Redo Prince – Chapter 29 – Commentated version

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Non-commentated version of this chapter here for those that don’t want to interrupt their reading of the story with my rambling.

Chapter 29 – An experienced warrior

“A Wraith!”

Serena brandished her sword after seeing the black mist.

Wraiths are undead just like Wisps, but it can use much more powerful magic.

It can also possess living beings and cover their body with Dark mana. It must’ve used the Holy Tree as a vessel.

“Leave it to me, Alec-sama! With my grand spell, 《Flame Prison》, I will burn it away along with the tree!”

“Aah…, don’t! The dome will break if you use a large spell like that here!”
(TN: She needs a seven year old to tell her that? Truly a division commander worthy of her rank. I get the feeling her former subordinates were there mainly to stop her from doing stupid stuff like this.)

Serena mentioned it casually, but 《Flame Prison》 is one of the highest ranked Fire spells.

After a huge explosion, it creates a storm of fire that burns everything to ashes. It can defeat a Wraith of course, but we will die to that too. It’s not a spell that you should use in a confined space like this.

“I will block its spells. Elysia, if you see its spirit core, then shoot it with Holy Magic please.”


I pointed my hand towards the Wraith right away.

At the same time, it started emitting a purplish light.

An enormous amount of Dark mana that saturated the tree and the water gathered to that light.

Serena spoke up with a panicked tone.

“Alec-sama! That mana quantity is not normal! We should retreat-!”

“It’s fine──kh!”

The Wraith launched a beam of purplish light.

I opened my 《Pandora’s Box》 in front of me and started absorbing its mana.

However, it seems that the enemy still has plenty of mana left and doesn’t want to expose its monster core either.
(TN: Why is it suddenly called monster core? It was just called spirit core which is okay because it’s a spiritual entity.)

Seeing that, Serena spoke up.

“I see, in that case…..Elysia-dono! I request that you cast Holy Magic on my sword!”

“Eh? Y-yes!”

Elysia started sending Holy mana to Serena’s sword.
(TN: I really feel like this should be a spell and not just a ‘dipping it in Holy mana’ free-form thing like that.)

When the sword was entirely covered in light, Serena quickly sprang forth.


I was suddenly at a loss for words.

Serena jumped to the center of the lake in one go and cut into the Wraith.

She must’ve used Wind Magic to jump that far.

The ray of light went out, but the black mist that was cleaved apart dispersed as well.
(TN: What a riveting fight scene. What was with the whole ‘That mana quantity is not normal!’ and stuff? This wraith was here probably for a thousand years gathering power all the while and it’s taken care of in a few sentences. This is a perfect example of a ‘That’s it?’ reaction.)

Serena landed on the other shore of the lake, then she sheathed her sword. Then she jumped once again towards our direction.

“How did I do, Alec-sama! …..o-oh dear!”

Serena fell into the lake with a splash. It seems she did not jump quite far enough.


Elysia and I grabbed Serena’s arms to pull her out of the lake.

“I-I’m sorry…..”

“Please don’t worry about it. However, that was truly spectacular!”

I also nod to signal my agreement with Elysia’s words.

“Indeed. As expected of a division commander.”

“Not at all, not at all. It’s thanks to you Alec-sama, who absorbed its mana, and Elysia, who put a powerful Holy spell on my sword.”

“Not really. Elysia is one thing, but I’m not that experienced with fighting just yet. You did something amazing.”
(TN: Yet never was it portrayed that he would be having trouble with battle. There was never so much as a single mention of him having any break in composure or any other problem with fighting. I guess human weaknesses are for the supporting cast only.)

“Alec-sama……I’m greatly honored to receive those words from you!”

Serena said with a proud expression.

If you add the ability to use 《Flame Prison》, one of the highest ranked Fire spells, to the battle acumen she just displayed, it’s safe to say that Serena is quite strong. Perhaps it would be a good idea to leave the tactics to Serena.
(TN: Yeah, what a combat genius. Truly.)

As I was contemplating my admiration of Serena, she let out a loud sneeze.

I took a towel out from my 《Pandora’s Box》 and gave it to her to dry herself.

“T-thank you very much! Ah-ah…..achooo!”

After letting out another sneeze, Serena went into a corridor and started removing her armor.

Though she can be a bit of a hare-brain sometimes…..

“Anyhow, with this the tree should be…. no, it doesn’t seem to be fine.”

Elysia said after seeing the tree still covered by a black mist.

“Yeah. It might’ve seeped all the way into its roots….. I will try to absorb the Dark mana from it for now.”

After saying that, I pointed my hand towards the lake.

I gathered the Dark attribute mana from the area and stored it away in my 《Pandora’s Box》.
(TN: Honestly, that Pandora’s Box is a full-fledged cheat already.)

It was an enormous amount of mana, but maybe I was starting to get used to it, it didn’t even take a minute for me to remove all Dark mana from the lake and the tree.
(TN: Yeah, it’s clearly because you did this about twice before and not because you got more than 2k extra Servants just now.)

The black mist did disappear from the tree, but… looks like it was just a withered tree after all.

“It seems to be withered anyhow. Elysia, please try Holy Magic, just to be sure.”


This time, Elysia sent out her Holy Magic towards the tree.

The tree was enveloped in light, then……in time it started to brightly shine by itself.

Tia raised her voice.

“Squeak! It looks pretty!”
(TN: Wow, she was there the whole time huh. Yet there was not a single peep out of her around the battle. That sounds like her.)

“The shine of a Holy Tree… it came back to life.”

I thought it had already withered away, so I didn’t think it would revive like that.

Serena came back just then after she finished drying herself.

“Ooh, it has revived! They must’ve put a Holy Tree here to imbue the water with Holy mana. Even in the empire, it was something that was only done in cities where a lot of rich people lived. The Tialus territory was thriving thanks to its trade with the eastern continent as well.”

“Does that mean that you can drink water here that’s good for your body!?”

Serena nodded to Tia’s question.

“Indeed. You can drink it or soak in it. Taking a bath feels really good.”

Just as Serena said, it should provide about the same restorative effects as a cheap potion.

I turn to the others and speak.

“Good, thank you everyone. With this the waterways are more or less settled. After the pipes and channels are cleaned, we shouldn’t need to worry about water anymore.”

Let’s have the slimes remove the mold and such from the water pipes.

With this, we were able to return clean water to Alus.
(TN: It might’ve been a bit more impressive if the boss fight didn’t take about two turns, and the first one was just triggering the boss.)

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