Mondaiji Vol.10 Ch.2 Part 3

—— Around the same time. The unusual phenomenon was still continuing after the appearance of the spiral structures.

A rumbling in the earth was resounding in the city that sprouted forth from the ground.


The three-headed dragon Aži Dakāha was standing motionlessly in a daunting pose, observing the events as they unfolded. To him, who had the alias of God Killer, this degree of transfiguration of the world was nothing special. The violent rumbling of the earth was continuing and the sound of large bells could also be heard, but there was no reason to panic.

—— Around the same time. The unusual phenomenon was still continuing after the appearance of the spiral structures.

A rumbling in the earth was resounding in the city that sprouted forth from the ground.


The three-headed dragon Aži Dakāha was standing motionlessly in a daunting pose, observing the events as they unfolded. To him, who had the alias of God Killer, this degree of transfiguration of the world was nothing special. The violent rumbling of the earth was continuing and the sound of large bells could also be heard, but there was no reason to panic.

The victor was clear from the start.

So as a Demon Lord, waiting for the raising of the curtain was the polite thing to do.


The three-headed dragon was calmly waiting for the challengers to appear.

Two fast moving streaks ran towards his back, aiming to pierce through it.

Without showing any intention to turn around, with only the movement of his knees the three-headed dragon jumped up in the air, evading both streaks.

One was the flash of a serpent sword, the other belonged to a blade of shadow.

With the changing of the direction of their blades, the assaulting streaks painted a curve as they followed the jumping three-headed dragon. The slashes latched on to the three-headed dragon like serpents with a sickle shaped pose, ready to pounce.

‘Trifling’, thought the three-headed dragon as he spread his wings, intending to deflect them promptly.

However with one of his three heads he noticed an attacker above him in the air. Recognizing the ground-air pincer attack, the three-headed dragon, instead of deflecting them, he turned his body so the attacks collided with each other.

“Eey, it was noticed.”

Jumping down from overhead was a man wearing an eyepatch —— The One Who Envelops the Seas, Kouryuu magnificently clicked his tongue after the failure of the ground-air pincer attack.  Fuming with a bogus sounding accent, he deflected the attacks with two clubs he had prepared. But that was not the end of it.

While falling, Kouryuu changed his trajectory by using the wall of a spiral structure as a foothold.

Kicking away the screaking spiral structure, he challenged the three-headed dragon.

“Prepare yourself, three-headed dragon!”

With giant clubs in both of his hands, he aimed for the base of the three-headed dragon’s left-most head.

The strike with a thousand years of training in an underwater volcano behind it had the same power as a solar flare erupting from the surface of a star. As the blow that overwhelmed even Izayoi was closing in, it produced shockwaves that created ripples in the atmosphere,


and impacted at the base of the three-headed dragon’s head.

However the body of the three-headed dragon didn’t even budge.

Just the opposite, the club that struck him was the one that blew to smithereens. Thanks to the force of impact that was transmitted through the club to his hand, Kouryuu learned of the power that dwells in the body of the three-headed dragon.

(This bastard…..! The amount of mass within his body is no joke…..!!!)

But at the same time, Kouryuu understood the Gift that Aži Dakāha possessed.

(To create all those powerful offshoots he had share his own spiritual power with them for sure……!!! Then if we turn that around and use that against him….!)

For years he lived so peacefully that others called him a ‘drifting deadwood’ as a tease, but his combat experience is enormous. The title of a veteran forged by many battles wasn’t just for show. If there was a decisive difference between Izayoi and Kouryuu, it was none other than the difference in experience.

Working on a strategy as he was falling, Kouryuu jumped away as soon as he landed as a way to gain some distance. But the three-headed dragon wasn’t good natured enough to let him easily get away.

Spreading his wings, the three-headed dragon flew towards Kouryuu, showing no regard for inertia.

With an extraordinary speed at that. Even with the eye of Kouryuu, who trained and polished his body to the limit for a thousand years both at the sea and in the mountains, it can only be described as godly speed.

Koryuu launched another attack from a slightly unbalanced position targeting the three-headed dragon’s eyes as he felt the cold sweat running down his back.

The three-headed dragon skillfully avoided that strike with his long snake-like heads and instead bared his fangs and tore the club to smithereens. It was a weapon that was made of Sacred Steel from the Age of Gods, but before the fangs of the evil god that were said to be able to swallow the earth, it was the same as trash.

The instant that the three-headed dragon’s giant pure white arm was raised —— Kouryuu shouted with a smile on his face.

“Now, burn him away!!!”

When the three-headed dragon was right on him, suddenly a heat wave capable of scorching the ground was born. The radiant feathers that were falling alongside the parchments turned into heat all at once creating a golden storm, and assaulted the three-headed dragon.

The three-headed dragon was surrounded from every direction. However to his body, that was far stronger than steel, a heat wave of this degree was no different than gentle breeze. The three-headed dragon didn’t give up his pursuit.

