5 comments on “Mondaiji Vol.10 Ch.2 Part 3

  1. Wow you made a blog firebird? O_O How am i the only one having trouble making a blog…..>.> bleh forever stuck with tumblr….anyway Azi Gahaka is GARHAKA for that one line that made me have the biggest grin on my face…
    “I don’t mind, I said. The existence of a Demon Lord is already something intolerable. In other words it’s none other than an existence that is an enemy to everything in this world. —— Many against one? HA. don’t make me laugh!! How can you call yourself a Demon Lord without destroying an army by yourself!!!”


    • I think the blog format is better for communication than the wiki so I made one. I hope to get some motivation from it too. Wiki is a nice aggregation tool, but it makes the process very impersonal in my opinion.

      Also yes, Azi Dakaha is considerably badass.


      • So this would be more personal for you, I think I get it. Anyway nice to meet you Firebird! Well being able to speak to you like this is kinda nice, especially now that I can say thank you for translating this series personally…well as personal as we can get. XD

        Currently I am working on improving the Mondaiji wikia and am writing up stuff as I re-read to novels so I am up to date with info….There was a lot of info cut from Volumes 1 and 2…LIKE ATLANTIS! And more communities mentioned, and even stuff about the community grounds being divided into three parts! OAO


  2. Found da blog O_O
    Thanks for translation Firebird~ i guess I’ll be checking this blog quite often.

    The blog title made me laugh xD


  3. I just recalled something and went to double check. Actually Firebird, Magref is correct. Despite what the author has written king is the correct one. I went to double check and the names Roc Demon King, Saurian Demon King, etc, are listed as characters from their source material Journey to the West. So the names are right it’s just the author it seems decided to mess with those names too…

    Hmm so it’s really envelop instead of devastate…..looks like I got some editing to do….


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