Redo Prince – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – Deciphering Crests

I teleported to the woods near the palace.

“Good. Well then, let’s go and look for an exclusive servant. I best start at….”

However, most of those that would want to work as a servant to someone with a Dark Crest can be problematic.

It’s possible they would just quit right away.

I don’t really care that much, but I was thinking of maybe finding someone who’s in the same predicament as me. With our similar circumstances, we may be able to become friends as well.

So, someone with a Dark Crest or perhaps someone who’s a mix-blood between a monster and a human, otherwise known as a demon.

I would be fine with a pure-blooded monster as well, but in Luxia monsters that serve humans are considered slaves.

The grand chamberlain wouldn’t allow a slave to be an exclusive servant to a member of the imperial family either.

However, where I’m currently heading is not the slave trader, but….

“Here I am.”

In front of me was a shiny white temple made of marble.

It’s the largest temple in the capital, which houses the Pope of the Lux faith, which is the main religion of the vast majority of humans in the world.

It’s where the nobles of the country come to pray and give donations.

There is also a monastery where some unfortunate people live.

I called out to the sister standing in front of the ornate gate.

“Hello sister.”

“A child? Who might you be?”

“I’m Alec, the 6th Prince. I would like to employ someone from this monastery. Could I take a look around?”

The sister noticed the insignia of the imperial family on my chest.


The sister closed her eyes, then turned towards the sky and put her palms together to pray.

“Please show clemency to Alec-sama, who received a Dark Crest…. Please, come in.”

“Thank you.”

….I’m more than used to being pitied already.

Also, Dark Magic is very convenient, so this doesn’t bother me the least bit anymore.

I walked along a narrow cobbled path from the temple, finally reaching the ground of the monastery in the back.

The people that work here are those that received a Dark Crest and were consequently thrown out by their families. They make mainly foodstuffs and tools.

I can see a few simple houses, workshops, produce fields, and an orchard.
Despite the resplendent building style of the imperial capital, this place had a rural feel to it.

As I was walking down the path, a young girl wearing a nun’s habit called out to me right away.

It was a cheerful looking brunette girl.
She looked to be perhaps a few years older than me.

“Oh? A newcomer?”

“No, I’m not really a newcomer. I’m something of a comrade though.”

Saying that, I showed her the black symbols on the back of my hand.

“A comrade!”

The girl also showed me the back of her hand.

Although the writhing black symbols are supposed to be impossible to decode….I can clearly see the pictograms and letters making it up now.

It seems that if I put some dark mana into a crest, then somehow it becomes legible to me.

My own Crest is apparently called 【Abyss】.

The pictogram part is a black circle.
I was able to find out its name, but nothing more than that.

I was also curious about other Dark Crests, so investigating them is one of my objectives here as well.

I concentrated on observing the back of the hand of the girl.

“That’s a….sword I guess. 【Night Sword】”


“Yeah. Though your Crest is a Dark one, it excels at using swords.”

【Night Sword】…. must be the Dark equivalent of the 【Sword Saint】 Crest.
Perhaps it gives a boost to learning Dark Magic and swordsmanship.

After hearing that, the girl kept staring at the back of her own hand.

“Hmm, you know some pretty amazing things. Though it’s true I’m good in a scrap! I never lose when I have a stick at hand!”

She showed off her arm while laughing merrily. She was really a cheerful kid.

“I see….come to think of it, your name is?”

“Leena! Yours?”

“It’s Alec. Right, Leena….”

<Do you want to make Leena your Servant?>

Suddenly, I heard the voice of the Devil.

……don’t jump ahead like that.

That Servant thing is most likely similar to the Subordination Magic that people use to make Familiars out of monsters.

Hmm, wait a moment.

Leena is a human, no matter how I look.
Even if she was a demon, a mixed race between a human and a monster, it shouldn’t be possible to take her as a Familiar.

So, a Servant and a Familiar are different things I guess?
Can it subordinate humans and demons as well perhaps?

….hey, devil. What is a Servant?

<Huh!? You reacted to my voice!>

Nevermind that, just tell me about Servants already.

<Hmm, what should I do~. You….ah>

I shut off the line to the devil.

Although I’m curious about what a Servant is, Leena is still a child.
Even if I was able to subordinate humans and demons, I wouldn’t want to do it to her.

Regardless, I could’ve recruited her to be my maid, but….

Even if she became my exclusive servant, she would have to interact with the other servants in the palace. I don’t want a child like her to suffer because of her Crest like that.

“By the way, what did you come here to do, Alec?”

“I was looking for someone to hire as a butler or maid.”

“In that case, can I show you around?”

“That would be helpful. Can I leave it to you?”

“Yeah! There are some places that can be too much when you first enter too! Well then, let’s go!”

So, Leena ended up showing me around the monastery.

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