However the moment those glowing feathers touched his body, he realized that it was an error in judgement.

From his pure white body that can easily brush aside even a solar flare, there was a smell of burnt flesh coming.

It wasn’t something that could be called a wound, but it was the first time the three-headed dragon felt slightly surprised about something thus far. There was no precedent for his body being injured from any kind of heat yet.

Zoroastrianism is religion where fire is regarded as an object of worship.

Good gods of course, but an evil god such as the three-headed dragon was also under its protection. Divine spirits like his offshoots are one thing, but a flame that would be effective against a Divine Spirit of the strongest species ——

…….no. There was one.

The three-headed dragon that was surrounded from every direction abandoned his pursuit and soared straight upwards where the density of the flames were the smallest. Swinging his wicked claws the three-headed dragon tore through the flames, then started hovering in front of the clock tower and examined his surroundings.

Spiral structures and a river that flowed through the city. Also a great bridge above that.

The clock tower symbolizing the city of London.

Someone unknown summoned a scenery that imitates London, the capital of England.

Seeing such a symbol as the clock tower, the three-headed dragon reached out and touched the tower still hovering in place.

(The exterior is still new. I’d say it’s less than 30 years since it was built.)

The clock tower of London was completed around 1860.

Therefore the summoner of this city is someone from within 30 years of that time. —— So it’s restricted to a Host that is somehow related to London within the interval of 1860 ~ 1890.

However due to the Paradigm Shift, a few years of discrepancy could arise.

Because of that, only the general focus point is known, but it’s more than enough in this case. All of English history would be a bit too wide, but if it’s only limited to London, then the identification isn’t too hard.

And the other thing. The three-headed dragon raised its sickle shaped head and looked up into the sky.

—— The flaming feathers glowing with a golden light.

Flames that could hurt the body of a natural born Divine Spirit are close to none. And also with it being in the form of golden feathers, there is only one that fits the description.

They brought someone with this much power. There should be more than one or two instigators.

The three-headed dragon once again looked over the city, and with his three heads he howled at the Hosts.

Phun….. it’s about time you show yourselves!! Trying to take vengeance while hiding in the shadows is the method of a troglodyte!! If you are heroes aiming to take the head of a Demon Lord, then at least show yourselves and say something!!!

The spiral structures were creaking from the roar that could shake heaven and earth.

Waves formed on the surface of the river and the London Bridge has almost fell down, like in the song.

The moment the giant roar, that also changed the flow of the clouds, reverberated and died down.

Brilliantly fluttering golden hair appeared in the corner of the three-headed dragon’s field of view.

“200 years ago you showed no signs of wanting to engage in a conversation, you’ve become quite talkative. Was living underground that boring?”

Her flowing hair was so beautiful it could easily be mistaken for golden threads. However the outfit she was wearing was different from the usual.

The Lord of Vampires wearing a mantle over a jet black knight’s armor —— Leticia Draculea had a dramatically different ambiance filled with pressure that was unthinkable from her usual gentle attitude as she was glaring at the three-headed dragon with a ghastly expression. Her eyes reflected her wrath.

To rebuke her, a masked knight wearing a silver dress armor raised her voice.

“Leticia. It’s not like you to give in to a provocation. The plan was to observe the battle a bit more”

“Nah nah, Leticia-chan is right. If we didn’t come out now, he would’ve blown the city away to drag us out.”

“Yahoho! I would like him to refrain from doing that! Having the stage blown away before the curtain call would be a disgrace for me as the Host.”

Queen’s Knight, Faceless.

The One Who Envelops the Seas, Saurian Demon King.

Pumpkin the Clown, Jack o’ Lantern.

Following after Leticia, the three of them showed themselves by jumping on the roof of the spiral structures.

However that wasn’t the end of it.

The radiance of the feathers falling from the Heavens noticeably increased.

The feathers that held overwhelming divinity started swirling gradually increasing their density. Even the three-headed dragon could not help but be on his guard against this opponent.

—— Sworn brother, and the others too, leave the small talk at that. The Demon Lord wishes for verbal exchange. In that case, as Hosts, manners dictate that we respond appropriately.

With an alluring attitude and fluttering elegant garments, a woman appeared flapping her wings made of golden flames. Her manner of speaking and the glint in her eyes were both emanating an air of dignity, with one look anyone could recognize her as a ruler.

In Indian Mythology, she was born from the wish for ‘a king that equals Indra’, as a natural born Divine Spirit that was said to devour evil dragons.

A Divine Bird possessing Anti-Divine and Anti-Dragon Gifts —— The Garuda Princess, Roc Demon King.

“This is the first time we have met, Demon Dragon of Zoroastrianism. I’m a child of the Garuda Heaven, The One Who Leaves Heaven in Disarray, Roc Demon King. I’m but a demigod, but because of the bond with my unreliable sworn brother I am now standing before your lordship. —— ”It won’t be long”, but pleased to make your acquaintance.”

