Heavy Knight V1Ch1-7

The time has come for the mythical resurrection of the Firebird.
Or at least for me to return to translating in some form or another.

At first I intended to pick up another series, but after translating 14 chapters of it, so I could build up a buffer for the releases, someone else started releasing their own translation of that series two days before I planned on publishing mine.

To preempt something like that happening again I’ve found another story that was although already started being translated by someone else, it was apparently deleted since then, so it should be free to pick up, and decided to release the one chapter I finished translating to stake my claim, so to speak.

This brings us to Chapter 7 of Heavy Knight, or ‘The Reincarnated Heavy Knight Who Was Exiled After Being Deemed Defective Becomes Unparalleled With His Game Knowledge’.

I marked this post as Chapter 1-7 because I also rehosted the since then deleted translation done by a translator name Nakki, as far as I know. If he or she has a problem with that, then I will take those down. I plan on retranslating those chapters either way.

Chapter 7 here.
TOC here.