati, Sergeant-dono came over.

“Sati. This gentleman is the instructor here, he is called Sergeant Vaught-dono. Greet him properly.”

“It’s Sati. I serve as Masaru-sama’s slave.”

Then she quickly lowers her head.

“So I was thinking….”

I told him briefly about the situation. Sergeant-dono is part of the Guild staff, so he of course knows Tilika-chan. She recently started getting along with Sati, so I want to teach her combat in case push comes to shove. My archery skills are really bad and it’s hard to have a training match, since there is a restriction on close combat for a slave against their master.

“I saw how you handle the bow just now, so how about we see how you handle the sword.”

Sergeant-dono hands a wooden sword to Sati.

“Now, you grip it like this. Right. Then, this is the pose you take. Well then, come at me.”

Sati is looking this way unsure of what to do.

“Sergeant-dono is many times stronger than me. Fight like you want to defeat him. If you don’t fight you won’t be able to protect Tilika-chan.”

It looks like she resolved herself after hearing that. She starts charging at Sergeant-dono. Her movements were all over the place, but she was surprisingly agile. Even if her strike was evaded or deflected, she just kept desperately charging in. When Sati started to breath heavily, Sergeant-dono finally stopped her.

“As one might expect from a beastkin, even if she is small, her physical abilities are fairly high. With this she should be able to learn things soon. Samson! Come here for a bit.”

Samson is one of the instructors, a retired adventurer. He has a shiny bald head and oversized muscles. He looks like he would be able to get by as adventurer even now, but he got himself a family so he is now working as an instructor like this.

“You saw the one just now, right? Teach this kid how to handle the bow and the sword.”

“Yes, Vaught-dono. You are called Sati, right. Come with me. I will teach you.”

“Sati, do your best. Samson-san, please take care of her.”

“Well then, Masaru. Let’s teach your sorry ass after a long time.”


Sergeant-dono is strong. A splendidly flowing swordsmanship. It looks like he is far from being serious and yet I can’t even get one hit on him. And also, taking advantage of the fact that I can use Restoration Magic, he lets his attacks hit mercilessly.

With my Swordsmanship at Level 4, my skills should be top-class, but why is that there is such a huge difference between us. Sergeant-dono is of course strong, but it’s probably because I’m not able to properly use the full abilities of the Swordsmanship Level 4. If I liken it to a beginner at fighting games, then maybe you would understand. Even if the character’s specs are the same, there is a world of difference in terms of efficiency to a true expert. If it’s just to scatter small fries, brute force is more than enough.

There are times when I make a move that even surprises me. But I can’t reproduce it and I don’t even understand well enough why I was able to do it. It’s probably like when a beginner is able to pull of a combo in a fighting game by randomly pushing and pulling the stick. I overwhelmingly lack experience and techniques on how to move my body. My strength and speed went up from the level ups, but I sometimes feel like I’m being pulled via wires by it.

I’m a former NEET who never exercised properly. I can only get used to it by faithfully practicing every day. It hasn’t even been a month since I first held a sword in my hands anyway.

Magic has a different feel to it. Saying that it’s like putting a bullet in a gun and firing it would perhaps be a good analogy. If I properly aim at the target, then all I have to do is pull the trigger. It sometimes has a restriction on the bullet count, or it takes time to shoot, but it wasn’t that difficult to become able to use it.


Until we finished at noon, I was beaten to a pulp and I fell to the ground three times. Even if I raised Swordsmanship to 5 and took a Skill that raises my physical abilities, I don’t think I would be able to win against Sergeant-dono. And even if I could win that way, I wouldn’t be happy with that. I decided to hold off on getting new close combat type enhancements for now.

Sati also had scratches all over her and was tottering around. I’ve used Purification and Heal on Sati and myself, then after swinging by to Tilika-chan’s place to say goodbye, we set out on the road to back home.


“How was training?”

We talk with Sati as we walk while holding hands.

“Yes. It was scary and painful.”

“Yeah I guess.”

“But I want to get stronger.”



Right. I want to get stronger too.

So I can get Sergeant-dono’s approval.

So I can protect Sati.

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