With graceful manners the Roc Demon King bowed.

With every one of her movements she radiated glamourous beauty, but her composed gaze was a reminder of her long military history. She locked her sharp bird-of-prey like eyes on the three-headed dragon and emanated a fighting spirit that signaled her desire to begin her assault.

Below the fighting spirit emanating woman, Saurian Demon King casually chuckled.

“The opponent is not just Karyou-chan. Even when talking about the strongest ‘God Killer‘, if the opponents are not Gods, then I thought it should be no different from someone of the strongest species. So while the young man fought with his life on the line, we gathered many kind of war assets.”

Saurian Demon King said it in an aloof manner. However in reality it wasn’t as easy as he said.

When Kouryuu got caught up in the tornados caused by the three-headed dragon, he realized the degree of danger posed by the enemy, then he left the three-headed dragon to Izayoi and went to the Roc Demon King to ask for assistance.

Similar to the Saurian Demon King, Jack also visited the Guardian Saint.

To avoid pointless bloodshed he asked for his Host Master powers to be raised. The reason the Game was interrupted was because the Penalty and the Game were reset.

They were supposed to come back immediately, but Demon Lord Maxwell destroyed the Astral Gate so they fell into a situation where they couldn’t return even if they wanted to. If an unexpected reinforcement didn’t appear at that time, both the Saurian Demon King and Jack probably couldn’t have returned.

“Yohoho……. we kept you waiting for a long time. Well then, we should proceed with the raising of the curtain soon.”

“Ya, that’s right. It’s a bit said to have only one participant, but that shouldn’t matter. We can increase the audience as much as we want anyway.”

“Indeed. We can’t keep him waiting until Sala-dono arrives. —— Are you ready, Roc Demon King-dono?”

“Yes. This Great Demon Lord probably won’t complain about the handicap of many against one.”

With a gesture of hiding her mouth, Roc Demon King also elegantly chuckled.

That composure. That pride. That arrogance was looked down upon by the three-headed dragon’s six eyes ——

….ah. I don’t mind.


Due to the emotionless response, Roc Demon King reflexively asked back.

The three-headed dragon cracked his necks, flashed his six ruby eyes and sneered at them.

I don’t mind, I said. The existence of a Demon Lord is already something intolerable. In other words it’s none other than an existence that is an enemy to everything in this world. —— Many against one? HA. don’t make me laugh!! How can you call yourself a Demon Lord without destroying an army by yourself!!!

The Demon Lord howled in high spirits, radiating the dignity of a king. That overwhelming presence erased the conceit of the battle-hardened warriors, not allowing even a shred of arrogance. Everyone gulped and their chest was filled with the premonition of the oncoming mortal combat.

The spiritual power of Saurian Demon King, Jack, Leticia, and Roc Demon King swelled at once.

Every single one of them was a mighty warrior already, but the current expansion of their spiritual power couldn’t even be compared to their usual. The stage that was based on London shook from the ground up causing the bell in the great belfry to chime.

“I see…..that means no mercy then!!! Let’s begin, Last Embryo —— !!!”

Everyone took a parchment radiating different colors into their hands.

The three-headed dragon dropped his waist, positioned his four limbs on the ground and took a posture like a beast.

The moment the sound from the bell of the great belfry echoed through the whole city —— the four of them announced the raising of the curtain at the same time.

Tranlator’s notes

The two biggest one is the change to Saurian/Roc Demon King -> Saurian/Roc Demon Lord and the Devastates Seas-> Envelops Seas.

I have reasons for both of those changes.

The first one is simple, I changed King to Lord since there is zero difference in the japanese text between a regular Demon Lord call and these ones. So it was a change that was made by magref solely on his personal preferences and this kind of change up I can’t agree with.

Edit: So due to the comment of StarlightAT I looked up the wiki for these expression and the english translation appears to be Demon King, this doesn’t mean its something different from the usual Demon Lord, but that what we translated as Demon Lord is simply translated as Demon King since both meanings are acceptable for the 王 kanji. So according to this I’m sufficiently convinced to use Demon King. I think in some cases it’s OK to minimally change some expressions to be more in line with english equivalent, but in this case I wasn’t aware that such an expression as Saurian Demon King and Roc Demon King do exist in common literature. TLDR: I will use Demon King from now on.

The second is Devastates Seas-> Envelops Seas. the kanji for that is 覆海大聖, but the furigana for that is 海を覆いし者. The kanji 覆 has the meanings of to overturn, to upset, to overthrow, to undermine with the reading of kutsugaesu, but the furigana points to the fact that the other reading of oou should be used which has the general meaning of to cover, to hide, to conceal, to wrap, to disguise. So I made the decision to translate it as Envelops instead of Devastates.

If anyone has any further questions about something in particular with the translation you should ask it in the comments and will expand this section if needed.

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