Mondaiji Vol.10 Ch.2 Part 4

Going back in time a bit.

After Maxwell was sent flying by the mysterious attack, he wasn’t invited to the stage of London, so he was thrown into the mountain range.

His mantle was tattered and his graceful face was covered in blood.  It was an injury that was easily repairable with his power, but the current Maxwell didn’t have even a shred of mental stability for that.

He was assaulted by maelstroms of wind, vortexes of power resembling tempests, that were condensed to their utmost limit. Compared to this one strike, the winds used by a gryphon or Kasukabe Yō were not even a gentle breeze.

Maxwell had a recollection of this power that can be aptly described as a devastating tempest fast as lightning.

(Can’t be …… that man has…….?)

Three years prior —— The one that thoroughly beat him down after he triumphantly arrived in Little Garden to get his bride. He received the same attack then also. After being interfered in the same way twice, Maxwell went beyond anger and was laying on the face of a rock in a daze.

Remembering it now still caused his hairs to stand on their end. That single strike shattered the pride of Maxwell, who came to Little Garden as a new up-and-coming Demon Lord, and injured him to a degree, that he had to avoid meeting Willa for three years. If the opponent that humiliated him that time once again showed himself before him, then ——

“What a…….What a, stroke of luck!!!”

With the expression of a madman, Maxwell casually stood up, brushing his hair backwards.

He desperately waited for the day when he could clear away his disgrace. Maxwell’s Demon now have grown to have the power of a 4 digit Demon Lord.

Revenge is sweet as honey in every era. A sweet temptation that doesn’t exceed or fall behind his desire to take possession of his bride by force.

The only reason Maxwell’s Demon, who was born as a state-of-the-art Demon Lord, obeyed that Poet was to further his own agenda.

As if to mock his seething self, a young girl’s voice could be heard from the thicket.

“…..really, I can’t believe it. To think you would destroy the Astral Gate, that’s a taboo even for Demon Lords. I underestimated the enthusiasm of an up-and-coming Stalker a bit.”

Playing with her glossy long hair, the young girl quietly said with a dumbfounded tone. She was only lightly dressed in a sleeveless upperwear and mini skirt, but despite the cold night, she was as cheerful as always.

“Oh, if it isn’t Maker-dono. Excellent timing. I will now be heading to intercept that man. I’m sorry, but could you bring Willa over in my stead?”

Hearing Maxwell’s request she —— Rin was standing there looking speechless as she nodded deeply as if confirming something.

“Hm, how do I say this. To tell the truth, I went and kidnapped Willa-san even without Maxwell-san’s request.”

—— Ha? Maxwell let out a dumbstruck voice.

However Rin ignored Maxwell’s behaviour and abruptly spun around. She turned to face the Jin Russel and Pest duo, who were standing in the back.

“Let’s see, let’s see. It really didn’t go according to the plan, but the refugees should be all right for the time being? With this it should be fine to consider the ceasefire agreement in effect, right Jin-kun? And also Pest-chan.”

Jin’s body stiffened as he nervously shook his head sideways, as Willa stood there confused and half crying, not knowing what’s what anymore.

“Not yet. A crucial point is not yet fulfilled.”

“That’s right. We even helped restrain Willa. If we don’t get the biggest reward, then it wouldn’t have been worth the effort.”

Pest was standing beside Willa, whose arms were both bound by chains, and answered without any malice or courtesy. Willa was approached by Pest in the confusion and was abruptly wrapped in chains, then taken to this place. It’s no wonder that she is confused.

Taking a sidelong glance at the current her, Rin nodded with a full face smile.

“Of course, we are keeping that part of the promise also. —— Is everyone ready?”

Saying that she changed the direction of her gaze. Jin wasn’t the only one near her.

A jet black western dragon and a magician looking women wearing a robe with the hood covering her face.

Also, wearing a pure white uniform with its neck slightly released, a white-haired, yellow-eyed boy —— the one called His Highness was also standing by with his arms folded.

Maxwell didn’t understand the meaning behind their words, so he asked them narrowing his eyes with suspicion.

“….what are you talking about, Maker-dono?”

“Oh, isn’t that obvious?♪”

With a calm smiling face, Rin pulled out her knife and decreed to Maxwell.

“Maxwell’s Paradox. With the authority of a Maker, I will replace you. In other words, the Paradigm Shift that appeared in 2120 —— the spiritual power of the Third Perpetual Motion Machine.”

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    1. It’s short for Game Maker. I think this term was introduced in Vol. 3 or 4. The kanji for it means strategist.

      1. I might have to reread volume 4 at this rate. XD I just finished volume 3 again. So the title Maker can mean strategist…..

        What are your plans now Firebird, and thank you for translating chapter 2. Ah gotta thank that other person too for contributing.

        1. I was wondering what I should be translating next. Vol. 10 under the lightning fast hands of magref, so I wont touch the remaining chapters for that, but I don’t know if I should start vol 11 or 12, or maybe Last Embryo vol 1?

          Vol 11 is probably too close so magref will catch up and will be the same situation again, but the others are maybe too far away.

          I also thought about translating something else entirely, but I don’t think I should before finishing Mondaiji.

          1. Ah….ah…..oh man as much as I would love to see Last Embryo being translated….volume 11 might be the best place to start. Not because of magref’s Lightning fast translations that could make him catch up and take out the shortest volume in the series, but that volume a lot of people have been looking forward to (if the forums are any indication). And sadly volume 12 needs to be translated (another prologue is my only interest in that volume). So sadly Last Embryo would have to wait or else people get confused….if they haven’t read the spoilers ahahahaha…..though if it was me without restraint I would beg for LE! though it’s all up to you.

            Truth be told been debating if I should be an editor for mondaiji. Though I got my hands full already with the wilia site……TAT bleh! Highest level authority for a site people don’t edit for sans 1-2 people and their last edit was weeks ago!

      2. Thanks for translating~
        I agree with Star: I think you should translate V11. People usually dont like to skip volumes when reading so i think it would be better if you focus on V11 first… But just like i said to magref, we’ll be grateful for whatever you translate so its up to you^^

  1. Oh, a new design o.o looks nice~ that Shiroyasha~
    Just a question. Firebird, are you planning to translate V11 yourself? or just some parts

    1. If there is a new translator that is doing acceptable quality work and is faster than me, then I will probably take a backseat like with magref, but if that’s not the case then I will continue translating on my own as fast as I can(which is much slower then magref).
      I’m usually not the type to shut people down when they earnestly trying to help and contribute, but Vol.11 is basically the climax of the entire mondaiji series and in my opinion it very much needs to be translated accurately, even at the cost of speed.

      1. I see. Yeah, this volume is the one that everyone is waiting for so it should be translated as accurately as possible imo. Well, to me, it’s quality over speed so i have never complained about slow translations.
        Well, i guess, we should wait till she(i think she’s a girl) is done with the epilogue..
        but speaking of that new translator… we don’t really know if he/she plans to keep translating or is just doing the V10 Epilogue. 😡 hopefully he/she will continue translating it.

  2. Well I did give them the links to the sites Magref was used as a cross reference. It’s like Baka-Tsuki but only Chinese language. Though its funny only one guy is translating Mondaiji and Last Embryo. XD I kind of laughed at the similarities that we got here in the West. That person asked about doing volume 11 and I gave them a link to the site since they had no raws, ad so far that one site has been faithful given they translate straight from the japanese version. I guess because they realized 10’s epilogue was not written they started on it. XD

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